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'Insane': NRA Wins Again as Florida Law to Stop School Shootings Includes More Guns in Schools


'Insane': NRA Wins Again as Florida Law to Stop School Shootings Includes More Guns in Schools

Jon Queally, staff writer

Less than a month after a massacre at a Florida high school left 17 people dead and many other maimed and injured, Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott on Friday signed a bill that will allow for school personnel to carry loaded guns on school grounds to act as de facto armed guards—proving once more the steady hold the NRA retains on the nation's legislative bodies.


The definition of terrorism. The NRA controlled government.


Mary had a little lamb,
Its fleece was white a snow,
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day,
Which was against the rule.
It made the children laugh and play
to see a lamb at school.

The teacher, wondering what to do
Reached down and grabbed her gun.
She put a bullet through the lamb
And ended all the fun.

Mary had a great big glock
She borrowed from her dad.
She carried it to school one day,
Which turned out very bad.

She found out how to make it shoot
But not to make it quit.
So by the time she dropped the thing
Her school was blood and sh*t.


The NRA is a gun manufacturer and dealer lobby, it stopped being about old-time gun owners that don’t kill people, and teaching kids about gun safety - it became the nutter violence glorifying entity buying politicians many decades ago - not unlike AIPAC’s different subversion of America

The insanity and crime is protecting manufacturers and dealers over our kids, and a society that respects life over death, and it’s obvious the power they have over elected politicians who serve the gun lobby rather than the society that elected them via common-sense regulations.

There is no place for military weapons being produced and sold with little or no restrictions to make a buck!

There is also far more involved in school and other massacres than just guns - it should include big-pharma pushing their poison on kids to make a buck - poison shown to induce violent behaviors!

Ending massacres should/must include identifying “violence” itself as the prime-mover rather than “guns” per se - that is a diversion from identifying the causes, limiting and ending violence being promoted and tolerated in society - drug-induced violence, endless wars, financial violence - with a fountain pen instead of a gun, racism, sexism, bigotry and cultural hatreds, culture of police murders with impunity, domestic violence, economic violence - homelessness & lack of healthcare, TV, film, video-“game” glorification and teaching of violence as a reality as American as apple-pie! and all the other contributing factors that make us a violence-prone society, too many using guns as the weapon of choice, too easy to get for far too many people!

Violence demonstrated and tolerated from the White House and Congressional “leaders” who serve violence in many of its forms!


Hammer met nail, well done.


30 pieces of silver from the NRA to all the politicians, and still you can buy an AR-15.


GOP~Guns Over People.


Any word on why Scott signed the bill if he opposes it? Was he only pretending to oppose it so he could work both sides of the fence?


Um, if this bill was a win for the NRA, why have they filed suit to block it?

(According to VOX, their complaint is about raising the age for buying any gun from 18 to 21, arguing 2nd and 14th amendments.)


One newscast mentioned that Florida has plenty of racist teachers, and students of color could be at risk if teachers are armed. I haven’t thought armed teachers in schools were a good idea anyway, and Florida will regret it to their grief and America’s fury if teachers start shooting students.

It’s a ghastly idea.


This won’t take long. A teacher will shoot an innocent student AND a cop will shoot an innocent teacher. 3,2,1,


Hopefully people will see it’s a lousy idea before that, if all teachers simply refuse to carry.


You seem to be trying to refute an assertion I never made.


Yeah, let’s talk about the Florida law. If you have actual statistics, beyond your ungrounded “170 ISDs,” to offer, that might be interesting. But we’d need to know how many teachers are actually carrying, and under what conditions. And we need for you to either do your own homework, and give us the links, or let us talk about Florida.


It’s a little odd that you’re defying me with respect to comments I didn’t make. But if you insist, a nod to basic statistics would be relevant here.

  1. How many schools do you know of that have had mass shootings? OK, divide that number by the total number of schools and you’ll get a general idea of the likelihood of a mass shooting in general. Very small. So saying nothing’s happened yet AND to suggest that it is BECAUSE there are armed teachers, is a pretty weak statement, statistically. I could point out that my state doesn’t allow teachers to be armed and that must be why my state hasn’t had any mass shootings. Yours is like the reasoning used by people who drive drunk–well I haven’t crashed yet, it must be safe for me to drive drunk.

  2. The fear of innocent people being shot is based on imagining how armed teachers might act if there was a mass shooting. So it’s even more odd to make a link between no mass shootings and no accidental shootings. Obviously no teacher is going to think that a black student is the mass shooter, when there is no mass shooting in progress.


A list of just some of the logical fallacies here:

Post hoc ergo propter hoc, Ludic fallacy, Cherry picking fallacy, Inductive fallacy, Texas sharpshooter fallacy, and Fallacy of the single cause, all contained in these conclusions (and their implicit argument that this is because there are guns in schools):


Take the minimum number of K-12 schools in the US, as reported by the Dept. of Ed (public and private), multiply that by a minimum of 180 school days per year (NJ’s standard), multiply by the 19 years since Columbine, and divide by the SIX mass shootings at K-12 schools from Columbine to Parkland, and you get

70 million school-days undisturbed by a mass shooting for every one that was disturbed. Yeah, you’re right.


The logical fallacies contained here include:

False equivalence fallacy, Red herring fallacy and False analogy fallacy.


And a different Hammer hit the Florida Legislature up beside the head. Again.


The word on the street is that he is eyeing a run against Senator Bill Nelson. That may explain it.


Amen! A very good justification for a walkout.