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'Insanity Outside the White House': After Trump Accused of Stoking Tensions, Fresh Clashes Between Police and Protester in US Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/30/insanity-outside-white-house-after-trump-accused-stoking-tensions-fresh-clashes


A nation that values private property over Life is not worth defending.


Trump and Biden are basically ACTORS whose job it is to DIVERT OUR ATTENTION away from the important things while they steal our future with trade deals that steal democracy forever, Democracy is the real jewel.

One we have not had in a long time, due to GATS stealing our rights to regulate. For example, we’ve been told we could change healthcare, education through the vote, we actually have to leave an illegitimate trade deal first.

The WTO has been set up as a new world economic governance -everything that is important for peoples survival. They already promised to outsource and offshore millions of good jobs, starting with better, high skill jobs and working down.

jobs. You can bet they want to hide that.


They also want to hide that the world is uniting against the greed mentality with a resolution in the WHO to cooperate against the COVID-19 by agreeing to share patents and IP on the cure, agreing that health related information is a GLOBAL PUBLIC GOOD. Yes, the very kind of thing we have had banished from our vocabularies here in the US.





the bully left the white house in fear because that is who he is. takes his fears out on other people by calling them names. what a pathetic piece of shit this little scared boy is. he needs to resign and check into the nearest psychiatric facility for help!


The real Insanity is inside the White House.


I think he should be put in a glass cage on display for all to see. I would even give him a phone to type endless babble on Twitter just to watch his mind deteriorate more and more. Put the cage in the National Zoo for all to see a real soulless animal.


Trump is the greatest Machiavellian Con man the world has ever seen. Makes Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff look like rank amateurs at best. The narcissistic personality Trump operates from, a chronic disorder he exhibits daily and intentionally has so cheapened human life and dignity beyond repair. He has brought social discourse so low and trammelled on goodness to such a high degree, so to elevate his own dysfunctional life at the expense of the entire country. Trump is the epitome of the ‘Swamp’ he once disingenuously decried. Wall Street may look on his tiny little life with favor (such is the nature of all greedy bastards), but he will not be treated well by historians in years to come. His brand of neofascism is dying against the backdrop of carnage and destruction he leaves in its wake. in any other social matrix such as found in a Third World dictatorship he would be dragged out of his whore house by his heels to the nearest tree.


The last time common dreams had an article that contained the word “climate” in the headline was over a year ago. Again were coming up on an election and it’s just Trump, Trump, Trump…


From a reporter’s tweet in the article:

“A lot of people have been hit with paper spray.”

Is the Secret Service trying to lighten the mood by using confetti?

(That would be insensitive to the concerns of the demonstrators, but safer.)


Did you know that trade deals technically outweigh the constitution as the highest law in the land? That is to say that if there is a conflict between them the trade deal wins out.

After large crowds gathered outside the White House on Friday night Trump said anyone breaching the security fence would be met by “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons,”

Folks this neo-fascist, coward needs to be stopped NOW! The hell with the coming election because if the yellow one who wants to hide in Florida and threaten patriotic American citizens with Nazi type violence gets elected I say our country is doomed!.


That’s true for treaties, which require ratification by a 2/3 vote in the Senate. NAFTA, for example, passed the Senate by 61-38 and then went to the House. It wasn’t processed as a treaty, and if it had been, it would have failed in the Senate.


Trump does everyday diminish some one, a group, a state, or a politician.
The reality TV guy does have a producer.
May be Steve Miller, Kushner, the new chief of staff, Pompeo (Porno ??) or another behind the curtain staff writer.

Chicago, Baltimore, LA, Minnesota all seem to be headed for violence tonight.
Just about 6 pm in Chicago and bridge up to help prevent a march to Trump Tower, which is on the Chicago River.
LA on CNN has a group of police surrounded by protesters, and police are firing rubber bullets.

I am disappointed that police and their managers are so stupid.
Get onto the street, locate the protest leaders, arrest them or counter mand their instructions to the crowd.
Move the crowd backward. At each side street, push a group aside onto that steeet.
Keep moving.

From what I am viewing on TV, it is going to be a long, sad night.
Same at next intersection.

I noticed that “misnomer”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful though if all we had to defeat our enemies was confetti.?

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Dictators don’t resign! And Trump would never ever check himself into a psychiatric facility, because like many insane people, they suffer from delusions of grandeur and are in denial of being criminally insane.


It would be nice if the police would join the protesters and make sure there is no violence. That would be “protect and serve”.
Wishful thinking. “Public servants” are not there for the “public”.


The thought processes of this megalomaniac’s mind is breath-taking.


Wudangmountain: Before using the often misused adjective of Machiavellian you should research Machiavelli the historical actor and the long paper trail of research into his motives. Machiavelli believed in the primacy of the state, something much larger than his own selfish, narcissistic impulses. We may disagree about his tactics. His motives were far more pure and selfless than anything the Con Men you flatter by calling them ‘Machiavellian’ ever turned their creativity, energies and tireless energy to advancing the interests of…

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Thats intentional because otherwise countries could violate trade deals at will and not face any sanctions, its fully the goal of trade deals to take things out of the voters hands so that corporations have “certainty”. Like often the terms of a trade deal may weigh heavily on a country, for example, leading to massive job loass. As that is intended, at the same time, another countrys firms may be getting the benefit of those jobs, they have to make it clear that the FTA’s what must be followed, Countries are allowed to make rules of their own but they have to be consistent with the GATS. This might even be interpreted as meaning that candidates who did not intend to promote the GATS or who intended to dispute its takepver of the country, could not even run.

And yet I like the thought that he might be in there shaking in his tiny slippers. Satisfying.