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Insects Are 'Glue in Nature' and Must Be Rescued to Save Humanity, Says Top Scientist

CAs IQ level dropped many percentiles when I moved away! lol

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Why not. We need to keep our humour especially now.

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I did on another thread. (Herbicides) my town hall have recently treated all the village trees. And that is why there aren’t any bees on my flowering plants. Roundup is being sold in my local plant/hardware shop!!!

This is from january but being as they say it will not be available for another decade it’s probably going to be too late:

And i really don’t agree with any “tampering” with nature.

Worse is treatment of plants by systemic neonicotinoids. These poisons infuse plants and end up in the flowers and are responsible for killing insects that eat parts of plant or pollinate plant. It has been linked to the collapse of the bee colonies. The poison remains in plant for long time.
Some of the big box stores had routinely sold plants ‘pretreated’. Many now are being forced to stop that practice. Watch for labels that say pretreated with neonics or neonicotinoids. Complain to management if spotted. Most countries have banned this. But guess which hasn’t. Sold under many names in local stores for home use: imidaclopid, thiamethoxan, clothianidin, acetamiprid. Beware.

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That’s why i will not use these pipettes on my dog. I did bring attention to the roundup in the store and mentioned the cancer cases in the u.s. The owner just shrugged her shoulders!!! I guess no one has been affected yet here.

Also dangerous chemicals in many everyday products such as soaps,shampoos,shower gels,etc contain chemicals(example SLS,s which cause endocrine disruption,reproductive toxicity and biochemical changes) that leak out into the environment that harms the health of many species including honeybees and bumblebees and also cause cancer in humans.


It’s everywhere, including our bodies. People need to speak out about ending the use of lawn/garden pesticides.

Drugs too–in our water supply, and the water treatment plants are not equipped to take them all out.

Neonics and gmos need to be banned, particularly bt gmos.

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Gee what could go wrong with that?
We are a suicidal species

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If we had to we could farm kelp and repurpose it to be our soylent green for emergency food.
I too would be against tampering with nature.

Hi Phred_Pharkel: I was wondering what you were saying, and then LOL, that is funny.

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sometimes I try to be subtle

Yes. The widespread use of multiple toxic chemicals in our containers and food supplies and in the environment are wrecking havoc on us, especially our youth and fetal effects, those most vulnerable. Such products as BPA and phthalates and a host of others are causing serious damage. I have witnessed first hand the significant increase in genital malformations in newborns and ambiguous development.
I also feel that too much blame has been shifted to life saving vaccines, clearly not the culprit that is causing such widespread damage to our children and environment.

Many people in the most urban/industrial parts of the world could learn from the traditional diet of the island of okinawa(Currently part of Japan). It has a significant emphasize on soy sauce,fish and even some types of seaweed and per capita has one of the largest centenarian populations in the planet(people there must be doing something right). Also maybe chemical pollution in rvers can be reduced by just allowing natural wetlands along river banks and some plant species will naturally cleanse the river water and this will to a lesser extent improve ecological health in the sea and oceans.