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Insiders Admit Trump's EPA Burying Cancer-Causing Chemical Study Unfriendly to Industry


Insiders Admit Trump's EPA Burying Cancer-Causing Chemical Study Unfriendly to Industry

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New reporting in Politico puts the spotlight on continued themes of the Trump administration: suppression of science, threats to public health, and carrying out the bidding of industry.


A draft assessment already completed confirms research linking the common chemical to leukemia, nose and throat cancer, and other adverse health effects.

Scrounge up a few old dolls and hang a sign around their necks. Label the signs Trump, Scott Pruitt, Andrew Wheeler, Koch, Devos, Kirshner Trudeau, Mattis, etc.

Stick pins in the nose and throat of the dolls and bury them somewhere. Do not go back and dig them up.


Well that sort of goes with formaldehyde. I believe it is used in embalming. :grinning:


To all Patriots : Be a Hero, erase a Zero.


Memo to EPA w/cc to POTUS:

Scientific facts don’t care whether you believe them.


I suppose we have no choice but to protest Don’s Cabinet picks, Still, Bannon told us (in Feb. 2017) that these patriot$ were chosen for their “ability to deconstruct the administrative state.” And that is precisely what they are doing. If not Pruitt, then Wheeler. If not Wheeler, then a selection from a very long list of other sh*theels.
Have we already forgotten that Tillerson told journalist Ronan Farrow that he didn’t know how to his job?
Is anyone on CD aware of someone who has replaced Tillerson at the State Dept.?
E X I L E.


I understand that most everyone in politics - appointed or elected - serves in order to enrich corporations and rich people. But most past administrations have at least tried to maintain at least the appearance of devotion to principals and the rule of law and the welfare of the people they are supposed to represent. How have we gotten to a place where our politicians now just blatantly show that they are harming American citizens’ health at the expense of their paymasters, and don’t even bat an eye? Do they not drink water, or breathe air? Do they not have children and family and friends that do? And finally, do Trump supporters think this is all “fake news?” Or do they believe it, but their devotion to their Orange Crap-Weasel is so thorough that they just don’t care?



Looks like mass delusion, created by Republican and Democratic Newspeak and the pervasive use of Big Pharma products. Aided, of course, by the long-term destruction of the educational system in Trump country.

In short, the game plan is keep 'em fat, dumb and happy. Not sure how they can do that last one when every thing they do undermines the interests of their supporting masses, but apparently they’ve pulled it off.

Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme!


Because they are tired of denying it, and besides there isn’t anything the people can do about it anyways…


The Trump regime represents “The Wrecking Crew,” here to finish the Neoliberal job (begun in earnest under Reagan and continuing under every President since) of dismantling EVERYTHING in government that might promote common peoples interests, clearing the way for absolute corporate rule and neofeudalism.

The New Deal, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, any social welfare or ecological protection or common good. Heck, the Education Department! The State Department! Out of our way! Blow it all up!

And this is not simply a function of Trump’s idiocy or madness, or that of the people he surrounds himself with. Trump is a function of deeply powerful interested parties who seek absolute corporate rule and neofeudalism.

“The problem” is not Donald Trump, and “the answer” is not Trump removal (although Trump removal is a great starting point, but be realistic and keep your eyes on the prize).


It is scary the accelerating rate at which Trump, his gang, and his owners are warring against the environment and human health.
As another commenter noted, Big Pharma has for years been paying off “researchers” and burying negative reports, and so has the chemical industry and many others.
Just yesterday, I saw a tiny news item that Trump wants to open up massive marine reserves to commercial fishing, oil drilling, and other earth-rape.
The great book The Monkey Wrench Gang and other “extremist environmentalist” remedies, are beginning to look like field manuals.


The ugly underbelly of the govt is here for all to see its inglorious despicable character. If folks caan’t see the harm this especially destructive admin is doing nothing will.


Precisely. I get so discouraged when I see FB posts and all the comments which clearly lack this insight. I fear Americans are too shallow an electorate to ever have much faith in them.


Carcinogenic collusion


We have in our midst a team of wolves guarding the hen houses of American’s(the actual people) interests with the intent of a feast of unimaginable gluttony. Stick a fork in Earth and her children, this current crop will all be footnotes in the history of the planet. Earth will begin again in about a million or so years and maybe this time natural selection won’t hatch a new batch of creatures as destructive as humans. The 6th extinction event is well underway and we’re all immersed in it.


You call it rape, I call it murder. Different terms for the same destructive forces.


LOL ( joke) maybe it’s the Hillary—still working from her home computer. : )


Chemicals have more rights than people do. Much of industry and big corporations depend on sick people to gather big profits. Wellness doesn’t pay squat. The FDA is the sickness enforcer.


Formaldehide has been around for decades and used in Laminate Flooring, Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, Plywood. And Particle Board which many builders still use on new home and remodeling construction. Once u move in you are surrounded by it. Where was the EE PEE YAY even back in the 80’s? Dont tell me they didnt know!


impeach the whole bunch of them, the so-called president and all of the cabinet; they’re all destructive.