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'Insidious' and 'Dangerous': Digital Privacy Groups Issue Urgent Warning Over CLOUD Act


'Insidious' and 'Dangerous': Digital Privacy Groups Issue Urgent Warning Over CLOUD Act

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Civil libertarians and digital rights advocates are alarmed about an "insidious" and "dangerous" piece of federal legislation that the ACLU warns "threatens activists abroad, individuals here in the U.S., and would empower Attorney General Sessions in new disturbing ways."


Yeah, I wonder if the politically, awake Germans during the 1930’s felt the same way. The only smart ones left Nazi Germany.


I have been posting that if you have the funds to leave, flee, get out while you can and this is yet one more reason why. If we are just now hearing about it, it is too late.

Get Out Please Leave


Why should we have to pay for everyone’s medicaid!!!

Go get a job. I refuse to pay for freeloaders freebies!!!

Why don’t you fat$$ politicians pay for it. You have more money than anyone.GET OUT OF OFFICE AFTER 2 TERMS!!!



I would rather stay and fight the fascists, but I understand it may be futile. I have relatives that have gotten out.


You aren’t even on topic…no pay for this post.


Are you lost?
If this is a snark, my apologies.
“Why should we have to pay for everyone’s Medicaid ?”. Because it’s good for society.


Lisa_BB Joined in the last hour. Let’s do the math.


Please see my reply above to Ditton.


Great. the monsters in the PD. My family had a very very awesome gentle guy who loved animals and helped everyone until shortly after becoming a tribal cop he was sent to training in either Utah or Arizona - I forget. He came back the biggest jerk I know. Everytime he visits and sees our animals he’s behaves like an arse and starts commanding them and trying to make them cower. He’s not much better with people. I don’t know what they do to cops but they are NOT alright after that training. We’ve been putting up with it for two years. He’s trying to get out of the police because he considers his co-workers to be the biggest bullys and jerks in the world! After seeing that nice guy change our whole family doesn’t trust them. We’ve met quite a few that we believe shouldn’t be cops. Scary people, scary mentality. After seeing it happen to one of our own, we now believe it’s training.


I am not on the cloud. It took a little determination. Dropped outa facewhatever quite awhile back. Quit eat’n meat too. Started hug’n trees.


Good for you but this “cloud” is different.

I know, it can get pretty darn confusing.


The 5 eyes have been doing this for a while now, this just makes it legal and out in the open (for them, not us). NSA’s been doing it for the other alphabets, they just can’t reveal it in court.


In a nutshell.


And knowledge is the power to have realized when the internet first started up that the all seeing eye really was watching all along. And the phone was never anymore private than ever before; in fact, isn’t it easier to scoop up tons of stuff in this digital age? Bugs and wires surely wasn’t as efficient. So why would anyone put anything on a screen they don’t expect to be seen by someone else? It’s fairly simple. And here’s the ass kicker: they get some people to PAY to store their shit on the cloud while someone else comes along pays the cloud keeper to play with or use the information. They are making money off of it. Hand over fist. People are throwing their money away to store their stuff on the cloud and the cloud people are using the data as a commodity. Who could have thought of something so diabolical?


Unfortunately, an awful lot of them couldn’t leave. Nazi Germany had some pretty good intelligence services. They didn’t have the technical capabilities we now have, but anyone even overheard making criticism of the Reich, or planning to escape Germany, would quickly find him/herself being tortured and interrogated by the Gestapo or the SS. Those that survived the torture were often shot, or sent to a concentration camp and worked to death.
*Now, even though we have a lot of fairly professional torturers in this government, this new law they are talking about lumping in with a “must pass” money bill will make everything we say, do, or write, an open book for anyone that decides they want a reason to take us out. What tiny bit of privacy we still have will be taken away. We’ll never know if something we did, even many years ago, could result in our detention, without trial, for life, or even our execution. This government runs on fear and hatred, just as the Third Reich did, and they are every day finding new methods to increase this.
*As people who protest this new Reich start disappearing for their “crimes,” either there will be a revolt, or everybody will just shut up, do what they are told, and never express an opinion because it could be a trial-less death sentence or disappearance.
*People who write and discuss on public forums like this one may well stop because they would never know when some statement could be their death warrant. In that case, the new Nazis will have won.


Please; a paid troll or operative would be much more effective or at least coherent. Someone is just lost I suspect.


“…would enable U.S. authorities to skirt Fourth Amendment rights to collect Americans’ data and use it against them.”

If civil liberty types were all that concerned about their 4th Amendment rights they would have been on this issue years ago. Now it’s just water under the bridge. Too little, too late.

All the Cloud Act will do is legitimize what’s been ongoing for many years. For instance, some years ago it was revealed that AT&T had built a special room in California where all the nation’s emails and data were routed and gleaned. The NSA was paying AT&T up to $10 million a year for that data.

And now at this late date the awakened are weeping and gnashing their teeth over the Cloud Act’s threat to the 4th Amendment. That ship has already sailed folks.


Where can one go that the US doesn’t have spying capabilities on anyone, anywhere? The NSA has had access to everyone, everywhere, so where does one go to escape? The moon? Mars? Heaven?!


My sister has worked her ass off for nearly four decades. She’s stuck working for a multi-billion dollar company, CVS, making $15 an hour being a pharmacy tech, with zero health care as her bladder falls out because she’s been working on her feet for forty f-ing years. She’s not now, nor has she ever been “LAZY!”
Millions of Americans work their asses off so their bosses can take home millions a year as they work for slave wages and zero benefits. FU and your accusations of laziness. None are as lazy as your brain.