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'Insidious': Emails Show Trump White House Lied About US Poverty Levels to Discredit Critical UN Report


'Insidious': Emails Show Trump White House Lied About US Poverty Levels to Discredit Critical UN Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Infuriated by a scathing United Nations report estimating that over 18 million Americans are living in "extreme poverty" and accusing the Trump administration of "deliberately" making such destitution worse with its tax cuts for the rich, the White House insisted in its


“What is your source for stating material hardship is down by 77 percent since 1980?" Trudi Renwick, an economist at the Census Bureau, wrote in an email questioning the Trump administration’s rebuttal to the U.N.
the ouiga board perhaps ?


As long as his base is held in caves largely of their own making, Trump will continue to cast shadows on the walls for which the base will view as absolute truth. It’s past time to dampen his wick and put and end to the show. Absent that, we need a brighter light to render his shadows ineffectual. Perhaps The Enlightenment might come in handy–even if in a candy-coated form. Free copies of Idiocracy for all, I say.


This can be explained. Trump saw the UN report with the words “UN Special Rapporteur”, he sounded the words out, and thought it meant special reporter, and he knew it was fake news from CNN. /s

I’m not sure where Jeff Greenfield is coming from, but in my mind it is a bald face lie. At least he believes it’s “insidious”. Not much worse than the Heritage Foundation believing that if you’re poor in this country, you should have no personal possessions.


Trump was still going strong in Pennsylvania last night. At least 15 inaccurate states in one speech. Should we believe Trump or the NY Times (enemy of the people according to Trump)? I’m going with the NY Times on this one.


How do parents explain to their small children that there are some really bad people running our country and stealing our tax dollars and still make them feel proud to be an American? I guess they just tell them we live in a shithole country.


What a frelling surprise!..the trump regime lied! That is their preferred MO that flows from the mental pathological liar at the top all the way down…Hell their mouthpiece professional liar sara sanders is the poster child for lies and deceit…the most destructive, corrupt and predatory regime/administration in American history!


maybe the dice … as in slice and dice


Stepping back just a bit further - also keep in mind that for over 50 years corporations have been funding research at major universities, patenting useful technologies, shelving others that threaten established market share and paying researchers handsomely to skew numbers and recognize or deny criteria.

US of Predatory and Cannibal Capitalism


We really should not forget that the MSM is pushing stories (coincidentally?) this week about how the unemplyment rate is down and the economy is the best it has been in 18 years. BS coming from the WH is old news-the complicit MSM is still the real story.


In the above picture, we have a picture of the Amerikan, Fascist, party led by its Amerikan Fuhrer.


Does anyone believe anything that comes out of the Trump white house? It may be amusing to some of the degraded, regressive mentalities in the US but in the long run it will do great damage to our government and to the relationships this country has in the world. This cannot turn out good for the U.S. and its people.


theoldgoat- “US of Predatory and Cannibal Capitalism” GREAT!

But you know, I think even cannibals, real or imaginary have some code of ethics other than, if we do it, it’s okay.

Just sayin’.


Today is payday for those of us on social security. After paying my bills I have enough left over for some bars of Ivory bar soap. I don’t know if I have enough for everyone concerned but I’m sure there are enough mouths to go around.


But, but, but… " we got to sell them refrigerators, we got to sell them color teevees ( and cell phones, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages and gas guzzlers ) ". Yah; Yah, that’s the way you do it!
The MSM and Entertainment Complex learned a lot from MTV. You can sell almost anything with a catchy tune and a celebrity endorsement. Even the poverty strickened communities want to spend their money on Nikes and I-Phones.
Edward Bernase would be so proud of his work in advertising and publicity campaigns.


Not everyone gets their SS check today. But, they do get to run down to the grocery store and buy bad food brought to them by Big Sugar & Big High Fructose Corn Sweeteners, et al. Who needs fillers and dog food. Yum!!!


there are no poor in america and if there are its their fault.


The lies may even be worse than we know –

As I recall I’ve read that something like 40 MILLION Americans are living
in near poverty.


True –

In order for the right wing to rise and to hold control, they have to control
all means of information.

And make sure that it says what they want it to say.

Certainly Nixon was working on publishing houses, etc. And more …
and this has continued on with the right wing.

CIA gained control of the White at least by the time of GHWB and they’re
not about to let it go.

Of course it starts at the end of WWII with Mockingbird, Paperclip and Gladio.

Old goat –
I’m repeating a lot of old info – tediously, I know – but seems we have a lot of new
readers and posters here.


have you checked the average pet food lately?its way better than what a lot of people get.
sweetpotato or oat based, with rosemary as a preservative, often many fruits and veg, bluebarry cranberry etc…
we treat our animals better than people. Leona helmsley would be proud