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"Inspired and Inspiring": 10-Year-Old Boy Scout Wins Praise After Taking a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance


"Inspired and Inspiring": 10-Year-Old Boy Scout Wins Praise After Taking a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance

Julia Conley, staff writer

A 10-year-old Boy Scout won the praise of a local mayor as well as online observers Friday when the story of his decision to peacefully protest during the Pledge of Allegiance went viral.

Liam Holmes and his Cub Scout Pack had been invited to recite the pledge at a city council meeting at City Hall in Durham, North Carolina on Monday. After a discussion with his father about professional athletes who have taken a knee in recent years to protest police brutality and the police shootings of unarmed black Americans, Holmes decided to stage his own demonstration.

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Sounds like it is time for Vice-President Pence to attend this City Council Meeting so that he can walk out on the pledge of allegiance in support of Police Brutality like he did at the Colts game in Indianapolis.



That’s easy to do from a sky box, far from the maddening crowd. Having to face down a 10 year old Boy Scout in person is a whole 'nother thing.

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Props to dad, as well.
How many fathers are instead teaching their sons the uppity Kaepernick protest is about hating our troops or our indispensable freedoms?



Yes. And…

…props to the Mayor, the mayor of a city in North Carolina no less!



In another article it mentioned that some jerk complained about him doing it during the pledge. When exactly was he supposed to do it?



Good on ya, young Liam. You are a courageous young man. It is obvious that your parents taught you well. You will go a long way in this world.

Racism and hatred are learned, mostly from family, but also from friends and environment. May this type of disgusting behavior end.

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Colin, take pride in what you’ve started.



Colin Kaepernick is the finest football player to ever put on a 49 er uniform! His is a class act with a huge heart , who won’t ever stop speaking out for the oppressed and the abused. Kudos to this young man! Peace



Wow, Liam Holmes, thank you. American need to be reminded that a flag is just a piece of material ( and I’ve heard that they aren’t even made in America anymore.)
A flag is made of cloth material, but a human being is worth so much more. That old man boy scout is an embarrassment—because by his age, he should know the value between a person and a piece of cloth.

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When one young lad outshines the whole red neck cabal.



I. LOVE. IT! Good for Liam! May others wake up, value conscience and Constitution above military rules …and that is what the Boy Scouts were patterned after…and follow Liam’s brave example. Think what a team he and Greta would make!!

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perhaps he thought the pledge was exempt from protest while the national anthem (which is what the kneeing athlete were doing). You know, creeping liberalism… first the anthem, now the pledge, what’s next?

I always protest the pledge by not putting my hand over my heart nor saying it. But no one ever notices it.



I hope, after the collapse, that this boy and Greta Thunberg are the only two people left on Earth.



Just as we should be looking for a place to buy, or make our own yellow vests, we should also have shirts or jackets with “Support those that have died” printed on them. Taking a knee to advertise awareness.
Covers soldiers, police, and those abused by either.