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Inspired by US, Israel Moves Toward Legalizing Torture of Palestinian Prisoners


Inspired by US, Israel Moves Toward Legalizing Torture of Palestinian Prisoners

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Israeli cabinet over the weekend passed a controversial bill that approves the force-feeding of hunger striking prisoners—an act that is widely considered torture, including by the Israeli Medical Association.

The move means that the bill can now be sent to Israel's parliament, the Knesset, for its second and third readings.


One wonders how the ghosts of the Jewish victims of the Nazi Gestapo regard this.


As Syd Harris wrote in an editorial 30+ years ago…“We Become Like Our Enemy”…


more Western propaganda spewed by the Ochs, Sulzberger group.America is bombarded with zionist prop.


At the bottom of the septic tank, I guess one turd is much like another.


Why is it that people are generally outraged by the internment, without trial or charges, of those the US military and spooks label ‘enemies of the state’

? Likewise the use of torture?
Surely the answer must be that among our most basic human rights are those to be found in the 1215 Magna Carta - 800 years ago. This document guaranteed that one cannot be locked up without the chance to hear the charges in an open court and answer them. And that the trial must be held not as an establishment stitch-up but with a jury of one’s peers.
Guantanomo like Israeli jails cannot be reconciled with these ancient rights,
If the US claims to be the ‘leader of the free world’, to be defending democracy as politicians usually claim, how can this be reconciled with the cruel and counter-productive practice of torture? And with the practice of kidnapping and jailing in secret sites in other countries?
Such practices are vile and impossible to defend.


You misunderstand the point about a jury of one’s peers.Since Magna Carta, there is a limit on what the monarch or, in the US the President and the ‘Executive’ , can do.
A legitimate trial means open trial by a jury of one’s equals - by one’s neighbours, or by those of a similar rank in society, not by the King’s pals and placemen, and not behind closed doors, secretly.
The Magna Carta agreement also laid down an important safeguard in declaring that “justice delayed is justice denied”.
In short, the US presidents in recent years have acted as if to destroy the traditional rights laid down in Magna Carta and subsequent key documents such as the Bill of Rights, and the American Constitution.
In so doing, they have reverted to a form of ‘law’ that the French revolution got rid of, along with the oubliette . And they want to be treated as if the laws that apply to others cannot be applied to them and to those who act for them.
Yet they claim to be leaders of the .‘free world’, fighting for ‘freedom and democracy’!