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Inspired by Yellow Vests in France, Germany's Left-Wing 'Get Up' Movement Vows to Take to the Streets in 2019


Inspired by Yellow Vests in France, Germany's Left-Wing 'Get Up' Movement Vows to Take to the Streets in 2019

Julia Conley, staff writer

Citing widespread dissatisfaction with inequality and a government reticent to take effective action against it, the leader of the German movement Aufstehen ("Get Up") said Wednesday that the world can expect major protests in the country in 2019, inspired by the recent Gilets Jaunes, or Yellow Vest, protests in France.


I think a more appropriate translation would be “Rise Up”.


That’s funny FF, but then it’s not really, is it? But if we do have similar mass protests, we can’t follow the yellow vest idea. We have to be “America.” Chartreuse, red-white-and blue, or GREEN please.


Maybe the Dim $15 minimum wage will be phased in by then.


Note that a small parliamentary with no “real” power against the center-left and all the rightest parties in the DDR parliament play an active role in this movement because they are clear about what they stand and do not try to “reform” the liberal, neoliberal and fascist parties.


The obese comfortable Americans will not rise up any time soon. No, we are not all in that category, but according to statistics Americans are on an average 24 lbs heavier than they were in the 1960s.


No it will not.


“small parliamentary party…”


Nobody needs a vest , and the large mass movements are a thing of the past. I dare anyone to join a mass movement here in the USA now. Well, there are women’s marches ( Jan 19th people). What happened to the anti gun movement and the young people and Occupy?


I would personally devote eight hours a day, four days a week to planning, marketing, traveling, and participating, including ensuring that each and every participant was able to wear a colored vest if they chose (we could pay unemployed people to sew them - one idea) and all I would ask is approx. a $500 a month stipend if we could crowdsource funds for those of us who devoted our time and energy and for vest materials, marketing, etc. If I was employed and/or was the lucky recipient of a trust fund or lottery winnings, I’d do it for free.

Unfortunately, even though I have two college degrees in computer science, and spent every day for months filling out endless personalized resumes and online applications (I even write well), I was unable to procure employment (my location, age, disability status all played a part, I’m sure). At this point, I am merely surviving on credit and I have a distaste for Capitalism like no other.

The only thing holding me back from organizing this all on my own is a tiny bit of funding and one or two other people in the same boat who are motivated to join me.

There exists opportunities to get the ball rolling in the USA, but those of us who are willing to get it at just can’t afford it!