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Inspiring Mobilization 'Like Never Before,' NC Voter ID Law Goes on Trial

Inspiring Mobilization 'Like Never Before,' NC Voter ID Law Goes on Trial

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

North Carolina's strict new photo-ID voting law, which has been described as both unconstitutional and "a fundamental attack on our democracy," goes on trial in a federal courthouse Monday.

Civil rights leaders argue that the new rule, which requires voters to use one of six specified IDs when they cast ballots, will disenfranchise minority voters, who are less likely to have one of the required forms of identification.

"Meanwhile, those who cast their ballots through absentee or postal votes – who are disproportionately white – will not have to produce any photo identification or fill out any “reasonable impediment” forms. State officials have tried to justify the changes on grounds of ensuring the integrity of voter rolls, though no evidence that anyone has ever fraudulently voted in North Carolina has been produced. "

And what precisely are the agencies for identification requirements placed on “absentee or postal votes”?
And what precisely are the processes and institutions used for verification of the tallying method(s) for the same?

“The vocation of the intellectual is to let suffering speak, let victims be visible, and let social misery be put on the agenda of those in power, and second, that that moral action is based on a broad, robust propheticism that highlights systemic social analysis of the circumstances under which tragic persons struggle.”

-Cornel West, The Radical King

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As long as they go up against a conservative assBag judge they will lose…dont matter how many demonstrate in the streets…NC is owned by GOP assholes…until we can vote em out in 2016.

Indeed, this voter id law was the product of unfounded fear mongering. There never was any significant issue with voter fraud. So, why go through all the trouble? Because the righties were afraid that their political opponents might vote? Well, that’s not a good reason.

While reading this article, I started wondering to myself why so many colored minorities don’t have a gov’t issued id. Of course, I’m sure the reasons or many but one potential stood out. That is minorities are subjected to being apprehended for false charges far more frequently than whites. It makes it harder to wrongly press charges against someone if you can’t prove who they really are. So, its reasonable that minorities would tend to not carry id with them just out of self-protection. Just a thought. I could be totally off but there has to be a deeper reason than “they just don’t bother”. Hippies may not bother but for colored minorities there’s more to it and I’m sure its a symptom of a deeper problem in society.