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Instability Mounts in Puerto Rico Amid Privatization Efforts and Power Authority's Cash Shortfall


Instability Mounts in Puerto Rico Amid Privatization Efforts and Power Authority's Cash Shortfall

Julia Conley, staff writer

As nearly 250,000 Puerto Ricans remain without power five months after Hurricane Maria struck the island territory—the longest blackout in U.S. history—the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) said Sunday it will reduce its operating reserve to save money, as the island's government moves toward privatizing the authority.


This applies to all of the disaster areas across the country for the last year. Hurricanes, fires, floods and landslides are laying waste to America while the rich get richer. Global warming denial is causing us great harm and our government is working in the opposite direction. Makes a whole lotta sense, doesn’t it?


Disaster capitalism is what happens when the criminal elite are in charge. Face it, the US is run by gangsters. Stop voting for gangsters.


And it could be worse. Here is an article about Saipan, another US territory and duty free port.


Hurricane Irma was a cat 5 when it hit Cuba. Cuba was devastated by the storm and over 1 million people had been evacuated prior to landfall. Within 2 weeks 70 percent of all power was restored and the remainder came online shortly after that.

No Private firms were involved,

The GDP of the USA is close to 20 trillion dollars and it advertises itself as the richest country in history. The GDP of Cuba is 87 billion.

Perhaps rather then looking to the US Government and Private industry to restore power in Puerto Rico, The USA should request some of those Government workers from Cuba come over and help.

This is an embarassment.


Capitalism in it’s final stages can no longer hide it’s true nature.It has nothing to do about sense, it is about stealing what you can while there is something still left to steal.


Government of, by and for the investor class! Disaster capitalists , vulture funds and militarists are close to a complete coup. Meanwhile, the ill-informed Public-at-large is alternately frightened of boogey-men on one hand, and titillated by obsession with sports and celebrity sexual shenanigans on the other. And the bombs fall, and the drone toys spit death…and the Republic of representative Democracy fades into the rearview mirror, as the ship of state bears onward toward the rocks.


The real gangsters are the fascists that run the system now. The politicians are there to do their bidding and put on a show to distract and confuse you. The system is systemically corrupt and if you intend to fix it by voting you are going to be disappointed…again and again…and again…


This is the plan! This is not ineptitude. It is intentional!


Your embarrassment is the machines profit center.


Well written nighthawk, you are on a roll today:)


There ain’t much left is there?


Oh so very well said, thanks.


I suppose it could be worse, it’s not too far removed from CA or the east coast, they aren’t duty free as far as I know. I don’t get around much so I really don’t know.


“repair work has been subcontracted out to companies that have yet to arrive.”

There was a company there right after the hurricane, but for some reason somebody didn’t like it. Oh well…


Have all the people in PR decide these things instead of politicians, business and unions. The public does not need to be led like sheep. All the information they need to decide is online as well as the easiest, fastest and most secure encrypted system of voting right on their cell phones. They may decide to have a decentralized system of government, state run, private or a combination of services depending on their situation.

Que el pueblo decida!


No question the US could learn a lot about govt.,healthcare, and agriculture from Cuba. We would have to get over our socialism phobia first.


Thanks, Dan!


Thank you! Good to hear from you. Hang in there friend.


I think out of sight out of mind. At least Puerto Rico has a little more protection. The US is scandalous.