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Instead of $2 Trillion Corporate Tax Cut, GOP Could Give Average American Families $17,000 Each


Instead of $2 Trillion Corporate Tax Cut, GOP Could Give Average American Families $17,000 Each

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren scoffs at GOP's offer of $1,182 per year for families under tax plan

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) heralded the Republican tax plan as a win for the middle class, but spoke little about benefits for lower income Americans and the rich.


Why do the Republicans always talk about deficits until they get into power?


These creeps according to E Warren actually reward companies sending jobs overseas! We need all of these rethugs , their banksters and of course Dump to go to jail!


If the tax rate for corporations were 36.9% (the highest individual rate) instead of the 20% proposed corporate rate, the GOP could give American families even more money!


Great post!


Exactly, and the wealthy used to pay over 90% ( personal) after the first 75,000 earned, and there wasn’t this insanity to not pay taxes.


Translation: " The beatings will continue until the morale improves ". Paul Ryan, Republican House Speaker


Whenever you hear ANY politician talking “reform” of ANY program, you better grab both your wallet and your ass. Reform means fucking the average American, NOT anything to do with reforming, repairing or fixing anything.


You cannot believe a single word that Trump and his Republican enablers says about anything.

So, we must obstruct every piece of legislation they initiate.


There is always hope, though perhaps not in terms pleasing to Ryan.

Not unlike George Carlin noting - with applicable invective- regarding ‘The American Dream’ (copyright assumed) “Because you have to be asleep to believe it”, the term “middle class” has been long kneaded because it is not needed. Today it bears, quite literally, some god inflected sphere of goals of aspiration aimed at warming the cockles of fetid hearts. In reality it is the heat of the over-zealous selling via billion$ in advertising research to flip the context of corporate usury into self-contrived ovens of half-baked notions. Veiling the marketed billion dollar narrative of how adult lives are spent (pun intended with all meanings of the word) the marketing intensifies to coddle the wealth extracted from that “middle class” by thieves in corporate costume of every sort.

Nothing is ever said about what the world look like if those billions in marketing/advertising were actually applied to basic necessities of life. The system is not just broken, it is in full blown cannibal mode.


First and foremost, if Elizabeth wants to run for president, I would vote for her. She would be far superior to both Trump and those Democrats that sound like the Republican Lite party. Research clearly shows that the economy stagnates under tax cuts, loopholes and tax breaks for the rich and super rich. Why? The rich tend to not spend, save or invest in America. They hide money in offshore bank accounts or invest in offshore tax shelters, Like Trump himself, who last year paid no taxes on $3.1 billion of income. While having extensive investments in offshore tax shelter companies. He even owns some of these businesses. That is why Trump’s name shows up in the Panama Papers over 3,500 times.

What type of role model is that for a president of the United States?


Lets just give every person making under $100,000 10 grand for the next five years----what a stimulus,want to see the economy BOOM.


Uh, because they are feckless, irredeemable hypocrites who expect services that someone else should pay for!


Whoever is not in power talks about deficits, because it is the only argument to constrain the spending (usually for favors) by the party that is in power. When the roles switch, the Democrats talk about deficits.

Basic rule of politics - when you’re in power, you give out favors to your supporters, never mind the cost. When you’re out of power, you complain about the deficit, because you can’t give out favors to your supporters. It’s not ideological, its pragmatic.


From my earlier post:

If the tax rate for corporations were 36.9%…

My bad, the tax rate for individuals in the Republican tax plan is 39.6%.


I believe the term “middle class” was devised as part of the 1%'s divide-and-conquer strategy. Let’s make this real simple: there are only two sides to a paycheck. You either sign the front as employer, or the back as employee.

It’s high time to revive the old labor standard, “Which Side Are You On?”


Americans are not asking for $17,000 they are asking for $15.00 an hour and medical care.


Not true. Jarred Bernstein just said, " I’m not a big deficit hawk, actually ". There are many Progressive economists who understand that deficit spending $$$ can be very useful when given to a broad swath of the middle and working poor.
Bernstein is/was the economic advisor to the Biden/Obama Adm.


The greedy Fat Cats used to pay 93%, IIRC, and they could still buy yachts and mansions.

As I’ve said before, “Return to Eisenhower-Era Pro$perity   —   Return to Eisenhower-Era Tax Rate$!!

And let me now add, “Don’t DELETE the ‘Death Tax’   —   DOUBLE IT!!


And St. Raygun lead the charge to dramatically reduce that rate by almost two-thirds with amazing and rapid success. Clinton attempted to raise the rate by a mere 2% and Congress dug in its heels. This is a major FU to all but the 1% and corporations.

“Just throw crumbs out to the rabble to keep them at bay” so saith Ryan and his band of brigands.