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Instead of $2 Trillion Corporate Tax Cut, GOP Could Give Average American Families $17,000 Each


REAL tax reform would eliminate the filing game altogether. No credits, no deductions, no H&R Block, no TurboTax.

The IRS knows our income via wages and transactions. They also know what taxes we paid the past year. All they need to do is send out an annual verification request. Then they could spend the whole of their budget auditing the liars and cheats.


The reality is that the vast majority of the Fortune 500 corps do not pay a dime in taxes and their current “effective rate” hovers between 19 & 20% thanks in part to their giant R & D write-offs. Boeing and GE are two prime examples. As for the 1%, their effective rate is less than 15% (if they pay any at all) after they deduct their entertainment expenses, business office expenses, wardrobe expenses, transportation expenses, private school tuitions, nanny salaries (at least those of the ones with documents) and token charitable contributions to their private foundations.


BTW, off topic here.

Where did Donald Trump get his “fish lips” from? I’ll swear that it doesn’t seem to be from either parent.

(Copy to Paint and increase the size to see pictures larger and clearly.)


Father (got his eyebrows):


First, from Ivanka’s plastic surgeon, then from Marla’s for a touch up, and now, regularly from Melania’s because his mug is shown everywhere. Perhaps all those silicone injections will slip and occlude/obstruct.



I did notice that many of his kids, at least the girls, have that same mouth.


The mouth is exactly what drives me nuts in watching Trump say something when he puckers his lips. It is a unique habit of his, but it is like it is one of those special effects when a photo of a celebrity is in the background on TV with someone else’s mouth is superimposed over the photo mouth of the person. So it ends up looking like a photo of Trump with someone else’s mouth spliced into the picture actually saying the words.


Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 9, Disapprove 69 Disapprove +60
Congressional Job Approval Reuters/Ipsos Approve 22, Disapprove 69 Disapprove +47

Yes, I agree. I just wanted to add the extremely poor rating for the Republican majority congress. These polls don’t get much attention while our Republican majority congress has sunk to one of the worst of the worse public disapproval ratings in history.


I will take a Nuremberg type of trial to take out the corruption in our Federal and many State Governments. It will have to include those who finance the corruption too.


Nuremburg was just the winners trying the losers. Of course the Allies never committed any war crimes… Dresden, Kaytn Forest, Hiroshima… no, not at all.


Gotta love these family photo ops. put the pretty faces out in front while their knifes are sticking the American people out in the back. You Tube, Lucid Dreamer.


I agree with all you say, but it was effective to take out the enemy and their leadership. It would also be effective in taking out our corporatists who are now ruining the world.


I think the genocidal Nazi crimes of the Holocaust were of quite a different nature making the Nuremberg trials much more than just another “winners trying losers” situation. Also the fact that the trials led directly to the Nuremberg Principles and the Nuremberg Code made them extremely important for human rights everywhere.


No, it was the military forces of the allies that were effective in taking out the enemy and their leadership.

All Nuremburg did was provide the winners with a patina of legality to kill or imprison the losers.


The crimes of the Nazis were terrible, although they were similar in magnitude and nature to those of Stalin in the Ukraine. While the impact was positive (the Principles and Code you reference) those were serendipitous outcomes of what was, essentially, “victor’s justice”.

If the prosecution had been limited to those acts that were genocidal, I’d say otherwise. No one (at least not rationally) can say that the Allies were engaged in genocide, while the Nazis very plainly were. When the prosecution went beyond that, it became victors justice.


So we have to be defeated militarily to get rid of these awful people? I like you and your comments, but I hope you are wrong on this one.


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It depends on how pessimistic you are. Generally the only way a ruling elite change are either the result of losing a war, or a revolution. There are very few examples historically of elites willingly giving up their power.


Every one of the defendants that were executed were convicted on the genocide charge.


Correct, but there were many who were imprisoned for acts no different than what their Allied counterparts did. For example, Admiral Donitz was convicted for waging unrestricted submarine warfare, which is exactly what the US did in the Pacific.


Wrong. Admiral Donitz was charged with that offense but was not convicted of it - precisely because the U.S. did the same thing.


They’re the party of cutting the debt … they could choose to pay their bills instead … pretty sure that would appeal to them more …