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Instead of Bailing Out For-Profit Colleges, Congress Should Cancel Student Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/15/instead-bailing-out-profit-colleges-congress-should-cancel-student-debt

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Excellent idea. Iceland structured its bailout after '08 similarly, to good effect. Sadly, however, this is inimical to the strategies and policies of both major parties within the US of A, where government and business have been using healthcare and student loan debt to break the will of the population since Samuel P. Huntington addressed the Trilateral Commission with that idea in the middle 1970s.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing the idea to the table. But are going to need a bigger stick. These people convince themselves that Asia, Africa, and Latin America owe them.

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As long as Congress largely represents the for-profit colleges (and other such scams), and trump was in the for-profit college business scam, his Sec of Ed, Betsy DeVoid (of conscience) is in the for-profit “charter school” scam,but sabotages and defunds public schools and education, the focus of this (and previous) administrations will represent big-money and for-profit interests, not victims of loan “industry”, support for public education, victims or raising the level of society generally.

Really believe Congress would finally serve victims rather than victimizers?

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Not mentioned is that in the highest ranked private universities, endowments in the billions and billions and more billions of dollars.

It might be less of an embarrassment to forgive loans than to admit that education doesn’t pay for its self.

Hey wait a min. I paid off my student loans even while I had periods of unemployment. If they forgive student loans now shouldn’t I be paid back the loans I paid off

67% of women in the US own student loan debt. They end up choosing a career that will not benefit them in the long run and now you want the nation to give them a free pass because they are women? More women are now going to colleges and universities than men. Men have dropped out attending college or any university because it is no longer worth it. Me and a couple of male friends make over one hundred thousand in the oil field industry and we don’t even have a degree.

The American people are actually being kept completely in the dark as to whats going on to an incredible degree. Why are they hiding it?

This is a good book Ive read on it WTO/GATS and the Global Politics of Higher Education

By Antoni Verger