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Instead of Cutting Taxes, Listen to Kansas


Instead of Cutting Taxes, Listen to Kansas

Negin Owliaei

A failed experiment left the state with underfunded schools, gaps in public services—and lessons for the rest of us


Put the Koch brothers on a spit on slow roast. Insist that the Republicans clean their plates, but first lock the fire exits (socialism) and turn off the water (socialism).


I suppose the R’Con “tax cut” debacle/crime in Kansas, all the pain caused to citizens, and the forced walk-back/rescission of the 1% benefit “tax-cut” scam is an example of the trump regimes “fake news”…fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice and it’s a crime against the people!..


Fool me twice - well I should be replaced by AI.


In the 2009 meltdown I was laid of by a family owned Engineering practice in Eagle Colorado. My ex rarely participated in paying the debt or the mortgage for our unoccupied rental while continuing to run up credit card balances.

I took a job at a technical college in Salina Kansas in 2010.
I was making half of what my ex was and paying all the bills and the mortgage.

And then the Brownbeck tax cuts took effect, and I was the junior professor, so I was the first to be cut.
I would have been very happy living on 40k a year with three months in the summer to myself.

The Koch squid ink was all over place in Salina/Wichita.
I might have said how here before.


Wonder where Mr. Sam Brownback will end up working after his political stint is over. How long will it take before his next worth gets into the hundreds of millions? It only took the Clinton’s a few months. Same with Obama.

Follow the money. Always follow the money…


For any particular idiot that hasn’t been paying attention for the last 40 years; HEY neoliberal economics doesn’t work, of course unless you’re in the top 10% or so!! Crumbs for the poor, lobster, caviar, and illegal Cuban cigars for those benefiting from said neolib. policy. Give us a damn break already and INCREASE taxes on the wealthiest people ever, ya know the ones that Louis XIV would envy. I boycott anything that has the stink of the Kochs on it but the list is indeed long. It just never gets better, it just doesn’t. Trump and his merry band of 40 thieves must be having a good chuckle at how bad they conned the idiots that believed his campaign lies and even a few more yucks that there are still dirt poor loyalists. My cat was sick today and now I starve for a month to pay her bills, but she’s worth it. I wish I could send a bag of her litter box cleanings to Congress and another to the White House.


Sorry about the misspelling. “his next worth”?? Dear me. Meant to type “net worth”


Is it an ‘experiment’ when the rich get richer? It was planned to the dollar, I’m sure. Brownback will never have to work again. He won’t have to pretend to be a Christian, either. Ain’t life sweet when you’re on top of a pile of bodies?


So far most communities have not reverted to the failed private fire departments of 125 years ago, but don’t put it past the RePooplicans to give it another try.  As for water, many cities, counties, states and even nations have allowed Nestlé (the worst) and several other Multi-NaZional Korporations to privatize their water services, to the great detriment of their citizens.

One form of socialism we SHOULD stop supporting is sports stadiums.  We pay to build 'em, and then Fat Cat team owners with political connections reap the rewards – often tax-free!!