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Instead of ISIS, US-Led Bombing Kills Nearly 100 Syrian Soldiers


Instead of ISIS, US-Led Bombing Kills Nearly 100 Syrian Soldiers

Jon Queally, staff writer

An emergency U.N. Security Council meeting was called and an already tenuous cease-fire agreement is under further strain after U.S.-led coalition bombers on Saturday killed nearly one hundred Syrian army soldiers who were battling Islamic State (ISIS) fighters near the Deir al-Zor airport in eastern Syria.


It raises the question of why we’d be bombing during a cease-fire.


ah jeeze , oops , sorry folks , just a slight snafu


The americans either didn’t know of the Syrian positions, which makes the US forces supremely incompetent or they knew of the Syrian positions, which makes the US forces extremely evil. Either way they need to leave the Syrian battlefield.


They can read my watch as I stand on the street corner. No, the damn US-led bombing kills nearly 100 Syrian soldiers, and 120 wounded! Intentionally done by Washington D.C.! Leave the Middle East, Africa, and everywhere else now Washington D.C.!


Well seeing the US military was never invited into Syria in the first place. And therefore has no legal right to be there. Maybe it’s time for the antiwar movement to get off there ass and demand the US military leave Syria. 500.000 now dead in Syria, because these Islamic head choppers, supported by the US Air Force. And if that doesn’t piss you off then nothing will.


Tens of millions of people worldwide demanded that Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the war criminals to not bomb, invade, and destroy Iraq. What happened?


Syria is already a nightmare, but it’ll become many times more dangerous for the entire world if Clinton becomes president. Once she imposes her no-fly zones against the mighty ISIS air force, it’s only a matter of time before our jets clash with Russia’s.

Oh wait, ISIS doesn’t have an air force. Well then what’s the purpose of the no-fly zones except to shoot down Syrian jets over their own airspace? What could possibly go wrong?


Do the war profiteers care? Down with oligarchy!

Direct Democracy


NATO and the US are the de facto ISIS air force.


The biggest problem is the US government has been using MSM to demonize Syria, with worlds like barrel bombs and accusing Assad of gassing his people. We don’t have real journalism going on in America anymore. Just mouth pieces for the US War machine. For example the US government has banned many types of medical supplies going into Syria. This has created a situation similar to Iraq were 400.000 children died because of US/UN sanctions.


Kind of makes you wonder if the US wants to start WW3. I mean what if Syria or Russia shot down some of these US war planes. Which Syria or Russia would have every right to do. How would the US react to this situation? It almost seems to me like a series of provocations the US and Nato have created in Syria over the past year. To try and egg Russia and Syria to to respond to attacks or to the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey.


“Demagoguery Of The Highest Order.”


The US push for the removal of Assad makes this not look like an accident. Then the bombing during a cease fire looks highly suspicious as well.
You have to ask why the US goes all in against the Shiite in favor of the Sunni (ISIS)? Sure looks like they are still going after Bush’s Axis of Evil. Bibi is probably so proud right now.


There is no excuse for bombing during a cease-fire EVER. We supposedly wanted that ceasefire. Makes me wonder about those hospitals we bombed, as well.


Exactly! Also the Evangelical Christian Right, with the likes of Franklin Graham, have been preaching to their following that Muslim people are evil, and therefore the Syrian people are evil. Remember Evangelical Christian Sen.Ted Cruz’s, " Lets carpet bomb Syria till the sand glows." That message goes worldwide via television. Those Evangelical followers do as their told, not many of them have an original thought.


And unfortunately the slow train wreck continues with the likes of either Hitlery or Trump has the next US President.


This is so f**ked it makes me want to scream. And the people and the media should be screaming bloody murder about it too, but they won’t, you can bet the house on it. They have been so softened up by propaganda photos of dust-covered little children and lies about “barrel bombs” and civilian casualties (when the vast majority of Syrians live understandably in government controlled areas) that they will think it’s all just in the course of things, and isn’t a pity we have to deal with the evil Putin and Assad. The propaganda is so total, so thick, the dissenting opinions so few (even here in Europe where I live), that I sometimes feel as if I am suffocating. Send Obama and his minions (including Killary) to the Hague! Will there ever be justice?


Thanks for the link, ron. Yours, madashellclovis.


This needs to be on billboards across the country!