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Instead of Promised Debt Relief, Trump Pushes More Loans on Devastated Puerto Rico


Instead of Promised Debt Relief, Trump Pushes More Loans on Devastated Puerto Rico

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria must be driven by direct aid and debt relief, not more loans and austerity."


The people of Puerto Rico should declare jubilee and start printing pesos. Let Blankfein and Dimon eat derivatives.


Trump & Co. are using PR and the U.S.Virgin Islands as an " object lesson " for how to deal with poor, brown and black peoples. They’re being sacrificed, literally on the altar of authoritarian cruelty, to soften any resistance to Herr Trumpster.
The man is extremely ill and an obvious tone deaf, sadistic s.o.b. He’s not my POTUS and never was, never will be. Any U.S. citizens still giving him " the benefit of the doubt " is as sick as Herr Trumpster & Company, are.
Yes, the system is extremely dysfunctional and corrupt. But, as we see daily, Trump is turning the whole place into sort of a junkyard of broken people. And, more are breaking everyday. Puerto Ricans won’t be the last example of this disease.


Some don’t grasp that the majority of US debt is to the American people. This would just exacerbate it. Then, we will be told we can’t fund schools, food for the poor, medical care for children etc. Imbecilic short sighted policy by a confederacy of dunces.


Of course trump will push more debt and demand PR repay the debt incurred thru corrupt leadership, corporate/banker/wall street back stabbing and US government meddling/that fomented/enabled/drove the debt up.

Bankers were 'bailed-out" after the so-called “economic-downturn” and made whole for their own soured greed and corrupt practices, and now bankers are rolling in dough again, doing the same greed-driven shite as before, but the millions of ordinary/poor citizens of PR will not be bailed-out by the perpetrators of the crisis!

trump serves the bankers, and wall street, and corporate greed and corruption, not the citizens he lies to constantly - profits uber alles is his mantra! America has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 1%, and the 99% can just die working overtime paying-off their interest/debt servitude with their wage slavery salaries working two jobs!

If “Main Street” owns much of PR’s debt as some claim, then bail them out like the banks were with restored fair taxation of the uber-wealthy swine and cancel PR’s debt so they can recover - a recovered PR will grow and live and contribute - a debt ridden PR can not! Screw trump and his ilk of tasteless rich racist swine!


Bear in mind this DEBT ENSLAVEMENT of populations is a model for destroying the US.

Can we sue our Congress for this criminal behavior which has enslaved Americans to debt?

And when are we getting rid of Federal Reserve (the third attempt at a Central Bank) which
has reduced the value of the 1913 dollar to 19 cents.


But who created Puerto Rico’s debt and how can those legislators be held responsible and accountable?


Your wish…


What can be expected of a demented, demonic dirt bag like DJT, especially when it comes to the safety and well-being of non-white folks whose first language is Spanish many of whom are descendants of Black slaves? And his evil gangster troll in the treasury, Mnuchin…a greedy, slobbering orthodox who feeds on peoples’ misery…is rubbing his hands together like a movie villain quivering with delight at seeing someone suffer. And Mnuchin’s stock in GS will surely shoot up at the prospect of dismantling yet another unsuspecting piss-ant populace (like Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc.).


Better yet, they should wrap up their shit in gold colored foil and send it to Blankfein and Dimon. Repay their shit derivatives with real shit.


disgusting creatin. He has no heart.


Thank you for your excellent comment!


The Republicans aren’t willing to fund those things anyway.


But we also are told that we must spend hundreds of million$$$ on defense to “keep our country safe” from whatever boogey man of the hour…and add more nukes to the piles so they reach the stratosphere.


My thought as well. This policy of turning the US into a third world nation will continue throughout America.


Trump and Wall Street want to saddle Puerto Rico with a Huge Loan that they can`t possibly pay back .Same as the EU Bribed Greece into in 2010. Followed by Austerity, Privatisation of State Assets. The Whole Milton Friedman Playbook.