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Instead of Protecting the Earth, EPA Agents Now Forced to Serve as Pruitt Bodyguards


Instead of Protecting the Earth, EPA Agents Now Forced to Serve as Pruitt Bodyguards

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Thanks to a hiring freeze, budget cuts, and the exorbitant travel needs of Trump's cabinet, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agents are being forced to ditch climate crime investigations in order to serve as personal bodyguards for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, resulting in what one critic called an "evaporation of criminal enforcement."


The US government is now officially a circus with a clown running the show!


Yet one more example! You know the rest!


" Evaporation of criminal enforcement."

What do you expect? Criminals always protect other criminals.


They as well as so many others have sworn an oath that they now find that they must perjure and forswear. Dance with the devil and you dance to his tune. Supposedly Trump has the support of evangelicals and fundamentalists. How do face that they end up dancing to his false faith and forswearing truth for the sake of mammon?


Pathetic. So much expense and so little actual work on the behalf of the American people. The coup is complete. Turning the American government into your personal cash cow.


Won’t be long before Cleveland gets it river on fire back. Should be a big tourist draw.


You just might be right about that except that Trump might try to claim it as a source of inexpensive fossil fuel energy that should be encouraged!


What really are these fundamentalists and evangelicals? They seem much more political than spiritual. They don’t seem to have any connection to the principles of the new testament. Whether one believes it or not, many of the principles of the new testament are not the rigid, punishing, violent and hateful ideology of the old testament. There are many good principles in the new testament - ways to live peacefully and respect one another no matter who we are. I think these evangelicals - many of them - are a mask of something else. You might say that they are to be known by their deeds.


I totally agree however there needs to be recognition made between the responsibility of the highly politicized cynical leadership and the unconditional obedience of thought that is encouraged in a fearful and virtually cultish minded congregation. These are people who cannot discuss faith or spirituality without demanding the listener adhere to a strict and literally unquestioning interpretation of the Old Testament perspective on the New Testament.

Their faith is as if Christ brought the Old Testament instead of a New Covenant (New Testament)! Moreover they will accord Paul’s words a literal supremacy even over the specific teachings of Jesus. Thus women are subordinate and prevented from being pastoral while Jesus accorded great importance to women among his followers. They are extremely intolerant of others in direct opposition to the teachings of Christ such as in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The truth is that our evangelicals and fundamentalists are the counterparts to the Pharisees of Jesus’ day who shared the exact same intolerance and that hypocritical mindset of adherence to rules and technicalities rather than sharing a loving heart for humanity.

Jesus had much to say about the hypocrisy of the Pharisees of his day and it is clear to people of faith that he would have much to say about the hypocrisy of the Pharisees of this day and age as well!


" Supposedly Trump has the support of evangelicals and fundamentalists."

These Trump supporters are perfect acolytes. Dogmatic,self-righteous, and very ignorant Bible hypocrites of whom, many still believe the earth is only about 6,000 years old! And if it had not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, many of these same people would still believe the earth is flat!


We live in a world of names, illusions and labels. Just because I call myself something does not mean that I am that. We need to look at the actions not just believe that the label is the actual identity.


Let the SOB hire his own security guards paid for with his personal funds. Either that or he can carry an AR-15 and a Glock for his shoulder holster when on “official” business. Besides, were his seat to be left empty for any reason, there would be no great loss. There are no words strong enough to describe the abhorrent evil this heartless empty shell of a human being exacts on all life. A pox on Price.


That may be said for the majority of the Dump’s cabinet. They were chosen by an incompetent because of their incompetence. It looks as though their incompetence is going to get us into more wars which translates into more corporate profits. However. will humanity last long enough for their CEO’s to spend their profits by the time they get through with creating a world not fit to live in.


A pox on his peer, Pruitt as well. Get them mixed up as they are both grey-haired snarly-faced arrogant white boys.


Oh, if only! You are too charitable. I think it is much more deadly, insidious than that. I wish these “bodyguards” could just tell Pruitt to defend his own MF self.


This is reminding me very much of the Savings and Loan Scandal some decades ago. It was a foreshadowing of just how bad things will get. It may be a coup but we need to rise up together: General Strikes to be followed by total, Gandhian (because we are outgunned) non cooperation. Now.


If I were on the Pruitt security detail I’d go to work each day in my hazardous waste outfit to have to be around that piece of toxic excrement.


Or at least a bullshit dosimeter.


Give him a set of military “surplus” riot (combat) gear; and, cut his detail back to the standard six.