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Instead of Protecting the Earth, EPA Agents Now Forced to Serve as Pruitt Bodyguards


For those that didn’t believe the the US government is criminal enterprise the latest crop of miscreants doing everything to destroy the remaining functioning parts of the bureaucracy has the be the final proof one needs. I call the last 25 years the rape of Americans, with sharp up ticks after the attacks of September 11, 01, the financial coup of 08, and corporate takeover cemented in place now in '17. I get angry, I get depressed and don’t see a way out of this dystopia getting worse every year. War, deregulation, austerity, cuts to departments meant to help the poor, cuts every where except the insanely huge war making machine the swallows over a $trillion a year of borrowed dollars from a perceived enemy.(China) We Americans sit and watch the slow horror show taking place now run by the creepiest clowns known to mankind.


The capitalocene rape of Earth and her children is gathering speed and without brakes to keep the whole kit and kaboodle from taking most higher lifeforms with it on land the sea. The anemic EPA signed by Nixon,( a republican) is the last agency left to protect everyone from the poisonous toxins spewed by all the capitalist industrial processes has now been effectively neutered.


This is maybe the very best description I have ever read explaining the dynamics of hypocrisy so obvious in the fundamentalist and evangelical political stances. As you rightly point out, the Fundamentalists are obsessed with Old Testament authoritarianism, while the Evangelicals are actually Paulites instead of Christians.
In fact they all bear an uncanny commonality of beliefs to Fundamentalist Muslims.


And Pruitt. And Sessions. And DeVos. And Zinke. And Perry. And Perdue.


The unquestioning belief which to me is very similar to cultish techniques is a feature of all fundamentalists and ‘true believer’ types. You applied an interesting distinction between evangelicals and fundamentalists which I have missed. The days when I argued that love is the faith and not obedience with innumerable fanatics online are behind me. To me they all sought that unquestioning obedience to how they were supposed to believe instead of understanding why and what they could believe. One soon learns that they have a highly politicized outlook and base much of their belief in issues such as abortion and anti-gay attitudes. Point out that Jesus admonished us not to condemn others and they condemn you. Ask them to question anything that they have been taught and you’ve had it as far as they are concerned. My favorite question that I posed to them was about their worship of the literalness of the book instead understanding it with a sense of compassion and history. To me many of them worshipped the book and kind of left Jesus on the sidelines somehow. Jesus wanted us to question and to learn.

We are taught in Deuteronomy to do ‘eye for an eye’ but Jesus specifically contradicted this rule and said “I tell you do not do eye for an eye as you have been taught but to turn the other cheek”. That pretty much denies the literalness of the Bible right there. Even so they couldn’t trust their own understanding of faith but instead sought conformity in not questioning the pastors that manipulated the Old Testament and taught it as every word is to be considered literal.

To you I affirm what Jesus taught us if we have the courage to follow through wherever it leads. He said that ‘the truth shall set you free!’ People who are not fundamentalists often underestimate Jesus who was the most progressive of us all.



If you live here and can afford to leave - it might be a good time. I’m not sure that the decks are not totally stacked against any kind of positive change and most people seem somehow compliant even though they are angry. Many take the wrong track by choosing people like Trump to “save” them. I’m almost as troubled by part of the populace as I am of the leaders. It is not a pretty picture.


WARNING!! Today’s Funny-Dementalists are not just intolerant hypocrites – they are Dominionists hell-bent on turning Amerika into their version of a “Christian” theocracy.  It’s not just Pruitt and Pence, Cruz and Rubio who are a danger.  IMHO, the greatest long-term threat comes from DeVos, whose campaign to destroy our public schools is not just a scheme to put taxpayer dollars into the hands of her korporate cronies.  The real danger comes from her turning our children over to non-secular charter schools, where they will be brainwashed from an early age into believing that Amerika was founded as a “Christian Nation” and that only their narrow (per-) version of “Christianity” – as you point out, the diametric opposite of Jesus’ philosophy – can be tolerated here.


Why protect this macho Okie? Let him die. He’s got so much money they can build a monument to his masculine vanity in Oklahoma. Title it the Okie Who Killed Everybody Else.


I can see why he needs a huge security detail. Just like all the other federal agencies under Trump, he has been selected to destroy the agency he heads. Since he is dismantling environmental protections at a furious pace, and allowing corporations to pollute our air, water, and soil as never before, millions of Americans will watch as their and their offsprings’ health goes to hell.

You can be damn sure he needs this big security detail, as he is pissing a lot of people off. I can only imagine what some people would do if they saw him standing alone on a street corner.


There has to be a pony somewhere in that pile of poop, right!


Sorry if I am dense Janet but I can’t figure out what you refer to. Please explain?


I’m responding to your response about the ohio river catching on fire and Trump promoting it as a source of fossil fuels.

:roll_eyes: when you have to explain your humor…


I was looking at the other comment lol. Now I get it okay! It wasn’t you, it was me reading the wrong post. Lol


What I don’t like at all is he and DeVos both have unique positions compared to the rest of the Cabinet. Their actions have already had immediate, awful effects and of course it will just keep coming. I’ve written it on The Nation, and other spots online–the progressive Left does not seem alarmed enough. I zeroed in on Pruitt and DeVos immediately. They can do the most damage the quickest. I really wish more of the country were aware and concerned. Even the normally apolitical middle class( what’s left of it) is NOT going to like all of this with both the environment and education. A bunch of somewhat dumbed down folks I’m afraid. Pruitt is exponentially worse than James Watt ever was.