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Instead of Scaling Up Funding for Education, Major Donors Are Cutting Back


Instead of Scaling Up Funding for Education, Major Donors Are Cutting Back

- Valentina Ieri, IPS staff

UNITED NATIONS - Despite commitments by the international community to achieve universal primary education by 2015, funds for education have been decreasing over the past ten years, according to a report released Friday by the global advocacy campaign ‘A World at School’.


One problem with education from the capitalist’s perspective; education reduces population growth and corporations cannot function without faster and faster growth forever.


Not only is the U S contribution to the UN for funding education worldwide reduced, it is also lowered in the U.S. When education funds are tied to standardized test results, the schools that do not need the funds and have higher scores (the ones Buffy and Reggie attend in upper middle class districts) get the lion’s share of the funds. Meanwhile, the schools in lower income/poverty-stricken neighborhoods with lower standardized test scores are drastically underfunded. Add to this the absurd Common Core program and struggling schools and their students suffer mightily. NO PUBLIC FUNDS should be given to these “Charter Schools” that are open for business as long as they are making a profit and when they do not, they close their doors and move on with little to no notice. PUBLIC EDUCATION should not be privatized (vis-à-vis vouchers and charter schools) nor corporatized. But, hey there’s money to be made and why not gouge the public education system in the U.S…mine those profits at the expense of all children’s minds.

The well of funding is very deep for more drones, munitions, war machinery, etc…stuff that kills not nurtures.