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Instead of Trying to Sabotage the Trump-Putin Meeting, Democrats Should Support Vital Proposals


Instead of Trying to Sabotage the Trump-Putin Meeting, Democrats Should Support Vital Proposals

Norman Solomon

Some leading Democrats in Congress are eager to turn the summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin away from avenues for improvements in U.S.-Russian relations, even if that means deflecting it toward World War III.


Dems and the media want Trump to act “machismo” and “tough” on the evil Putin. Trump wants to be seen as machismo and tough by the vacuous media. And every other voice desperately pleading for sanity are being drowned out. Soon I think they should change “the bombs bursting in the air” line in the national anthem to include thermonuclear bombs.


So I guess that Mr. Solomon prefers to live under a joint US-Russia fascist oligarch axis that sabotages every international effort at addressing the real threats the world faces.


I think Mr. Solomon wants us all to keep living. Brinksmanship takes us closer and closer to a reality where the problem isn’t global warming, but is Nuclear Winter. That’s not a good solution to global warming.


Nope, the only justification you could give for nuclear war over global warming is that the former might be considered a mercy kill.


The ‘open letter’ makes perfect sense to me. If you want to appear tough and strong, it could be labeled as a “Preemptive Strike on Peace”.


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So, opposing attacks on our democracy is asking for nuclear war?



[quote=“Craig234, post:8, topic:43029, full:true”]
So, opposing attacks on our democracy is asking for nuclear war?[/quote]

You mean the attacks that the DNC did on our democracy during the Primary when they cheated for Hillary and when they purged voters?

I don’t see how opposing that is asking for nuclear war.

Oh, wait. You are referring to being totally a believer in the evidence free assertions that the Russians hacked the DNC and that somehow was an attack on our democracy, I guess. You figure that unless everyone is rabidly against Russians that they’re attacking our democracy. So you are against negotiating for peace with Russia because that’s not opposing Russia enough and that not opposing attacks on our democracy.

Well, since you hold to a point of view that is basically insane, yes, working for peace with Russia is sensible- even if Russia did hack the DNC and did give the information to Wikileaks. It still is always sensible to work for peace.


Mr. Solomon, try finding a balance of some sort between the bad news and some, at least potentially, viable alternative. We all know the Democrats have absolutely no vision. We all know that is why they hate Bernie Sanders. We all know they have no idea whatsoever what a vision might be like or include. We are looking for substantive and viable vision. They have none and show absolutely no interest in having any. Why not march into the vast empty chasm, as does Bernie and a few others who know the Neoliberals are bankrupt - morally, politically, economically, spiritually - you name all the ways that matter to you - march in and spell out what might compell us to embrace/embody it. Be well.


I think Solomon is the one marching in. He’s the one taking action to speak truth to power on the most important issue of the day: peace between the two big nuclear powers.

What in the hell is Bernie doing but touring with Perez and defending Romneycare?


I don’t know what has gotten into the democrats. They used to have a rather benign/positive view of getting along with Russia/Putin. Now Russia/Putin is the devil, and a threat. Who remembers when Romney said that Russia was a threat and Obama said the 80’s called and wants its foreign policy back? The only answer I can come up with is the election of Trump has left them unhinged. Wish they would actually come up with a policy other than Trump = Evil.


Democrats have absolutely no control over Trump’s agenda or foreign policy. There’s little reason for them to trust a single thing this administration does. You don’t even have to think one thing about Russia to come to that conclusion. It’s basically only on Putin-embracing Left forums and alt-right sites that Solomon’s nonsense has an audience. Otherwise, he’s a crank. I see why–Nancy Pelosi said something mean she wants WWIII!


This idea that we are on the edge of a nuclear war with Russia is one more piece of tin-foil hat nonsense from the left. And actually, speaking hypothetically, if the choice is nuclear war or global oppression under a fascist Trump-Putin axis, then suddenly, nuclear war does not seem all that bad. Just ask any Syrian.


But the whole purpose of the Trump Putin meeting is not to seek Peace! It is to form an alliance to consolidate their power - while drilling the hell out of the arctic!

You and Solomon must be stuck in time warp back to the 1980 or something. Trump is not Reagan. Putin is not Brezhnev.


Brezhnev was whom Nixon did detente with. Reagan interacted with Gorbachev.

It would be nice if you and the other Clinton surrogates here actually responded to what was in the articles and what other commenters actually say.

We are not saying that the purpose of the meeting between Putin and Trump is to make peace. We are saying it SHOULD be.

Foil is made from aluminum these days.

I’ve explained this before. We are not concerned that just out of the blue we’re going to have one side launch a nuclear strike. We’re concerned that this hatred and fear of Russia and this ongoing ramping up of aggression against Russia, Iran, and Syria could lead to the US justifying shooting at Russians somewhere, which then could escalate to a limited war in that theater between us, which could escalate into a general war, which then would put us in the place where in the midst of paranoia, fear, battle, and confusion, nukes get used.

But go ahead and argue with your strawman.

Better dead than red, huh? This kind of thinking disgusts me. That the idea of freedom is more important than billions of lives. I’ve never comprehended such hubris and jingoistic belief in ‘our way or the highway.’


“Double, triple and quadruple down” -all the while fighting behind the scenes against Medicare for All proposals and any effort to put a stop to pharmaceutical price gouging.

Along with: in their strongest bastions of political power, Oregon and Washington: pushing full on for regressive taxation that hits the working classes hard -and even attempting to give 40% tax breaks to out of state corporations.

What an utterly pathetic bunch of losers.


Well, it seems the crazy hope of us, who are “leftists wearing tin foil hats,” that the meeting between Trump and Putin could be about peace came to fruition. Putin and Trump agreed to a ceasefire in Syria.

I’m waiting for the usual suspects to attack this as somehow Trump being a Putin stooge, or Trump being an Assad Enabler, or it as window dressing so Trump and Putin can establish their fascist rule of the entire world. Three… Two… One…Go!