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Instead of Vote on Covid-19 Relief, Senate GOP Confirms 'Anti-Healthcare' McConnell Protégé Justin Walker to Lifetime Judgeship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/instead-vote-covid-19-relief-senate-gop-confirms-anti-healthcare-mcconnell-protege

Defund Congressional Healthcare.

Let them eat brioche.


As I scroll down the CD headline banners, banana is no longer adequate to describe the American Republic.


Would “Mordor” suffice?


THAT photograph … is a snapshot … of deep, nation-wide, death-promoting sickness!
Nothing less.

— Ironically those right-wing-nuts think THEY are preventing people from stealing their money to pay for healthcare.
— Actually it is THEY who are doing the STEALING. Stealing LIVES of those people who receive little or no treatment. Done knowingly, that’s a form of murder.


Let us not forget that this was a “Lifetime,” appointment to the job. I wonder if some of these heartless judges realize how many people this kind of anti- humanity action can harm.
I suppose if he kills enough people with his heartless decisions, he will suddenly find himself in need of a life saving operation-----and perhaps have some visitors who might remind this judge that those who sell their souls will no doubt need a neck operation . WHY? Perhaps as the judge will be spending so much time looking behind himself due to that sad but common human trait of retribution! Or maybe I’ve seen too many Hollywoods movies----it’s hard to say-----but we do seem to moving rather quickly into heartless dystopian America.
s hard to say. : )

Judges CAN be removed. Another one to watch.


Good Gawd Almighty, I’ve seen photos of some pretty nasty folks, but this one…if I didn’t believe in demons in human form before, this pretty well proves it. McConnell already looks as if he’s half reptile, but his protégé, with that mouth rictus, isn’t even exhibiting human emotions.
I’ve lived in some pretty dangerous areas in my life, and could spot trouble coming a block away. If I saw these two coming, I’d be ducking and running for my life.
Now, it’s way past time for us to be funding the health care of our elected officials. Defund all their perks. No more health care. No more paid vacations or junkets. No more fancy dinners. They’re already millionaires on the take from lobbyists; why should we be paying them. This is taxation without representation!
What’s lurking in the shadows are the numbers of federal judges, including SCOTUS, who have publically stated they would reverse the Brown decision and the Civil Rights Act. Forget Roe vs Wade. That’s their red herring. Even worse would be a movement to eliminate the Constitutional Amendment regarding income taxes. Lots more in the pipeline-allow child labor, defund public schools(we knew that anyway). The Old South has won, by stealth and tech toys diverting the public interest.


Senators ought to have the power to hold nominations that are so unfit. Too bad the Democrats had no way at all to stop this or any of the other unfit candidates. I guess the Democratic voters were just unlucky that their Senators had no power whatsoever to stop this.

Still it makes a good campaign story to con the easily fooled.


but a lousy excuse to keep voting the same way year after year. COWARDS.


It’s been said that when McConnell gets to hell, he’ll have Lucifer running for the door.


A black bear was on my deck the other night-----just a few feet away from me and my dog (it had just finished tearing apart my garbage can). I would rather run into a black bear than these 2. No comparison actually. Black bears are wonderful (though it is a bit unsettling to see them so close to the house----I have a bear horn)

Every day we are bombarded on CD’s (and elsewhere) with the hideous faces of these sociopathic/psychopathic/narcissistic white men who are literally destroying the earth.

Yet people still vote for these demons in human form.

Is there a chance McConnell could get ousted?

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is this guy Mitch’s boyfriend ?

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a chance, but by fine Democrat Amy McGrath. Basically a clone of Mayor Pete. So improvement? A tougher debate than it should be.

When capitalism is your nation’s dominant ideology, it pays to be stoopid.

Of course. He can work quite productively with them to finish the dispossession of the US people.

Yah, as the Republicans usually seem to be able to find ways to stop things. Too bad that there are so few “lefty” Republicans out there to vote for (seeing as the people of this country are not able to have a collective moment of sanity and vote in mass for candidates from non-duopoly parties in order to get some representation and change).

Forget centrist Amy McGrath.

Charles Booker is burning up the polls in Kentucky and gaining on her quickly. And – he’s a real progressive, supporting Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and social justice in the US. If you want to push out McConnell and actually get something better, you might send a few bucks to his campaign to keep the energy going.


Sen. Lindsey Graham SC indicated in a radio interview he is joining McConnell’s campaign to push older federal judges to retire early as a way to ensure Trump will nominate their successors before the November election. YOU"RE FIRED Donaldo dumpkoff swienhunt regretably forgetable era a century left behind our future environmental living environs evolving into communities. Whew

Lifetime appointments can easily be shortened with the Republican conceived Second Amendment Remedy.

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