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Instead of Vote on Covid-19 Relief, Senate GOP Confirms 'Anti-Healthcare' McConnell Protégé Justin Walker to Lifetime Judgeship

Presidency or political coup?
Trump handlers feed him sh*t
and poke him with a stick.
Dance him like a fat puppet.
Scary pompous lying threatening
stupid puppet mouthing dire deeds
plotted in private board rooms.

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The problem is that the left in the US has no winning strategy. That means uniting the working class, including politically and culturally conservative workers. Build a working class program. Jobs for all at decent wages, decent medical care for all, decent retirement for all. This is how the labor movement was built, by putting all the social and cultural issues on hold. THIS is how women and minorities won equality on the shop floor, no through bourgeois tokenism. Why can’t we do this?

Yet another slimy muthafuqa that will have to be removed from the bench if and when sanity in government is restored. This is the most egregious example to date of someone that is utterly unqualified being placed into a position for purely political reasons. This I know as a resident of the commonwealth of Kentucky. That ancient and evil turtle needs to be thrown into a boiling bubbling pot of excrement.

There are three Democrats, one of which is a true progressive out of Louisville, and people are paying attention to this primary election in progress going on now… And there is ALOT of buzz that Kentucky is ready to get rid of that POS McTurtle. It will kind of depend on the 'billies because the urban areas in Kentucky will go Democrat, but only represent about 25 - 30 percent of the total state population…

You getting it now? Soon it won’t matter if there is a democratic landslide in November. The GOP has left behind a Nazi run federal court system that can, quite literally, bring the nations legislative process to its knees by assuring that no progressive actions ever, ever see the light of day.
For decades the Democratic Party was legislatively and intellectually lazy. Their entire plan was to run the DNC on the cheap, and only worry about electing a democratic POTUS, then legislate from the Oval Office with signing statements instead of actually passing laws. But a funny thing happened in the way to an all powerful democratic executive. By losing almost two thirds of the state houses and most governorships, the DNC had no process in place to cultivate good recognizable candidates for congress. They lost the house, then the senate. And low and behold they found out that, without having control of any branches of the federal government or the states, the GOP simply gerrymandered districts, using that power to help fix at least three of the last five presidential elections, all the while a GOP controlled senate made damn sure the process for nominating judges under Clinton and Obama came to a screening halt.
And now we are in 2020, where we find ourselves with a Nazi POTUS, a Nazi Senate, and a Nazi run Federal judiciary that can now delay or obstruct any even remotely progressive legislation for ever taking place. The GOP doesn’t have to win in 2020. They will leave town in January 2021 having salted the fields and poisoned the wells, and comfortable in the knowledge that the only way a new democratically dominated federal government can get any thing done would be to make war against the entire federal judiciary. Anybody here believe that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer have the stomach for that?
Yup. Even if we win in November, we don’t win.


Democrats should not work with Republicans. Democrats should defeat Republicans. But this will not happen so long as they have the same paymasters.

“And the Devil’s little children
Went scramblin’ up the wall
Sayin’ send him back Daddy
Before he murders us all…”

Stackolee, traditional

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Just another republican that won’t have to come on Fox to regularly lie.

It is time and then some for a constitutional amendment ending the concept of lifetime judicial appointments.

We already lost the second Bernie gave up. And even if the Dems did win they would do everything the GOP wants anyway. They are not only silently allowing the GOP to do what they want but actively helping.