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Instead of Waiting for Impeachment, Americans Urged Look to Follow Puerto Rico's 'Blueprint to Remove Trump' and Stage Mass Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/instead-waiting-impeachment-americans-urged-look-follow-puerto-ricos-blueprint


It is a blueprint that has worked over and over in many other places. Puerto Rico did not invent it. Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening in the US. The US population is too passive, too fractured, and too brain washed for this to succeed. There have been plenty of examples in the US when all should have been on the streets demanding justice and rights…nope…all you can eat pizza places and reality shows are more attractive.


That’s because Puerto Rican’s have guts, gusto, courage, a sense of national unity and patriotism. The only Americans who posses any of these are Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, (Puerto Rican), Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning. the other 330 million are completely devoid of any of these qualities and couldn’t accomplish in a billion years what Puerto Rico did in days. Not under any circumstance.

Call it genetic inferiority.

Its the same reason Americans cant figure out how to provide medical care. Its why they cant work out public transportation. Its why they are live in a constant state of terror - so much so they spend as much on defense as the rest of the world put together. Genetic inferiority explains why Americans have been given more to start with than any people on earth, but live in a state of constant struggle, why we have the worst drug addiction of any nation, why we have a higher crime rate than anyone, and why we are so miserable about our lives that we have a school shooting every week. We American’s are less developed from an evolutionary standpoint than any Human species since the Neanderthal, so de-evolved that half of us don’t believe there was a Neanderthal, but do believe in people floating into the sky and walking on water. We are the ones who had more, but did less than zero with it.

Maybe Puerto Rico isn’t all that great, maybe they are just doing what ordinary people do under the circumstances; maybe Puerto Rican’s are just average, and we are just that stupid!


Puerto Rico (pop 3.7 million) was able to get a half million into the streets of San Juan to eject the Governor. So scaling up to the whole USA (pop 330 million) it will require that we mobilize 45 million people into the streets of DC to eject Trump.

Fat chance…


It still wouldn’t make the evening news!


Also, don’t forget so many American’s are struggling financially that they could not afford to take time off from their employment and many that could take time off to protest like the citizens did in Puerto Rico, would be terminated.


The US is a Republic, not a mob rule country…If you don’t like something, the Voter’s box is the place to act.

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There is one nationwide movement that has been arguing for this strategy since it was founded in December 2016: Refuse Fascism! The people of South Korea, Algeria, Sudan, Hong Kong and now Puerto Rico have shown its efficacy. Stop waiting for Dem leadership that is interested in keeping a lid on, not justice, and more afraid of us than this fascist in the WH. Concentration camps, forced motherhood for women, ethnic cleansing, war on science & the truth - this is a fascist regime! They can be voted in but they must be driven out. Join with Refuse Fascism to make that happen as soon as possible, in the name of humanity!


Fortunately Rosello didn’t have the world’s most powerful military at his disposal to wag the dog with.

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But President Caligula is a deeply emotionally and psychologically damaged creature. And so are his minions. He would handle that situation, differently.
Some of us got our heads cracked during Vietnam and were arrested. It may be required again in 2020.

I never read anything about Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s minions. None?


The French have been protesting for months and calling for Macron to resign. The police have stayed on his side. Macron has escalated police violence against the protestors. Macron answers to his wealthy supporters and not the people. Western governments answer to their financial elites not the voters. Those elites do not all live within the country.


To all the naysayers here at Common Dreams that found every reason in the book to say this type of non-violent protest demanding resignations wouldn’t work,

"I told you so."

Footnote: I’ll betcha a few will respond to this giving multiple reasons why it couldn’t work here.


Hi lulemall:
Don’t forget—the people of Puerto Rico had a hurricane hit, and then were pretty much left to deal with it alone. O.K. Donald Trump did show up-------to throw paper towels at them.
After all of this, they knew exactly where they stood, and that no one was going to help them neither president nor governor-----and they did what people everywhere do when they see the TRUTH that NO Help is coming—In a single mind they amassed as one giant hive of unity and let it be known that if the Gov got stung— then -that downfall was all on him. Start buzzing people as UNTED, we do have a very big sting! : )


That system is completely broken so that level of optimism is dangerous.

for example:

Even if the system wasn’t rigged it would take decades to vote these problems away. How many more decades of forced Status Quo do you think we can survive?


Unless the economy tanks, the Dems will have a very tough time beating Trump.

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This pisses me off to hear you say this about us. But at the same time it breaks my heart to think you may well be right! How sad that you are able to present such a compelling case and it is why I wrote this book, “The American Eagle Awakens.”
Published shortly after the tragic 2017 Presidential Election that was hijacked by U.S. Corporations and the Putin’s Russian Oligarchy. 3 Poems, 3 Pictures, 3 Artists, in sum 3 powerful messages that can help turn this Nation around! The lead poem is entitled “The American eagle AWAKENED.” Like you Adam. You are awake. Our job now is to pass on this renewed awareness to as many others as possible.

Exactly! The only remarkable advantage the Puerto Ricans have is their misery. When mainland USAmericans become as miserable or more miserable, perhaps then we will be capable of thinking outside the prison walls.

I find Michael Doliner’s reflection most appropriate:

States are worthless. States are deep-states that exist to go to war with other states or, at the very least, threaten to go to war and so extract taxes from their bewildered populations under the pretext of defense. As long as there are states, hive-minds in death machines, they will perceive military threats and force continued industrialization through extraction of substance from their slaves. The conclusion, it seems to me, is obvious. States are a fatal bad habit. They exist because we let them.

Russiagate: the Cherry on Top


Trump retains 40% approval ratings. It is our fellow-workers we must first convince to use their vote wisely. 2020 is not too long to wait but ample time to persuade your neighbours and co-workers and even family who to vote for.

Such protests are to be commended when democratic processes are rudimentary, such as presently in Hong Kong.

But we walk a narrow path of legitimacy when using it.

Too easy for those opposed to democratic procedures to employ such strategies.

Have we already forgotten how the US parrot and puppet Guaido in Venezuela tried mass protests to displace the elected president, Maduro?


I agree. Politicians aren’t going to succeed with impeachment as long as McConnell and Elaine Chao Are part of the Trump stable. Trump will be re-elected, however, if the Democrats keep spouting placebos and platitudes. Amy Globuchar doesn’t want to pay for any rich kids education “a la Hillary Clinton”. How about the rest of the human race in public colleges. Rich kids go to Harvard. Actually every other country in the world has figured out that a well informed educated population would probably not have voted for Putin’s Brexit or Hillary and or Trump. Educated people with facts are hard to deceive. If Democracy is to survive it had better get one hell of a lot smarter. Some of the crazy crap rattling around American brains now is scary


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