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'Instilling Fear in the 11the Hour': Experts Warn Trump DOJ Poll Monitors Being Sent to Intimidate Voters, Not Protect Them

'Instilling Fear in the 11the Hour': Experts Warn Trump DOJ Poll Monitors Being Sent to Intimidate Voters, Not Protect Them

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move civil rights groups denounced as a blatant attempt by the Trump administration to intimidate minorities, spread hysteria about non-existent voter fraud, and suppress turnout, the Justice Department announced on Monday that it is dispatching personnel to "monitor" 35 voting locations in 19 states during Tuesday's midterms

From Propublica:

Make no mistake, predatory capitalist interests are pulling out all stops … Why?

I would submit because they know their jig is up. All they know how to do is exacerbate, aggravate, opinionate, 'cause they have taken everything that could be taken without triggering revolution. Now theyŕe most likely figuring on how to avoid a national public shutdown in the face of the tsunami of corruption and bald faced fraud.


Johnson sez: “(T)he Justice Department announced on Monday that it is dispatching personnel to ‘monitor’ 35 voting locations in 19 states during Tuesday’s midterms …”

You’ll be able to recognize them by their brown shirts.


I suspect they know a revolution is coming and want to control not only the outcome but when, where and how it erupts.


And to also make sure it never gets televised!


Trump must have a counter somewhere on his person and checks it periodically. If he hasn’t told he daily quota of lies by mid afternoon he steps it up a bit to get them in before waving goodnight to Melania.


Will Democrats FINALLY do something if it seems as though the RethugliKKKans are stealing another election?

They did NOTHING in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004.


If anyone experiences any voter intimidation at the polls, get as big a group of people you can, and make a citizen’s arrest.

Hold them until the authorities arrive, and file charges.


Jaysus-lord-have-mercy, these cretins are for real, and they obviously are playing for keeps.
That damn Southern Saltine, AG Jeffy Sessions is straight up ratfcking the vote with outrageous lies and voter intimidation. The rare AG that did actually give a whoop and a damn about voting rights lost his case, Shelby v Holder. (and yes, I did have a few beefs with Holder’s reign at the DoJ.)
Vote, gawddammit! and ride herd on the congreescritters after you vote too!
No more going to sleep after voting!


“Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.” ~ Shakespeare

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It has been common practice for years, for the party that loses to claim that the election results were fraudulent due to some sort of theft, hacking, “influence,” trickery, etc. At least, this has been true for presidential elections. What’s a little unusual with this midterm election is that we’ve seen both the Democrats and the Republicans already taking the first steps to build a case to claim that the 2018 elections will be illegitimate. What we can see from the record is that when a Republican is president, Democrats usually see gains in Congress, and vice versa. American voting habits. On 2020, we can see from the record that presidents are usually re-elected, no matter how bad they are. Under our circumstances, there probably isn’t much point in trying to guess what will happen by 2024.

It would be good to get any cases of attempted intimidation, etc., documented.


Someone is going to need to explain how this is voter suppression. Illegal voting is a myth so that is not going to be an issue. But I don’t understand how monitors being present will intimidate anyone, unless that is precisely what they intend to do. Maybe I’m missing something. The article doesn’t explain the reason it is intimidating so, please if anyone else can explain, please do.

It almost makes you think voting mattered.


This lie about voter fraud is similar to lie that the caravan heading to the US is a threat. Session is sending in people to monitor the make believe voter fraud threat and Trump has sent in 15,000 soldiers to protect the US from another make believe threat. Obviously these are ploys to stir up fear to get votes. Trump used the voter fraud lie to get votes in Pennsylvania during the 2016 campaign. A common lie in western Pennsylvania is that blacks in Philly are committing voter fraud. Republicans base their entire campaigns on manufactured threats.In 2016 Trump claimed a wall was needed to stop Mexicans who rape and murder from crossing the border and he claimed law and order was needed to deal with the high rats of domestic crime (of course crime rates had dropped greatly from a couple of decades ago. Hate and fear is how the Republicans get votes. Unfortunately it is effective but the result is dividing the country and eroding democracy.

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Since they can’t win they cheat.

An article worth the read about Canadian health insurance cards that they also use to vote and could work here if we pass Expanded, Improved Medicare For All which the GOP and corporate Dems oppose:

Another would be to issue Social Security cards with your photo. Clearly, The current system works for these scoundrels. Time we changed that.


It’s way past the time to change it.

But change is coming, and it’ll be here shortly.

What an interesting sonnet thisat is. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I love literature and analyzing it to gain more understanding. This one will be a real challenge. Just what I need, something else to occupy my time. lol

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No. Corporate Dems support The economic agenda of the Free Market Terrorists. The Diversity crap is just so they can say we are not like them. But they are.