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Institute Index: The Mounting Injustice of the Proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Institute Index: The Mounting Injustice of the Proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Sue Sturgis

The pipeline would carry fracked natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina and possibly farther into South Carolina

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline's planned route through Eastern North Carolina would disproportionately impact African-American, Native American and low-income communities. (Map from the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality's website.)


Well, we certainly don’t want to lower property values for the “investor class” now do we? And we certainly can’t be putting a potentially dangerous pipeline anywhere near the Upper 10% whose “way of life” must never be inconvenienced, can we? I know, let’s run it right through these poor counties with more Blacks, right? No one cares what they think, right? At least no one that really has any power! It’s the American way, right? Capitalism uber alles.*

  • The above is intended to simulate the chain of logic involved in deciding where to locate dangerous and/or polluting facilities.


William Greider says there are 4 essential political questions:
Who benefits?
Who pays?
Who must be listened to?
Who can be safely ignored?

This pipeline route was probably designed by the same folks who’ve been drawing redistricting maps lately.


So they’re going to abuse the Eminent Domain process to ram through a privately-owned project in a matter of months and then build it on a rushed schedule that virtually guarantees leaks in the pipeline due to construction flaws – when the use of fossil fuels should be decreasing, not increasing and the costs of wind and solar power development is dropping rapidly – and their customers are gonna get stiffed with 90+ percent of the bill for this unnecessary & money-losing boondoggle.    = WONDERFUL! =    And how much of Duke’s stock is owned by Tweetle-Dumb, Mnuchin and the Koch Brothers?  And who owns the company that’s contracted to actually do the construction??   They’re the only ones who are going to profit from this mess!!!


This sounds naive but right now I feel like going to all of those who live along the proposed route to organize a protest against this gross injustice.

Corporate World’s anthem is KICK UM WHEN THEIR DOWN


Fracked gas for export. Zero public benefit. It’s like the elephant tusk trade, only worse. Watch out for the compressor stations… Time to put “premeditated murder of millions this century” into the legal arguments against the industry.


Yep. Maybe all over the world, pipelines are in a rush to be completed before they become unnecessary.