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Insufficient Data and Loose Regulations Worsen Fracking's Impact, Studies Find


Insufficient Data and Loose Regulations Worsen Fracking's Impact, Studies Find

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A slew of studies released this week, each examining different aspects of the fossil fuel extraction method known as 'fracking,' provide new evidence of problems with the practice.

The first, an investigation by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the FracTracker Alliance into oil and gas company violations, found that information about such transgressions is only publicly accessible in three states.


Insufficient data and loose regulations are inherent for all fracking/extraction practices regardless of what corporation is conducting the operations. There is virtually no regulatory oversight or vetting of the industry on a consistent basis and while the cat is away, the mice will play. “Corporations policing themselves” is oxymoronic and non-sequitur. The tragedy is that the environment and all life within the fracking regions suffer irreparably…all so a few can profit.


The idea that we can adequately “regulate” activities such as this relies, ISTM, on a couple of assumptions both of which are eminently rebuttable - the first being that one could, even in theory, establish regulations that, if followed, would guarantee safe operation, or, at least, would guarantee that whatever screw ups that are bound to occur would not be of a nature that would produce serious, irremediable problems, and we can’t; the second is that even if one could do the first, such regs would be adequately enforced … and we know from history, they wouldn’t be - you can make all the regs in the world, but if they aren’t enforced they are just more wall paper …


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