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Insulated by GOP Sycophants, Overtly Racist Trump Claims He's 'Least Racist Person'


Insulated by GOP Sycophants, Overtly Racist Trump Claims He's 'Least Racist Person'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Two GOP senators who previously claimed they didn't recall president's "shithole" remarks have now shifted their position to outright denial


As a veteran of our armed services, I never thought I would be so embarrassed to be an American.


When liars lie, there’s no paradox.


The spectacle of Trump is seemingly all consuming. What amazingly horrifying times we live in. It is my belief that the vast majority of the citizenry have little clue the dangers we are soon to face. The causes that led to Trump are the same that will not let you put this pandora back in the box. Our democracy has already received it’s fatal blow, but like ancient Rome, it takes time for such a giant to die. The fascists have been set free on the mechanisms of power and they don’t intend on ever giving them up. We are headed for another great crash, as capitalism itself gasps it last breath as the great ponzi scheme consumes itself and in the process will create great economic hardships for all but the elite. Then on top of that we have climate change to finish us off.

So I really don’t get too upset about what the donald tweeted last night, or which minority he offended today. It is surely an amazing sight, but one that I fear just further distracts from that which must be acknowledged and dealt with…now.


Why won’t Lindsey Graham tell America and the rest of Congress what he said to Trump? He’s as chickenshit as all Republicans, a sycophant-lite.

What is going to happen when “sycophants” stop insulating Trump and he faces the full hostility of America, the world, and our descriptions of his actions? He NEEDS to know the truth, even if he has the mother of all temper tantrums and a fatal stroke. Maybe that would finally drive him out of office.


Racist bastard!


Our Earth-time with Trump MAY be more like the French Revolution, where the rulers were brought down by furious and enraged French citizens, pushed beyond their civilized limits. Whatever damage Trump has caused, he hasn’t managed to tear the soul out of Americans, not yet, and I believe there will be armed insurrections and loss of citizens’ lives before America’s life is lost. If we can bring down capitalism whose great benefits are now in the hands of so few, we may have a chance. How much Trump and the lives and fortunes of the rest of the 1% are interwoven will make the difference. Seems to me they are inextricably bound.

But if we are (even hopefully because of our angry reaction to Trump) destined for terrible times, it may not be the end of us. Trump hasn’t begun to see America as it really is instead of his projected fantasies, enabled by panderers and sycophants, and the entire Republican party. He has been kow-towed to his whole life because of such traitors, but we will sooner or later strip him of his traitorous protections.


He’s not racist but his blabber mouth is. His brain and his mouth operate independently of each other. “What is going to happen when “sycophants” stop insulating Trump and he faces the full hostility of America, the world?” My guess would be a huge backlash that will mean either lots of Republicans legislators being voted out of congress in 2018 or a lot of Republican legislators trying to get re elected by distancing themselves from Trump. Republicans in congress are now rated even lower than Trump in polls after ruining health care for the non rich and raising taxes on the non rich while decreasing taxes on their donor rich people.


Trump has done is job for republicans making all claims of “fake news” when news does not fit his or republicons reality. Trump has given the republicons cover and the false sense of they are all above the law which does seem to be reality at this point. Reason being is that for how many decades have we not held them accountable.

Now the reasonable is not. We the people have allowed all these sycophants to get away with acts of treason as they agree with one of two points of the corruption and treason. They’ve bought the koolaide and the weak kneed dems have not stood up to them, they’ve capitulated to them.

Good cop bad cop? dweedle dee and dweedle dumb? Who knows anymore.


It is and has been the republican party for decades that are the problem, Trump is just a symptom of the disgusting republicons.


The picture of the #shithole prez with the video really makes him look retarded!


Thanks for the video. I haven’t thrown up in my mouth in a long time.


Reminded on DN, on Martin Luther King Day, by Mahalia Jackson in 1957 - Joshua fit the battle of Jerico… agape … seek nothing in return

… and the wall came tumbling down. We face our own battle of Jerico

all over the world…


What nonsense. Of course nobody would describe themselves as a racist. They would use the term “race realist”. Go here to see how a racist describes their beliefs, an rebuttal, and prepare to be chilled by the up and down votes…

(Note: “Urban dictionary” is popular among (invariably white) youth “gamer culture” - where much of the fascist “alt right” comes from.)

So, the question that someone should ask Trump is whether he considers himself a “race realist”. The reply would have been very interesting.


Tom Cotton wants SoS job when Tillerson leaves. Perdue wants to save his job by courting the evangelicals in his state. This is politics as usual in the beltway. The lies last enough to move on to the next created and manufactured Trump/Govt crisis. Kabuki! Squirrel! Fire! Incoming! Commies! Negroes!
Republicans treat the electorate as children from an orphanage, giving them a day pass and $10 bucks, to go the county fair. Why would they change their game plan when it’s working so well?


You had plenty of reasons to be embarrassed long before Trump: indigenous genocide, Monroe Doctrine, Philippines, Central America, Korea, Mossadegh (Shah), Gladio, Vietnam, Chile, Central America, Aghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, oh, and did I forget Central America? …not to mention murderous police, for-profit prisons, predatory medical service, etc. etc. etc.

And that’s just the short list.

All of the above wars, all of the above violence, is profoundly racist in nature. Get rid of Trump, by all means. But the racism will remain until we get rid of the system.



I was just wondering - is Trump claiming he is the “least racist” person the same as when he claimed that “no one has more respect for women than I do”? Both of those comments obviously belong in the shithole.


As someone that has worked with developmentally disabled children and adults in Special Education for years I would urge you not to use the word “retarded” but simply “stupid.” And yes Trump is his worst enemy on looking stupid. Such as photo after photo of Trump on the golf course wanting to look like a professional golfer, but all of the photos show him in the rough.

Trump looks like …Trump and that is bad enough for me. The most horrific president in our entire history. Us mainstream voters have got to stop our 2016 apathy toward voting and show up in huge numbers to vote Republicans out of control of congress in 2018. Then in 2020 give Trump a landslide defeat in trying for a second term as president.


I am deeply ashamed that we have sunk this low and there seems to be no end in sight. These scumbag Regressives have finally achieved the controlling power they have lusted after for decades.


Yunzer , I am afraid that you are wrong. I once had a friend tell me that she was a racist. Her white son had married a white woman who had a child by a black man. I argued with her how could she be a racist, she was an intelligent educated woman. After some reflection I realized she was right. She is a racist. I never called back to apologize for not believing her, I just never called back. Her son did believe her she lost access to her grandchildren. I was shocked that I couldn’t see what was in front of me. I assumed that racism was foaming at the mouth oblivious not polite educated evil.