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'Insulting' Frontline Health Workers, Trump—Without Evidence—Accuses Hospital Staff in New York of Stealing Protective Gear

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/30/insulting-frontline-health-workers-trump-without-evidence-accuses-hospital-staff-new


He sure did. Trump insinuated that masks were being stolen from hospitals (probably to resell at a profit). Pretty nasty thing to say about people putting theirs and their families lives on the line to treat the sick.

But then who is surprised by what he says anymore? The more he talks the deeper the hole he digs.


Though the time has long since passed (and is likely to have ignored), has anyone told Orange Anus that psychologically projecting on television is so tawdry?


Another lack of common human traits - logical thinking. Why would those “brave” people jeapordize their protection for a few dollars.


Forget impeachment – this creep needs to be taken out on the 25th amendment –



I have former friends and relatives that continue to support this dangerous malignant narcissist and his enablers. Many of them call themselves “christian”.

I severed ties with them years ago and feel a huge sense of relief not having them in my life in any capacity. They are supporting a murderer of all forms of life on this planet and are choosing to remain blind. He is bringing to life what he said he could get away with while running for president. ( that he “could shoot an individual on a widely trafficked New York City street and not lose one voter.”)

Only this time he is killing thousands of people and destroying (along with the neoliberal dems) all life forms on earth.


Who thinks Trump is competent? Our leaders lack the patriotism to stand up for the country and challenge the Idiot Poseur.

There is noone in government, apparently, worthy of their salary.


Trump is an insult to humanity.
I suspect someone in his party or staff has pulled something like this. Trump always flips the blame for something he has done on to someone else.

It’s no wonder that the tube is running shows about the fascists Hitler and Mussolini.


It’s a form of mass hysteria, looking for a slave master/daddy to save them. Supporting Trump now is not much different than meowing like a cat during an hysteria.



Consider that those in Congress likely know a great deal more about the increasing
spread of the increasing numbers of viruses coming out way – consider that at
"Katrina" you should have been aware that abandoning them was a signal that soon
they would be doing the same to all of us –

Not sure if Trump is looking for a new Civil War – or a new Crusade, but he’s resurrecting
all of the thinking behind our former Civil War and the Crusades.
Trump and the Evangelists are ready to go.

WE know that we have a very short time to even simply improve our position re Global
Warming – we have a 9 foot rise in oceans coming our way.
Our own scientists were reluctant in the face of all efforts to quash the truth about
Global Warming to do anything more than suggest that Global Warming was in some far
distant future – at minimum 100 years –

but then, the glaciers starting to melt beneath their feet and very quickly collapsing.

The flus here – and obviously this Corona/SARS virus – are increasing in number and
death tolls – because Capitalism has so destroyed species, habitat and our environment.
60,000 deaths from FLUS alone last year?

How long ago was Earth Day – which after a few years they buried?
First, co-opted by large corporations –

We have not yet had to run to our oceans to escape forest fires –
yet we’ve had a half century of warnings –
Think how long ago the flooding of the Arno in Florence –
THAT’s where everything should have come to a HALT.

Our Congress knew – Elites knew – large corporations knew –
But what the public knew was NOT Sufficient to trigger a real self-defense mechanism –
a true understanding of threat to all life was coming our way.

Look at Trump – still proclaiming everything is a HOAX.

The only HOAX is Elites/wealthy and the Congress they own w/both national parties.

And GAG RULES even on our weather reporting/authorities/NASA – every bit of it.


The cowardly idiot shits on the smart heroes. Just another day in Trumpland.


The problem is that the mainstream media lets him slide on things like this. They should be holding his feet to the fire about his saying this.

Progressives will get outraged about it here on this forum but that is a joke! Preaching to the converted and then that person who vented the typical drama as always feels like they did something! They feel like they’ve stood up and spoken etc etc. Bullsh*t! They talked to other progressives who all feel the same way already and that accomplishes nothing.

But an e-mail to a newspaper or a network expressing that outrage and angry dismay at our president’s inane comments would be added to the running total of comments for or against and then looked at by the editors and publishers. When they see public sentiment affecting their popularity then they listen. Tell them how angry Trump’s comment has made you. We here on CD already feel that way ourselves and telling us does nothing.


Trump continues to prove in these asinine attacks what a petty, subhuman piece of shit he is. He is pissed because those damn New York Democrats are “so mean to me”. Trump being the egomaniac that he is takes everything personally even when he is dead wrong. This accusation is appalling. Healthcare workers are dedicated and hard-working, two characteristics that Trump entirely lacks what with his golfing trips and his so-called “executive time”. He may be the laziest son of a bitch who ever stunk up the Oval Office. The real tragedy is that Trump knows that these stupid attacks will be a plus for him with much of the public- the same idiots who will vote for him again in November and who could possibly provide enough of those damned Electoral College votes to keep him in power for another 4 years. Our electoral system is corrupt and Rethug operatives are doing everything they can to keep Democrats from being elected. They are a party of near treason and I would like to see the whole stinking mess burned to the ground. They are incapable of being reformed.


You “severed ties” – I can relate to that. I don’t know how I turned out this way, but I have a compulsive need to try helping people along with any necessary healing, an orientation whose expression is invariably interpreted as hostility by those to whom I attempt to toss a life-preserver. I’m one real dyed-in-the-wool, major pain-in-the-ass, hopelessly inept healer. Some people very close to me I just can’t get along with. My presence to them is something unpleasant, no matter what I do.


I think that Trump has caught Biden’s virus. It rampages the brain until the head is hollowed out.


I’d say that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is definitely worth her salary. Unfortunately, she is an exception in that as in many other aspects. The Congress deserves that name that it acquired in the first Gilded Age - 'the “millionaires club”. We are now in the Gilded Age 2.0.


I can relate to the entirety of your response—thank you.
It has taken me decades to learn (painfully) when to let go of certain relationships where I was trying to help or fix or offer facts in the face of lies.
It took an enormous toll on my health.

My masters was in psychology and there was not enough emphasis on narcissistic personality disorder---- not sure when it entered the world of the DSM or even recognized as a disorder . . . ?


The people who support Trump will always support Trump.

The people don’t want a phony Democrat. If it’s a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat,… (Truman)

Biden’s best chance is if he can win over moderate/center republicans embarrassed by Trump. It’s still a long shot, a good deal of Biden’s support on the left is because he’s not Bernie. Let’s see how long that lasts.

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This guy is trash, we know this by now. Keep the pressure on him, stay positive, and hang in there

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My own weird experience was growing up in a strange pseudo-Christian cult in which acknowledging or noticing quite ordinary features of physical reality is thought of as offensive behavior. Not just one sicko souring the family pot, rather a family heritage of unbelievably self-destructive thought-policing. In case you think I’m bragging on the extremity of the intellectual wasteland I struggle to leave behind, I’m talking about the ultimate master of respectable self-hypnosis – the redoubtable Mrs Mary Baker Eddy – and the spume she left behind her of poisoned minds infecting “upper-middle-class” white USA to this day. At one point, Haldeman & Ehrlichman were running the freaking country. I’m serious.

Thank God the First Church of Christ, Scientist (what an exceedingly stupid name!) seems to be in terminal decline. Its edifices were evacutated years before the outbreak.