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Insurance Companies Blatantly Ignore ACA's Free Birth Control Mandate


Insurance Companies Blatantly Ignore ACA's Free Birth Control Mandate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Not only are insurance companies across the country flouting the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) birth control coverage mandate, they are violating a slew of other women's health requirements related to maternity care and more, the National Women's Law Center charged in dual reports released this week.


Fraud, graft, exploitation, from for profit insurance companies? Wow, I am surprised.


Given the vast sums of corporate money specifically underwriting the war against women (and generally financing the campaign to impose Christian theocracy on the United States), the Women’s Law Center findings are hardly surprising.

Moreover, the fact the federal government is doing nothing to enforce these deliberate violations of ACA confirms the closeted misogyny of the Obama Administration first revealed by how he knowingly gave Christian fanatics the upper hand in writing birth-control policy, for which see Elizabeth Schulte’s report
entitled “How Obama allowed the right to take over the debate” at SocialistWorker.org.

As for Sen. Patty Murray, she is a typical Ayn Rand Democrat, talks like a New Dealer at election time (she’s up for re-election in 2016), but reliably votes like a hard-right Republican on economic issues. Hence to expect her to actually remedy the problem would be like expecting the pope to endorse free abortion on demand.

(Note: Despite the fact I have been posting here for at least five years, Common Dreams" new [and newly malicious] management regards me as a “new poster,” hence restricts me accordingly, including denying me the right to post links. Hence (1)-my apology for the lack of a link to the Elizabeth Schulte piece cited above [which is otherwise extremely difficult to find]; and (2)-the probability that – given the restrictions so maliciously imposed – I will never trouble myself to post here again.)


They are required by law to provide certain coverage under specific conditions. Obviously they are not doing this. They should be penalized, heavily, for these actions. The law is the law – they don’t get to decide what they will or will not cover and if there are going to be co-pays. They need to be penalized, given a specific amount of time to come into compliance, and if they don’t, their license or accreditation should be yanked.


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