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Insurance Giant Ditching Coal Industry Called 'Major Step Forward'—Especially If Others Follow

My question was rhetorical or, if you prefer, snark. To the chagrin of some of our regulars, it’s how I roll.
Still, your reply is welcome; thanks for the real-world example.


By now we should have a thriving Green Industry giving jobs to not only coal workers but for everyone who wants to get involved. The options are endless to clean up the Planet as well as constructing organic farms for healthy food. I sure thought it would have happened already… But it won’t under this President and Congress!

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Amazing what a couple of solid mega losses in law suites can to to corporate ‘resolve’

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Good rational to force Police to carry liability insurance like doctors and architects. Let the ‘market’ weed 'em out


Malpractice insurance for cops. Very interesting.
When cops are training at one of those fake backgrounds all of the pop-up targets should be a family member. Maybe by having to be more discerning, they would learn to be more respectful of life and limb. Well, at least life. We know they are going to shoot at something.

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We know they are going to shoot at something.

especially if it’s not white

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It’s never going to happen period. We the people do NOT live in a country of, by, and for the people. We do NOT live in a democracy and never have. The Constitution was written by and for the the Founding Fathers - the property owning elite of their day. The Constitution protects property and profits, NOT People. The Bill of Rights, soon eroded to protect corporations as “people”, was tacked on grudgingly by the elite, propertied, white males because the people in the various colonies would not vote for the Constitution as written behind closed, guarded doors. The colonists knew it would take away their right to govern in the places where they lived (true democracy).

It seems that the only thing to be done know is start all over from scratch. The only way to do that is to make the machine stop. That’s going to take a lot of monkey wrenches, sand, and any other objects to gum up the gears. It is going to take a global, nonviolent revolution to save ourselves and the environment/planet. Seems that the only place we can be effective is the place where our feet are planted with local organizing and action.

All we have is each other, our neighbors, and our community. Together we can make it through together as best we can. Nobody and nothing is going to come along to save us.

Time is really short now.

What do you think of ‘rights for the environment’ as a way forward ?

My opinion is that all powers that be are not so stupid to disbelieve that global warming is real. North Pole rim countries with large tracts of land are developing in ways that they never could before. $$$
The press presents two groups, believing and disbelieving in global disaster. I suggest a third group, looking forward to it.

Nuclear power needs cooling water. It heats the cooling water in the process of cooling itself. The Arctic has a new heat source coming, a floating nhttps://www.rt.com/business/463129-russia-arctic-nuclear-power/uclear power plant.

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That sounds just about right, unfortunately.

With all those guns in the US—and multiple guns in the hands of the craziest—Chubb’s CEO Evan Greenberg would do well to hire himself some protection.

Hi manysummits –

What do you think of ‘rights for the environment’ as a way forward ?

Guessing that you mean officially establishing rights for environment – like
via the Supreme Court.

IMO, Nature rules – there’s nothing else – and everything we do in setting up
governments and societies should be based in Nature.

Manifest Destiny and Man’s Dominion Over Nature – which were gimmicks/
licenses set forth by male-supremacist religions/“Christianity” in order to clear
the way for Elites to exploit all of Nature – all Animal Life – Natural Resources –
and even other human beings according to various myths of “inferiority” …

and they should be overturned.

“Christianity” underpins male-supremacy - Elite/Patriarchy.

The Supreme Court upholds white man’s property rights

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I was thinking that - or even better, a Constitutional Amendment. Bolivia, Ecuador, New Zealand, have all enshrined the environment with legal standing. It is a trend, which, if it gathered speed, could become a part of the United Nations Charter also.

Christopher Stone, a legal beagle prof from California, wrote in 1972

"Should Trees Have Standing?" for a law journal… It is available on the internet, and seems to me a first class legal argument and piece of work.

Yes and no.

Yes - of course Christianity & Islam are manifestly male dominated,

No in that in Iroquois & Apache society women were much freer and on higher standing than say Thomas Jefferson’s America, or agricultural societies in general.

Why is that?

Back to Nature.

Men are strong and violent, hands down, with hair trigger tempers. We are all about death, of necessity - that is nature’s way, not an opinion.

There is a difference - that is also nature’s way.

many –

Would absolutely support acknowledging that we are part of nature
and dependent upon it – Nature is all, imo.

Re your “yes and no” –

Christianity/Vatican seems likely to have created Islam in order to control
Arabs and Jerusaleum – interesting reports on that.

And, do agree that the Native American women were in particularly very
physically active and “politically active” in their societies which was an awakening
for white women who arrived.

And my little disagreement with you on this –

For one, until recently, women have been kept inactive – unable to
strengthen their bodies as men have been able to do.
As that has begun to happen we see that women are catching up.

Plus, we live the 20% difference in size between males in females –
(the Hollywood model, so to speak) but that hasn’t always been so.
Males and females seem to have lived at times at same height –
shoulder to shoulder.

Also – it was very obvious when Puerto Rican males and females came
to America that the women were heavier/bigger and the males more slight/slim.
African Americans are 15% larger physically than “whites.”

Men are strong and violent, hands down, with hair trigger tempers. We are all about death, of necessity - that is nature’s way, not an opinion.

There is a difference - that is also nature’s way.

Will agree that males are violent – and it is little discussed in our nation.
But there is much old and new encouragement for male violence –
Christianity, encouraged male violence against women/wives.
And for hundreds of years ran a Inquisition against women/Hammer of Witches/
Burning Times.

Pornography Industry is basically propaganda against females – and enriches
Comcast and Verizon.
"Pornography consumption – both violent and non-violent - is associated with
verbal and physical sexual aggression."

Proud to say that it’s also a position which Howard Zinn takes – i.e., that it’s not natural…
See: YouTube

But my biggest argument is that this is not NATURE – we are unusual in nature,
actually. We are the only species where the male gender is at war on the female
gender … often to the death. Something like tens of millions of women missing all
over the world.

And no where in the animal kingdom do you find animals fighting with one another
to the death as humans do.

My opinion is really that we “humans” while part of Nature are totally unsuited for
this planet. We require too much to exist.
Imo, we’re a product of alien intervention, created here on this planet.
There’s often also speculation that we may have recreated ourselves being once
from Mars who destroyed themselves and their ability to procreate.
I agree essentially with “Ancient Aliens” views on how we got here.

An hour or so after I posted my reply, I realized two things: First, that the word I wanted was, as you say, “rhetorical”, not “snark”, and second, that your question was in fact rhetorical. By that time, the damage was done. I’ve read enough of your comments and enjoyed their wry and rhetorical quality that I should have noticed it in this comment. In hindsight, I remembered that I was daydreaming about hummus and not thinking clearly.

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