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Insurance Industry Corrects Trump: Actually, We're Only Waiving Copays for Coronavirus Testing, Not Treatment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/12/insurance-industry-corrects-trump-actually-were-only-waiving-copays-coronavirus


insurance companies not paying for treatments? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked.


We are ruled and victimized by fools, thieves and liars who don’t give a rat’s ass about people or planet, only their own wealth, egos, power and the “system” of greed and self-interest!
The novel corona virus and its disease covid-19 have taken lives worldwide and the charade of government by corrupt morons in America spins the deceit they think will prevail over truth and wisdom.The liar-in-chief spews his canned rubbish with zero wisdom or truth in his rotten being.

Meanwhile Chelsea Manning who sits in prison for standing up for her rights and moral compass had enough of torture and tried to take her own life. while the idiot criminal liars play their Game of Fools

The People’s President Bernie Sanders struggles against such stupidity and corruption but is up-against corporate media-bro spin and political cowardice and the lumpen public,with their faces glued to their I-phones and listening to pundits and so-called leaders - sycophant lap-dogs who play their own game of political-party tribalism and . We will be lucky to survive…


The orange anus really looked scared last night, that’s the look of somebody that just got smacked in the face with a big dose of reality. He’s fighting an invisible opponent this time and he’s way out of his class. Evan as this pandemic gets worse and organizations are taking intelligent steps to avoid exposure this clown continues to tell lies and guarantee that more people are going to get sick and suffer financial hardships. People who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it and I hope that we don’t repeat the mistake that was made 4 years ago by electing this idiot as President. Biden isn’t the answer but at least he will keep the ship afloat until we can find a way to make elections more fair and balanced. It’s the only hope that we have unfortunately.


For those who test positive for COVID-19, any treatment will still come at a (potentially massive) cost.

Oh, that will surely stop the pandemic. Millions without access to care because they are uninsured, millions more have inadequate coverage with high deductibles and co-pays–tragic that it is taking a pandemic to make us realize that M4A, Single-Payer, is a necessity.

In the meantime: not insured or underinsured? Show up at the ER, let them know after treatment that you cannot and will not pay and have them redirect bills to the GOP sociopaths and their corporate Democratic pals such as Biden. Think of it as the start of total, non cooperation.


The time for revolution is now! Our backs are being pushed through the wall!

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

Vladimir Ilich Lenin


Anyone who is symptomatic with COVID-19 and cannot receive affordable care should seek redress directly with their local Republican Senator. Most every state has one. Drop by for a visit and be sure to get a photograph shaking their hand. Hell, make it Kiss a Republican Day. Now if you can find a Blue-Dog Democrat, that will work, too. They are in abundance. Drop by your insurance company for a visit, too. Use your imagination. You are a victim of war.

The above is, of course, largely hyperbolic satire. Except the last sentence, which is gospel truth.


And America will sit there, cough, and take it.
We’re all on a deathship now.


Oddly enough, Lenin’s revolution was born in a nation that was suffering from class inequity and a collapsing economy. Throw in a famine, and the soup of revolution was set to boil.
Does this scenario sound familiar?


Bernie had the opening to make Biden (I would consider a veto of MC4ALL) look like he was in a motorcycle accident over their differences. Instead, Bernie said I look forward to debating my good friend Joe in Arizona.

There seems to be no cure for stupidity, idiocy and apathy. Diseases of the American Exceptionalism.

BigB, that scenario you lay out sounds way too familiar. You have said a very lot with the 3 sentences, the second sentence actually say’s it all. Can’t say I, we, are looking forward to that situation, but, good chance it could come to be our collective future.

If you can’t afford the treatment in the first place, just go to work. Don’t take the test because you can’t afford not to go to work.

Question, who really runs this nation?

This article is horse crap. I love how the “news” title is a quote from a Bernie sanders spokes person. What a joke.

“Heaven forbid they miss a chance to bankrupt sick” tweeted by scumbag Lori Kearns, legislative director for Sen. Bernie Sanders

The anti-American parties are loving this pandemic. It could not come at a better time for them. The joke is on Sanders while he bends over for the Democrat party yet again for 2nd rich white guy “shocker”. Haha 2 rich old white guys. Such diversity.

Well, if this is hyperbolic satire, let me piggyback…

They have armies we cannot defeat. We now have a weapon they cannot defeat. Nature seems to give us the right tools for the job, if we notice them. Food for thought.


Must watch today’s democracynow!





This guy could f#€k up peeling an orange.


Wonderful. I wont have to pay for the test they dont have and that one must apparently be in serious condition to get.

Oh…and they’ll throw in a free trump university coffee mug.


Had we as a nation been spending a tiny fraction of our enormous military budget on public services and healthcare for all, we would have been better prepared to fight the corona virus epidemic. Our world’s most powerful military is helpless and even vulnerable to corona virus despite it’s size and power.


The 1001th reason to eliminate the private health insurance companies.