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Insurance Industry Front Group to Bombard Democratic Convention With Ads Attacking Biden-Backed Public Option

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/insurance-industry-front-group-bombard-democratic-convention-ads-attacking-biden


The Defense Department costs more than all three combined.


Good! Let the Public option be a non-starter so it’ll force Joe and Kamala to support real M4A. Maybe that PAHCF may do some good for a change…


Weren’t we only just discussing: DNC™ LLC can never let up, never stop? People who’d had crappy, employer ACA plans and lost both their jobs and coverage begin to understand? Survivors, now with chronic issues or deceased loved ones who’d shuffled, sick for hours to get tested, trying to assure sick-pay, time off to care for family or get promised COVID coverage; coded-up, billed for out of network specialists, sent exorbitant bills… now facing evection, or foreclosure are simply not interested in being good-cop-bad-copped by sneering dead eyed criminals again? Lot’s of us boomers’ portfolios are far ahead of where they were when we got sick. We weren’t out cycling nourishing food deliveries, or totting Instapots, breadmakers & gelato freezers to churls watching rich Liberals on Steven Colbert. We weren’t cutting up dead hogs, racing around icy warehouses, delirious from our coughs and shortness of breath. If you still refuse to see what “our” side’s doing to us, it’s to reinstall the “other” side. There’s no “pragmatic” compromise, it’s THEIR party!





The fact that these ads exist and are believed prove that the average American is as dumb as a bag of rocks.


That’s the Empire’s WAR Department you’re referring to

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I am probably the biggest backer of REAL single payer here so listen to me when I tell you that fake public option is a trap designed to DESTROY medicare and Social Security AND NOT AT ALL IN THE WAY YOU THINK.

Its complicated and totally involves WTO law and needs to understand a body of events which the Democratic Party and probably hundreds or thosands of sock puppets have worked an incredible effort to Deceive all of us in a major way. people literally need to be deprogrammed, to understand it.

BUT TRUST ME< WE’RE BEING LED INTO A TRAP. This website also knows the truth so why do they keep telling people a trap is good. For one thing, we’re forbidden from having any kind of decent PARTIALLY SUBSIDIZED PUBLIC HEALTHCARE.

O, to be allowed e first need to pursue an Article XXI procedure which is like a diveorce, they married us to the for profit system and anybody who has told you we could just vote for public healthcare and get it sustainable (and not having it whittled away every TWO YEARS in WTO minesterials IS LYING. yes, even Bernie Sanders was lying to us. We were solld out when we joined the WTO which promised to trade our jobs away, in exchange for various concessions like longer drug patejnts and insanely impossible drug prices, this caused the death of 30 million poor people in Africa and Asis from AiDS. the drug companies wanted the equivalent of $47 /day for a three drug cocktail but it turns out those drugs could be made and sold profitably for less than $0.27 Yes, twenty senevem cents a day the cost to save their lives was literally pennies each a day…


Read this, this is authoritative proof of what I am telling you, straight from the horses mouth, as cited in The Lancet in 1999

Read up on the governmental authority exclusion, it shows there is no stepping stone to fake public option which is a scam designed to trigger mass offshoring and outsourcing of jobs. And loss of Social Security and Medicare.

Read the Annex on Financial Services. also the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services and especially the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

The documents that control this situation.


Peoples jobs have been turned into bargaining chips in a global game. Partial subsidies will trigger an entitlement to care for poor patients overseas. Which should be a red flag for genocide.

the only system that avoids that is the one we should have had but instead they signed a treaty in Marrakesh in 1994 outlawing it. while lying to all of us about fake Clintoncare here. When will the lying stop? Not until Americans demand the truth and throw the liars out of the temple of democracy.

Read this, it explains why nothing public can be optional and survive against the US privatization juggernaut…



REJECT FAKE MEDIA SOCKPUPPETRY AND THE PAIS SHILLS FOR THE HEALTH INSURANCE AND DRUG INDUSTRIES, AND FAKE “Progressive” politicians who are actually working to trap us into the privatization of everything behind our backs.

SILENCE=DEATH We are next if we dont wise up.

Reject the two party scam. This country is run and divided by the rich liars party and dont you forget it.

they are laughing behind our backs.


The Ins cartels love the public option. They are just posturing. The public option is as good for them as the ACA and they know it.


Public cant be optional, (I am sorry, I misunderstood your post Alan, I was ranting at you in an earlier edit) PLEASE READ THE LINKS< YOU’LL SEE I COULD NEVER FAKE THIS.

the fake “public option” is a scam made up by the health insurance and drug industries. AND POLITICIANS IN THE US.

It either has to be totally noncommercial and having no compatition or it has to be privatized and globalized, Were waling into a trap because of people telling us lies like fake public option.

the author of this paper is one of the leading EUROPEAN experts on this issue. Read it.



~https://docs.wto.org/dol2fe/Pages/FE_Search/ExportFile.aspx?id=35157&filename=Q/S/C/W50.pdf PAGE 11. << This is conclusive proof.

Also see
~https://www.citizen.org/wp-content/uploads/gats-financial-dereg.pdf Note what she says about how GATS threatens Social Security and Medicare and why!

(its in the footnotes, read them)

Only the weak minded believe the Wall Street Democrats, fattened on the slop bucket of ‘public service’ most of their lives, give a rats a** about your health.


I’d almost expected some jive, obvious rip off public option, Medicare at 60 BS, in ‘93 & again under Obama. Just to take all us death o’ disparity opioid & solvent boomers off FIRE Sector’s debit column & start parting-out Medicare before we all succumbed to Hep C, COPD, etc? Never understood?

It’s pretty laughable that the monied interests of the most expensive healthcare system on the planet is complaining about the cost of a system that would save Americans $2 trillion over ten years.




They are all covering up their THEFT of DEMOCRACY in the GATS agreement in 1994. .

Both parties are big liars, and colluding to sell off everything - THEY ALREADY and traded away our jobs to India+ AFRICA and neglected to send us the memo so we’ve been barking up the wrong tree for 25 years. they lied we died.

, we need to stop repeating their frames.

“Public option” which they claim to be attacking is a SCAM the insurance industry made up themselves!

FAKE as Public cant be optional under WTO rules, its either the only single system in c ountry and for everybody NO TIERS or its torn to shreds by WTO rules designed to suck the life b,ood out of a whle country. Its time to free the people by dumping this steaming pile of excrement where it belongs.

healthcare is now a corporate right, and we’re all deceived into thinking its not been stolen.

healthcare for everybody that’s free or its toast. And we’re toast.

Everything and everybody involved in this situation is fake, even the fake party’s fake good guys. And has been for a LOONG time. Oh and the journalists are fake too.

The two fake party system and its slimeworthy fake politicians and their fake manipulations costs this country’s real people their wasted lives.

We die they lie.

And for the insurance and drug industry.


Why don’t they all die?

Here’s another way of looking at this. Biden plans to run this non-profit program in competition with private insurers. Non-profit should make it much more appealing to the uninsured and businesses alike due to reduced cost. As more people and businesses move to the public option, private insurance will have to raise their premiums to maintain their outrageous profits, further driving the shift to the public option.

Once more people see that a public option is not the bogey man they thought it was, they will be more open to the idea of M4A.


that the Democrats can’t seem to get the need for M4A–in a time of pandemic yet–so they can curry favor with their bribers–the health insurance industries that are now raking in millions of dollars on the pain and suffering(and some 170,000 deaths) of millions of Americans tells us all we need to know about the Democrats and their commitment to the well being of the American people–as in DOES NOT EXIST


there’s no need for phony incrementalism. At least 6 out of 10 americans support M4A, among the democratic voters the support is even higher. it is obvious what joe biden stands for. the ‘public option’-scheme is just another tactic to kill the idea.

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Doesn’t the DNC have control over ads? If so, why would they allow ads attacking the DNC dream ticket Biden/Harris, unless the whole thing/public option is just a scam. Oh, never mind.

The DNC, after public outcry, invited AOC to speak at the convention: she was given 1 minute (60 seconds) of pre-recorded (and vetted) time.

A public option’s time was 12 years ago, we’re beyond that now and what is the point of a public option if it’s just another government subsidized insurance scam/plan.

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PAHCF has long made clear that it is opposed to—and will marshal its vast resources to combat—any proposal to significantly reform U.S. healthcare, arguing that Medicare for All, Medicare buy-in, and the public option would each move “toward a one-size-fits-all healthcare system that is wrong for America.”

"wrong for America"? How might that be? It is as simple as one sees a doctor when they need to, period. No fee at point of service, no absurd yearly deductibles, no monthly premiums, no surprise bills in the mail stating “oops, the doctor that treated you in your insurance-covered hospital isn’t on your plan, you now owe us $45,000 for your unfortunate heart attack,” in the current one size fits many, ripoff health insurance in the USofA, number 1 in the whole world for stoopid.

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