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Insurance Industry Is Clearly 'Terrified,' Says Sanders, As Lawmakers Admit Lobbyists Helped Them Write Attacks on Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/insurance-industry-clearly-terrified-says-sanders-lawmakers-admit-lobbyists-helped


“They are terrified that the American people recognize that healthcare is a human right. They’re right to be terrified.” Love you Bernie, but be careful because if they’re really terrified…they will do whatever it takes to stop you and Medicare for all.


Partnership for America’s Health Care Future rhymes with National Socialist German Workers Party.

Brain washing the sheep is easy.


Note that 2 of the three listed writing articles provided to them by the Health Insurance industry are Democrats.

Yet people still pretend the reason they still do not have Health Care for all in the USA is because of Republicans.

They both work for the same special interests groups. Sanders as the exception should translate to him being the ONLY legitimate choice.


Now and yesteryear, house bills are 99% written by lobbyists, not just health care.
Hilarious that the lobbyists are now PR (propaganda) editors.
The elected peoples gaining campaign funds are beholden to the donors.


Kathleen DeLand, an Ohio-based lobbyist, sez:
Medicare for All (is) a “one-size-fits-all approach” that “does not work for healthcare.”

Neoliberal-to-English translation:
Medicare for All (is) a “one-size-fits-all approach” that “does not work to enhance my clients’ bottom lines.”


We live in an age where bribery–once considered an impeachable offense!–has been normalized as “campaign contributions.” Any talk of ethics can be dismissed as window dressing (and yes, SCOTUS, I’m looking at you).


Let’s put some numbers on this story. Federal lobbying just in 2019 alone: $117,358,812.
Details here:


Montana state Rep. Kathy Kelker (D), Montana state Sen. Jen Gross (D), and an aide to Ohio state Sen. Steve Huffman ® –
Only Trump takes bribes, we are often told here at CDs.
Thank god the Dems don’t take bribes!


Terrified they will no longer be able gouge us with ridiculously high premiums and then deny coverage.


Here’s another Dem they didn’t mention

“Pharmaceutical, health insurance, and hospital industry donors have flocked to Mayor Pete all year. As of mid-2019, he was second only to Donald Trump in overall campaign cash from donors in the health sector. Among Democratic candidates, he was second to former Vice President Joe Biden in terms of pharmaceutical and health insurance donations.”


Bernie should stay off of any small private airplanes.


I guess we have to have even handed lobbying or stop it all. All of it.


The problem is that some people keep insisting that ALL dems are the same, and act inappropriately.
Even hinting at that is inappropriate.
It’s a shame that the fake claim that all politicians are on the take is so prevalent.

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This story demonstrates that those of us accused of wearing tinfoil hats were right, as to the existence of fascist oligarchy in this country.

It is not a bad thing that by way of lobbyists industry can help form practical legislation, but when it gets to the point that the rules are written ONLY for the benefit of industry and at the expense of the people, things have gone way too far.


It’s a shame that the fact that there are a few honest politicians is used as an excuse to let the rest of them scam money in an endless fundraising and quid pro quo bonanza. Why are the honest ones, the few honest ones, calling for legislation to get money out of politics if it isn’t a major problem?

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In polls 82 percent of Democratic Part supporters advocate for Medicare for all. Buttigieg claims he a Democrat yet he does not support Medicare for all.

It pretty obvious that those dollars from the Insurance industry speak louder to him then does the voice of the people he claims to represent.

Now if by some miracle Sanders wins the Presidency will Buttigieg actively work against him? If so why would anyone vote for this guy?


Brain washing the sheep is easy. Yes, just sad when both sides do it.


A poll tax is when everybody has to pay the government the same amount. I’m 66 years old and have a couple of small jobs, so I have to pay the government $135/month for Medicare Part B. If I made a million dollars a year I’d again have to pay the government $135/month for Medicare Part B, or maybe a bit less because that’s how the government works these days.

In a real Medicare system in some other country you would just give “retired” (not really) people their medical care instead of soaking the poor or else letting them die from lack of medical care.


Friends, this is the tip of the iceberg.

You can count on the healthcare industrial complex to get much more serious about crushing anything/anyone who threatens their profiteering.