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Insurance Industry Is Clearly 'Terrified,' Says Sanders, As Lawmakers Admit Lobbyists Helped Them Write Attacks on Medicare for All

…big-money interests who have an army of lobbyists…



Looks like part B and part D are about $200.00 per month. The average social security is $1,470.00 per month. 13.6% for seniors. I do not know about orphan, disabled percentage would be.

Those who have the lower monthly social security award certainly get hit with a higher percentage paid than those having more than the average.

We can solve all this crap by reducing the vast 50% of medical dollars being waste - per Aetna web site.

HEre’s some good news:


Bernie Sanders Surges in Latest Polls


Yes, because the same cabal of Fascists that assassinated Paul Wellstone, JFK,MLK and RFK are stronger now than ever.


Insurance industry is more like “one-size-denial-of-care-fits-all-approach” by the industry.
How many Americans have been denied care by insurance companies –
Q: Which finger would you like to save? We’ll only save one for you …

The end of the New Deal has brought HORROR to this nation –

Unregulated Capitalism is merely organized crime.

The longer our legislators continue to deny the American public Medicare4All -
a National Health Care single-payer system – the more Americans will die.

This is also a system of care based in CURES which never come – it’s more than
50 plus years since Nixon’s “War on Cancer” which has delivered nothing but big
$$$ for research based in nonsense. We now have even more Americans with
Cancer – 1 in every 3 Americans –

And we now are watching as more and more CHILDREN come down with Cancer!!

We also now have children with juvenile diabetes and juvenile arthritis.

Every citizen of every age should be giving a lot of thought to VACCINES and what they’re
actually doing to our population and our children.

Big Pharma is doing everything to force citizens of every age to submit or be forced to
injections of these vaccines.

Example -
The Chicken Pox vaccine has now caused many cases of Shingles, for which the industry
has now produced another vaccine. This happened because the population who had
Chicken Pox were still dependent upon further exposure to children with the wild CP disease
in order to renew their immunity. An artificial vaccine does not qualify as a case of chicken
pox and it does not provide the immunity for the child nor the grown up that the wild virus
provides and has always provided.


Why not? They wrote the Obamacare bill. They write all the bills that come to the floor and get passed.
Now instead of lobbyist putting their name at the bottom some politician signs it.

Bernie 2020


Terrified, I think not, they win either way.

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You have a lousy sense of rhyme and your syntax could stand some work.

When you put it like that one thing to remember that if this practice wasn’t turning a healthy profit it wouldn’t be practiced. Not only do we pay more for meds we pay double in that not only does big PHARMA show a healthy profit but the American public covers these bribes as well.

These bastards have been taking in the dough under Obamacare, subsidies to insurance companies and hospitals are in the billions, TAXpayers pay for this, plus huge deductibles and copays. This was the key…they are never going to give up that cash. I think this should be emphasized along with huge number of hospitals owned by HEDGE funds. Do you really think a wall street hedge fund gives one flip about you or me and wellness or health?



Fear not, for they will kill Bernie the old fashioned way.
With pens and checkbooks

Take er’ easy, Phred. Bernie has picked up some steam but Mayo Pete has too.

And ByeDone’s implosion is still in the offing. Play it cool, man. Long way to go.

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LOL, Geez man, I just posted a link. It’s good news. But it’s not like I had to change my depends over it.

; - )

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Note to self: stop riling Phred up…he tosses smiley/winky emojis like grenades.


Well, about 80% of the party says that they support single payer, many say healthcare is their top issue. One candidate, ONE, supports single payer. So, about 5% of those running support single payer. The party says it wants to avoid ecological collapse. One candidate, ONE, offers up policies that are approaching the task at hand. Pelosi is a horrible human being, sorry. If you were to ask her about her positions on the issues, she would be well to the right now only of her own party, but a good chunk of the country, and she is the leader of that rotten party in the House. Not only the leader, but she really faced no challenge to her leadership from the left. The only way to reform that party is to totally clean house at the top, not just with the empty corrupt nothings that attach themselves to the party like all parasites do, but the affiliated think tanks and the media hacks, their donor network, they all have to be kicked to the curb. And we haven’t even started primaries. Can you imagine what these immoral, self-serving and corrupt people are going to do if Bernie starts to look like he might get the nomination? They’re going to rig it and it will be so obvious that they probably won’t bother trying to hide it, and the media will assist them in this.

You remember when the left used to protest wars? Before Obama took over and expanded the number of conflicts we were in, the Democrats refused to hold war criminal responsible after they started illegal wars based on lies? Well, those types of protests have to happen at DCCC functions, DNC functions, in front of the offices of people like Pelosi and the like. They have to be protested and challenged like their comrades on the right in the other party used to be.


Your formula for reforming the D-party sounds more like chucking the whole thing and starting over.

I’m down, yo.

Terrified? I doubt it, as long as money is power those creeps don’t have anything to worry about.

Is this the same State Senator from Montana who was featured on a CBS’ 60 Minutes segment regarding the state’s " new and improved " healthcare system earlier this fall? Hmmmmm… You don’t think they are ALL in on it, do you? IT being the Big Bamboozle, of course.
Probably just a large series of coincidences.
Meanwhile, back at his ranch, Gov. Bullock ( Montana ) hung up his chaps and saddle and bowed out of the Democratic primary for POTUS.
Probably just another large coincidence.
Montana, formally Big Sky Country, now known as Big Coincidence Country?

The article on those protests in Chile help to show that people the world over are growing tired of “Market based solutions”. One of the problems with the “Privatized pension scheme” introduced down there is the payouts on retirement are all tied directly to the amounts saved over ones working career. If one worked all of their lives EACH and every year and put aside 15 percent of your earnings you could do ok. The problem is the nature of work the world over is few people can count on a lifetime of work.

This same is happening in the USA with health care and the young people see the writing on the wall. They move from job to job. Many are self employed. Many work as contractors. If fortunate enough to have an employer that helps provide for health insurance costs they will inevitably lose that job and that have to rely on that thing called COBRA or just go without insurance. A market based solution is a stupid solution. It certainly profitable for some small few and it certainly works for the people making 100,000 a year .

Bernie is about the only one who gets that. The proposed Public option that others promote can not address this.


Medicare for all, Bernie Sanders style, and Green New Deal are my litmus tests for candidates. Anything less will not do.
Primary or general, anything else does not get my vote.