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Insurance Stocks Plunge as Medicare for All Bill Unveiled With Major Democratic Support


For sure it is a game Tom. That’s why a typical bill contains so many unrelated provisions. That way there will always be an excuse for a congressman of any stripe to find a good reason to vote against the bill.


The insurance companies’ ‘stock’ went up in January when Pelosi returned and smothered the existing proposals, like the ‘gold standard’ HR 676, in their cribs. Look for the dem names that have not signed onto as co-sponsors of this proposal but were co-sponsors of 676… It is a lot easier to blow gourd about a bill (676) that you know will never see the light of day and will not effect your campaign slop.


Medicare is a Scam! From the date of enrollment, the average person will spend, out of pocket, $280,000 over their lifetime. For Seniors on a fixed income this should be called Death Care. Medical Bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in this country. Jayapal’s Plan, if it actually happens, will not come into play for 2 years. That’s a long time to suffer.


Crafting Medicare on the heels of Canadian provinces enacting their single payer programs, LBJ intended that Medicare cover all Murkins. Unfortunately he had to compromise with Southern politicians and limit Medicare to Murkins 65 and older.

As he was signing the Medicare legislation in 1965 LBJ admonished Congress to incrementally expand Medicare. The best Congress money can buy subsequently incrementally watered down Medicare to please the AMA, insurance and drug cartels to the extent that it barely resembles 1965 Medicare.

Dental, acupuncture and natureopathic medicine have never been included in Medicare despite most group private insurance and some individual insurance covering those specialties for at least the past quarter century.

M4A indeed needs to expand the % it pays for all services and broaden the specialties it covers.


Any chance you can provide a link with the stat on out-of-pocket spending you cite? Thanks.


There was an article on CNBC about turning 65 and Outlining the basics of Medicare, and all of the costs associated with it. Now the article is gone. Figures.


The only thing that they will listen to is their ignorant, evangelical, fellow, Bible Trumpers, interpretations which enhances and rationalizes their ability to sell their souls for 30 pieces of silver!

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I found this but the stat in question is out of date. Based on 2013 data, it would take a Medicare recipient paying the annual average out-of-pocket cost 51 years to get to $280,000. Just sayin:’


BUT, they can NOT sell policies that compete with the Federal Gov…It MUST BE supplemental…


Before the 2 CROOKS Nixon and Kieser, of Kaiser permanente…Broke the LAW and made it LEGAL to profit off of Healthcare…Before that it was ILLEGAL…" - Mr. Erlichman quoting Edgar Kaiser to President Nixon on February 17, 1971

February 17, 1971
5:26 pm - 5:53 pm
Oval Office
Conversation 450-23
Ehrlichman: Edgar Kaiser is running his Permanente deal for profit. And the reason that he can—the reason he can do it—I had Edgar Kaiser come in—talk to me about this and I went into it in some depth. All the incentives are toward less medical care, because—

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

(((((Ehrlichman: —the less care they give them, the more money they make.)))))

President Nixon: Fine. [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: [Unclear] and the incentives run the right way.

President Nixon: Not bad."


Truth in advertising: we put retirement money into a wind turbine manufacturer and a wind power-heavy utility company. Inhibiting climate change got popular.

I’m sorry for those people who lost money betting on the continued profits of non-Medicare health insurance companies, but then I’m not sorry either.

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Perhaps the Insurance Giants can purchase insurance to cover their future losses.


Political corruption. Campaign finance. Regulatory capture. As Dick Durbin said of the finance sector with regard to Congress but applies here as well: “Frankly they own the place.”


That’s great Paul. But ultimately i think the profit-driven, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation is one of the deep roots of the intertwined social, economic and ecological crises, and must be abolished if we are to move forward without zombie-like predatory “corporate persons” endlessly undermining every effort we make to deal with these crises in any comprehensive, effective way.

In that light, i see Jayapal’s proposal to eliminate the for-profit health insurance sector in the USA, as a small but significant step in the right direction.


Heres another perspective: major investments in pseudo/GMO food is something we pay for at store; then pay for subsidies to CAFO and agribusiness; then in insurance as the population sickens - so … how much are we actually paying?


Glad to hear your healthcare is being taken care of. When reading posts like yours it is never mentioned what the cost is. Nothing is free including “free” healthcare.
Proponents for M4ALL should be assessing and reporting that taxes will be increased and how the difference with not paying premiums works out for the family budget.
What is the bottom line savings per person?


They have to make the rich feel good and that they can buy something with their money. Maybe they can create a supplemental for the rich where they actually have to pay more for the came services because they are rich and can afford it. It can be a supplemental tax on excess income which can go to help pay for the entire medicare for all program.




I guess the place where Trump and Pence are going will provide health care free of cost. Don’t most prisons do that?


Well then, we had better make sure that provision of letting investor-owned heath “care” facilities become non profit becomes a reality. I have already called my representatives on this very issue.