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Integralism: The Shiny New Toy of the Right

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/01/integralism-shiny-new-toy-right

It is worth noting that humanity has not mentally evolved one iota hundreds of years.
In fact there are plenty of indicators that suggest we are mentally devolving.
We are still the same people who burned witches, tortured insane people and generally killed anyone who looked different, and the people who let it happen.
The road back to the dark ages is shorter than we think.


“This is strikingly like the Leninist tenet of kto-kovo (“[who-whom], that matters are morally and legally right or wrong depending solely on who is doing what to whom. In other words, it only matters who wins.”"

No, that is not what Ahmari means. Seriously, like, you understand that Integralism is the view that there is a Good and that society should be ordered toward that end. You write, “good Christians need no longer worry about civility and decency in dealing with someone holding other views…” You should correct that to say “false views.” Ahmari is advocating for the victory of the actual Good over the disordered view of the left because the disordered left, whose views will bring about evil for citizens and society, are harmful and must be defeated. How did you not get that?

“For decades, conservative scolds like William Bennett made accusations of liberals’ moral relativism into a cottage industry. But moral relativism is now a plank in the religious-right platform.”

Just…no. Not even a little bit.