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Integrating the Social Safety Net Into America's Prisons


Integrating the Social Safety Net Into America's Prisons

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson

President Trump signed the First Step Act into law on December 21.


Wow, what a great idea and wonderful use of taxpayer money!
The people stealing the Big money are in banks and on Wall St , or doing the bookkeeping for the Pentagon! : ) So, it’s obvious that the rest of people who go to prisons are treated so awfully, just like that AZ sheriff did with his outdoor tent jails and required wearing of pink underwear. Although as an aside to weird sheriffs, I have read that in the Victorian times, pink was for men, as that was a healthier color for white people—and blue was for girls- and women --probably because of this ridiculous corsets which were so tight that women deformed their lungs and passed out a lot. ( causing a blue tinge on their faces) : 0

If people go to jail at a young age) see black people, Mexican people ) HOW will they gain skills when they are released ? If the Rich can get country club prisons, the poor AS well AS every NON -RICH WHO ARE not connected should get paid for working. They should also get skills and training on ACTUAL REAL jobs. Because really, if a person has no skills, and gets nothing from prison except a bunch of negative marks-----how are they supposed to live when they get out?
Once out, they should not be continually bear the CRIMINAL label. WHY NOT? Because when the rich and connected go to jail, they don’t go to the same kinds of jails as the rest of the jailed population do. If a person has no skills when they go to jail and has none when they leave---------wouldn’t they go back to what they were doing in the first place, if that was the only road open to eating and shelter? ALL prisons should be like the rich people jails—that is the ONE way to "ESTABLISH JUSTICE. "


What should be embarassing is that this legislation was signed into law under a TRUMP Presidency. Why could it not happen under Mr “Hope and Change” Barack Obama?


I think you are right with the (humane living quarters) idea. Sadly, with our mass incarceration policy we can’t afford a studio apartment for all prisoners. Vocational / technical training makes makes perfect sense. It was your comment on prison release that I think is even more important.

Something has to be offered to them to keep them from running straight to the local drug dealer, or local chop shop, or other easy crime way of living.