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Intel Vets Urge Fast Report on Clinton’s Emails


Intel Vets Urge Fast Report on Clinton’s Emails

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: Those “Damn Emails” – “Really a Concern”



Why is the reason Hillary did this never asked? Even these Intel professionals skirt the issue. Clinton had one very telling reason to use a private server which was that its contents would not be covered by Freedom of Information requests as they would be on a government state dept server. Thus when Hillary destroyed documents she was protecting herself from prosecution, when she destroyed evidence of who was privy to the sensitive information and may not have had security clearance she was protecting herself. She could not protect herself from FOI requests on a government server.

Why did Clinton illegally use a private server is key to the issue. She as a Sec of State acted in secret (on her own that is and sureptitiously) and thus able to cover her tracks which she couldn't do on a government server.


Thank you all for all you do, all the time.

I've become resigned. Of course they will do nothing, possibly not even after the election (she'll make sure of that, if she gets in).

Please, dieties all, let Sanders win.

G.O.T.V. love


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Ambassador Stevens murder; seized Libyan weapons after murder of Kaddafi which were then transported through US embassey in Libya to US anti-Assad rebels in Syria; possible cover up by Clinton. Why don't we just start there?


Just like Gerald Ford did for Nixon; just like Obama did for Bush. Is some kind of precedent being established because American citizens are too paralyzed to act?


You say this but is it true? Petraeus did it we know but the others?


Impressive letter. There's some serious truth-telling here:

So the question is not whether Secretary Clinton broke the law. She did. If the laws are to be equally applied, she should face the same kind of consequences as others who have been found, often on the basis of much less convincing evidence, guilty of similar behavior. (emphasis added)

The VIPS point out, later in the letter, the treatment afforded to Jeffrey Sterling: "now serving a three-and-a-half-year prison term." He'd probably appreciate an example of "equal justice under the law," wouldn't he?

All those directly or peripherally involved in the investigation of the Clinton email issue know very well that it could have a direct impact on who is likely to become the next President of the United States...(emphasis added)

What a dilemma for Obama, huh? Covering for Clinton, vs. oh, I don't know - throwing the election to Trump? Or, just sealing his legacy as perhaps the weakest president ever...

It appears that the option chosen by the White House is using the declared need for “thoroughness” to soft-pedal and delay completion of the investigation for several more months, while the corporate media sleeps on.

Yeah, well, the corporate media isn't going to wake up, but a lot of the American people are. And - who knew? - they're interested in seeing some integrity in their governmental processes. Turns out even the millennials massing for Bernie this cycle have a clue about "Justice delayed is justice denied."

We believe the American people are entitled to prompt and full disclosure, and respectfully suggest that you ensure that enforcement of laws protecting our national security does not play stepchild to political considerations on this key issue. (emphasis added)

Exactly what the Obama administration will be remembered for not doing. The documentation of its negligence in Matt Taibbi's The Divide, for example, is breathtaking.

On April 10, you assured Chris Wallace, “I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI – not just in this [Clinton email] case, but in any case. Full stop. Period.”

OK, Mr. President, so far your record is that you only lie when you say something. How about (just this once?) you do what you said you would? Your legacy is still going be "lying weasel," but you could at least go out a less rancid note, and you could leave the country slightly less screwed...


They certainly won't after the election, esp finally if she is ridden into power on a rail over our objections!


Yes. And I didn't mean that I'm resigned to her winning.

Will be phonebanking today and still strongly encourage everyone to continue to GOTV, give the power to the man of the people.


What we really need is someone, somewhere to release either a transcript, audio or video recording of one or more of Hillary's speeches to Goldman Sachs. That is probably the smoking gun that would sink her candidacy once and for all. This is why she is doing everything she can to suppress the release of those documents. There's enough technicality and obscurity in the email affair to confuse a lot of voters, but having her voice played sucking up to the one-percenters of G-S would be a very clear announcement of what she really thinks and says behind closed doors to her patrons.


I sent this to a few major news papers I know endorsing Sanders, requesting they print it in it's entirety. I think it should go to the unions who endorsed him as well - they're strong voice can have an impact. The point is, the more people who know, the less they can hide.


Except those folks never used a private, unsecured, unencrypted, home baked private server. All emails went through their .gov server.


These esteemed members of the Intelligence Community need to be thanked and have this memorandum shared broadly. They brilliantly explain why HRC emails matter and did, in fact, break the law and endanger persons. I wish their memorandum was getting more mileage as it should be top story in every news outlet. I am hoping people will send it to their elected officials and ask them to apply pressure to Obama to expedite immediate action on this. Our country must not have a president who thinks she is above the law, continuing to break the law, start more wars, putting the entire world in danger. There is a profoundly competent candidate who can take over, Bernie Sanders.


YES! YES! and YESSSSSS! imagine how good the WH lawn would look with a guillotine on it, and their heads on petards all around the fence circling OUR HOUSE!!!! [I had a little climax just picturing that!]

**they need a guillotine emoji, as well as a head-on-a-petard emoji!


I am interested in how the system allowed this "mistake" to be made,
why it did not compel Clinton to do as other normal people do, and use separate email accounts for her personal and work communications.
In particular,
surely some of her email communications were with her fellow members of the National Security Council, and also with lower level government employees who were cognizant of the risks she was running through her private server, and also of the fact that ALL communications of members of the NSC are prime collection targets for any big league intelligence operation.
Surely at least one of her correspondents was knowledgeable and responsible enough to pass this information, and his concerns about it, through the appropriate COMSEC channels to the U.S. government agency with overall responsibility for U.S. government communications security, the National Security Agency.
Not to mention the probability that said agency does general monitoring (sniffing and scanning) of Internet traffic for matters of intelligence interest, such as senior U.S. officials screwing up their communications, and so had discovered the problem with its own surveillance practices.

The question is:
What did said agency do with this hot potato that had fallen in its lap?
My expectation would be that its officials mulled it over, than discussed the matter with their counterparts in the ODNI and the NSC.
But what happened then?
Surely there must be an audit trail somewhere in the IC of what the IC knew about this matter and what it did about it.
Somebody, some IG or member or body of Congress, really needs to ask that agency what it knew about HRCs communications, and what it did about that knowledge.

In fact, I believe the following questions need to be asked and answered:
1) What did NSA know about Hillary’s email setup while she was Secretary of State?
2) What did they do about that knowledge?
3) Is the NSA IG looking into those questions, and if so,
will (a sanitized version of) his report be released to the public?
4) What is the legitimacy of former NSA executives, Michael Hayden for one,
publicly carrying on about what a terrible thing her setup was,
how the communications of officials in her position are a prime target of all the peer competitors of the United States,
if their very organization was aware of what was going on at the time it was going on
and did nothing to stop it at that time?
Remember, security is NSA's middle name.


Terminate her campaign now!