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Intelexit: Listen to Your Heart, Not to Private Phone Calls


Intelexit: Listen to Your Heart, Not to Private Phone Calls

Taking a sly cue from their adversaries, anti-surveillance activists from Intelexit, "the world’s first exit program for the intelligence community," used a drone to drop leaflets over an NSA complex in Germany urging employees "in distress (from) their tacit involvement in spying” to quit the dark side. The action was part of a campaign aimed at reminding morally conflicted workers, in the words of whistleblower Thomas Drake, "you have the choice to leave.”


For years, the Los Alamos Study Group sponsored a freeway billboard on the way up to the labs.
It was a quote from Pope John Paul II which essentially read..

Nuclear weapons are incompatible with the future of mankind in the new millennia.

It changed people's lives and actions.


I am surprised that the masters did not shoot the drone down.
Or at least charge the perpetrators with littering.
If any brave soul were to try to send a similar message to the soldiers who are committing war crimes with our USA directed drones, I am sure that the messengers would be severely punished.


What a GREAT idea ! Carrying the fight to the enemy is good strategy . I hope there is much, MUCH more of this in the future .