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Intelligence Chief Refuses to Say if Trump Sought Help Rebuffing FBI Probe


Intelligence Chief Refuses to Say if Trump Sought Help Rebuffing FBI Probe

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats on Tuesday refused to confirm or deny allegations that President Donald Trump had asked him to "push back" against the FBI's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.


Boy, these brigands are one tight mafia-like cabal protecting the worst, most corrupt, inept, and clueless president our nation has ever had the misfortune to endure. Whatever happened to upholding the Constitution, our democracy, and our nation’s integrity? Greed, lust for power, and unfettered self-aggrandizement have subsumed and diverted the right and true course.


You really do get the sense that The Trumpeter has brought some mafia skills to the Oval Office! However I do think that many of these old guys (career officials) that have been in government before Trump are simply trying to avoid getting into any of this muck. But as you say what about the Constitution and loyalty to the country? Yeah well, a job’s a job I guess and they must like theirs.

Read the article “Russiagate has become a debacle …” it is a doozy!


One of the primary qualifications for an intelligence official down to the lowliest staff member is not to be a blabbermouth. No intelligence outfit can survive leaking lips.
That has nothing to do with trying to keep the job.
Politicians are accountable to the voters. Secret service employees, have to keep secrets and therefore operate on a different level.


At the risk of being repetitious, I said that I believed that they were just trying to stay out of the situation. The article is specifically about the refusal to speak to the situation. I suppose I could have been strictly literal in my choice of words but I assumed that taken in context with the point of the article that such painstaking adherence to a dry formality was merely pedantic.

Nevertheless, they have all sworn an oath to be loyal to the country and not to Trump or his administration or the Republican Party (if that is relevant). While refusing to respond to the appropriate officials of the government may qualify as obstruction despite their preference in that case for secrecy, the issue of their knowledge of a crimes or misbehaviors etc. is not excused simply because they work for an intelligence agency. For example if such a person knew of the treasonous activities of another member of the government or a murder or rape or other felonious crime then simply claiming that they never discuss things etc wouldn’t wash. That would be akin to the ‘I was just following orders’ excuse.

The issue of extending the “We do not discuss…” excuse is often abused as is the over classification of documents and evidence and poses a serious problem for a democracy. Eventually, barring careful regulation, a government might even assert that informing the public about what it is doing is classified.


I just now saw on one of the other sites I check in with Truth-Out or Truth-Dig, one or the other, that when Trumo gets back from this current Road Trip, Sean Spicer will no longer participate in daily press briefings. I guess he no longer wants to be T’s primary explainer, which has to be one of the most thankless worst high profile jobs ever. Wonder which one will inherit that position. I’m rooting for Kellyanne. Her ditzy blond style suits Trump to a T.

The President just really can’t stop himself from telling state secrets to anyone who will listen to him talk, or even if they don’t want to listen to him. The most recent was he was overheard telling Duterte over the phone all about the nuclear subs that were supposed to be a big secret. I get the feeling that the Deep State Secret Service Agents feel they should be running up on him and throwing a blanket over his head any time he looks like he’s about to go “off script.”

The actual things the Republicans want him to do are bad enough, but everything T blurts out makes it worse. Can his presidency be ended before what he says without thinking – and nearly everything he says is said without thinking – starts an accidental nuclear war? Wait, he really didn’t mean for that to happen, Russia, China, Korea, Iran, Syria, or Yemen. Sorry about all that radioactive fall out. Wish we could afford to send aid but all our money got given to our billionaires.Preformatted text