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Intelligence Upper Brass Accused of Juking the Stats on ISIS War



I seem to have noticed a pattern in such investigations: top-level commanders being investigated are disproportionately Black men or White women.


Well no what this revelation is hiding is a deeper deception.

The reason the war against ISIS is not going as well as reported is not because the intelligence wrong and being cooked up in back rooms. , it because there is no war on ISIS.

A Russian minister openly stated the other day that Russia knows where ISIS concentrations and command centres are and that so too must the USA and wondered why the USA was not attacking them.

Now , as Russia locates forces to the region to do just that , the USA claims this as a provocation and destabilizing.



"We’re going to take down seven countries in five years. We’re going to start with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, then Libya, Somalia, Sudan, we’re going to come back and get Iran in five years."

Seems the order of the plan was not followed but seems to be getting the countries right


I am sooooooo tired of hearing: NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT! The warmongers that support the fascist foreign policy of he Fourth Reich for punic reasons have been beating that dead horse for at least the last 100 years! They love NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS! It is really ironic and an oxymoron for morons because the biggest world wide TERROR, threat to the nations of the world is: THE AMERIKAN EMPIRE.

National security threat needs to be called what it really is: a threat to the vested, economic interests of the very, very few ( maybe .01% ) and a way to support the two war parties who support the MIC,with trillions of $ in war funding. And is absolutely no threat to the other 99.9% except that if war mongers keep murdering thousands of innocent men, women and children for their egregious world wide hegemony and hubris this could become a tremendous threat to the average American in the future with some kind of blow back.


They need anything they can get their hands on to bolster the BS of this supposed war on terrorism. You can almost hear the media editors rejoice whenever there is another killing or just some monument blown up. If ISIS was defeated the military would need to start somewhere else. ISIS have no real weapons against drones and so resort to macabre savagery to scare the shit out of everyone. Hence it is probably a very economical BS strategem for the West's controllers to let ISIS bumble along, given the way the media blows everything right out of proportion.
Last month a lone nutter tried an attack on a Belgian train. He was overpowered by a few guys. No one was even hurt. But here in France it was headlines for four days - including president Hollande giving the guys some sort of award or decoration. Meanwhile two children die every day in France through lack of addult care. And there was that stat that an American is eight times more likely to be killed by a an American cop than by a terrorist.
Media-fabricated fear is the elite's tool of control and the bored masses' stimulant.


I used to work for a large military contractor fresh out of college where I quickly realized the degree of uselessness of the communications electronics we were selling to the US Navy, Air Force and the US Army. I found out that the armed forces had no use for most of what they were buying. In fact the Pentagon was warehousing most of the materials we delivered to them however the orders continued to come pile up. The military branch felt obligated to spend all of its allotted budget or risk getting less money. The high ranking military officials would always lie to congress in order to keep the monies coming, that was standard practice which has only mushroomed since W's illicit elections.


Of course, the problem with taking them down seems to be that they don't stay very 'down' after their government has been decimated. The fight isn't fair, it's a mismatch.

Almost like the great heavyweight boxer, who can land a devastating blow. But is then worn down by the lightweight fighter who is light on his feet and jabs. If the great fighter hits, he'll kill the lightweight - but there are so many lightweights...


The Military brass is obligated to lie for Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon and their own job security. The Pentagon has no use for hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars which they simplify waste and cook the books regularly. The Pentagon budget needs a serious cutting and thousands of the "military brass" need to go. We need that money spent on our real urgent and long term needs.


On top of everything else:


Just how do you spend 100 million dollars per "fighter"? Somebody somewhere pocketed some real money. As the song goes, nice work if you can get it.

I want a piece of that


Well, you and I can finally agree on something..ha I don't know how we can have satellites that can read a newspaper over my shoulder but cant see an ISIS convoy driving across the desert in broad daylight with flags flying! I have more faith in the Russians, they don't mess around.


The hellish killings of millions and the destruction of lands and cultures is the issue for me not whether someone stays down. And all the while we think we are civilized. It makes me sick to realize my standard of living is based on the bones and flesh of others.


I always thought that the fact that reporters could easily find and interview Osama Bin Laden, but our supposedly "finest in the world" intelligence analysts had no clue where to locate him was pretty comical.


The US and UK are doing a repeat of the old Iraq war trick of fixing the intelligence around the policy. If they get away with it again then there truly is no hope for us.


Ah, Truth; and the blowback/karma, its coming. The immense suffering caused by the Fascist Imperialist amerikan empire will be its downfall !!!


Those " trained " $100 million fighters against ISIS fell apart like a cheap tent in a windstorm as soon as they went into Syria. This is all kabuki, of course. The " giant sucking sound " is the looting of the middle class and the poor in the U.S.; nothing more or less. That this looting causes death and destruction matters not a whit. In fact, the MIC loves it when a plan comes together. The only problem with the plan is that Russia, Iran and Assad will not go along with it. Partitioning Syria is the best bad option available, imo. Unfortunately, the Syrian oil ( $$$ ) isn't where the majority of the people are. Time to redraw the maps, call for peace accords in the MENA, give the Kurds a real country and make the Brits, Saudi Arabia and GCC pay for this mess. As Colin Powell is so fond of saying, " you broke it, you bought it. "


No doubt, but when? Whether you believe in karma or not, this has to end sometime. One theory held by some Eastern religions, is there is a thing called mass karma and according to their theory, that is exactly what happened to Nazi Germany when their country was destroyed. If true, the blow back could have similar consequences for the Amerikan empire!


"flawed intelligence prior to the Iraq war"

Correction: falsified intelligence prior to the Iraq war.


Yes, individuals, groups, and nations have karma/mass karma. All past empires are examples; Rome being a fitting example. Check out info on the Yugas. There will be No Place for war mongering, imperialist nations.
Time/ lessons in patience; soon; 10-20 yrs; and the empire will be history!


Nothing is what it appears to be. The conversation in Washington instantly became about Russian intervention and the danger of Russia “destabilizing” the situation in Syria, an assertion that would be laughable if it weren’t so deeply cynical and hypocritical considering four and a half years of US-NATO-GCC-Israel intervention in Syria.

Judicial Watch reveals that the USA, as a strategy, has given ISIL a free hand, in order to topple Assad. The US intelligence service knows what is going on. But instead of laying out the facts, a false media report is repeatd thousands of times. Nothing else seems to matter, least of all the dead or starving refugees.