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Intensifying Cycle of Violence, US Strikes Kill Scores More Syrian Children, Civilians


Intensifying Cycle of Violence, US Strikes Kill Scores More Syrian Children, Civilians

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Scores of civilians, including more than 30 children, have been killed in recent days as an escalated air assault led by the United States continues in eastern Syria despite warnings from the United Nations over the careless and indiscriminate attacks.


Bravo America! More "high crimes and misdemeanors" perpetrated by the "Crazies"!

"“Crazies” (with or without the preceding adjective) is an epithet in use for over 25 years to refer to Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and other ideologues of the extreme Right, at a time when they were deliberately restricted to mid-level positions in the Reagan and Bush administrations so they could not cause major trouble. The words escaped Powell’s mouth during a telephone conversation with his counterpart Jack Straw during the run-up to the war......"

So where is all this going to end? It's not going to; not until the horrible string is played out of the US (and it's European "allies") wakes up to the idea that it can do whatever it wants wherever it wants to anyone who gets in our way. History shows that that idea NEVER works long term....it only ends up in chaos. Maybe that's the only way aspiring empires are stopped.
Our financial, political, social system is in chaos and totally corrupt. We have tied our buggy to the "seven deadly sins" of human behavior......which is larger or more evil than other is debatable.....but we exhibit all the traits of, "Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Hubris, Sloth, Wrath". We believe we can be "singular" in this world; we cannot. We are all banded together on this crust of dirt hurtling thru the dark void of space towards "nothingness" and either we come to the realization that we are one whole human race tied together by some common ties or we will surely perish thru our own self-destruction. Humans are supposed to able to make rational choices; Can we?


"The suspected Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, is believed to have carried out the attack in retaliation for those killed by the U. S. military in Syria and the greater Middle East and he wanted revenge, Abedi's sister told reporters."

I in no way condone the horrible attack in Manchester, but having said that, where is the outrage when the U.S. terrorizes and murders innocent people, including children! Why isn't the #1 terror nation in the world not being held culpable for it's terrorist activities?

"The U.S. forces have so far confirmed their responsibility for 377 non-combatant fatalities."


What happened in Manchester the other day was horrible, inexcusable and unconscionable. Little girls and others being butchered by a very confused young man infused, brain-washed, with religious doctrine and possibly nationalist loyalty. But how is this different from what the US is doing to Syria and other places around the world? Our leadership, Clinton Bush, Obama and Trump and all the presidents before these guys are no less guilty? Is Donald Trump any less culpable than that young man in Manchester? And by extension are we, the citizens of the US, not also culpable to the wanton death that is being perpetrated in our name in the Middle East and elsewhere any less to blame?

It is ironic that the so-called religious right supports all the rightwing murderers we elect to government and who also claim to be "pro life" and who are so very deeply and directly responsible for the death of so many Middle Eastern men, women and children who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We have to stop this wonton destruction of countries and lives because we feel threatened.

Nothing is going to change as long as we hold onto our religious and nationalistic conditioning which keeps the world divided and at war.


I'm starting to believe that the Iranians are correct. We are the Great Satan!


We have met the enemy of peace and the enemy is our own government, trashing the world like a bully, with no restraints.


" And by extension are we, the citizens of the U.S., not also culpable?"

According to the theory of some Eastern religions, the answer is yes. Maybe not true, but according to this religious theory, there is a thing called " MASS KARMA" which they claim, was the reason so many innocent good German men,women and children were killed during the second world war. And so many innocent Japanese were nuked in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Lets hope they have it wrong! Otherwise, America is bound to have the same fate!


Would the victims of Manchester have been and the victims of 9/11 too if there had been no Western--particularly the US--intervention and its corporate design all over the Middle East?


They are killing out of religious fanaticism. We are killing for profit. Obviously we are the righteous party here...


Just another "battle" (albeit one-sided) being fought in the "war on terror" wherein the lives of innocents are simply collateral damage (and besides, they have brown skins after all...making them expendable in the words of the diabolical dimwit, DJT).

In the prescient words of the brilliant Albert Einstein: "The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result." Violence is NEVER the answer neither in the short nor long term.


I'm sure if a hundred "peaceniks" were to protest our endless wars and cruelty by cutting their throats on the steps of the Capitol Building, it would probably rate page five in the National Enquirer.
* The Trumpire cares nothing for human lives or human welfare, here or abroad. The profit is in guns, bombs, rockets and drones.
* Mrs Minitrue says, "Even one death represents thousands. Stop killing people!"


What do you mean finally? Hell he ran on ramping up the wars in the ME against "Islamic extremism", or didn't you notice that whole campaign of hate he stoked against them thar Muslims.

He also ran on confronting Iran which is straight from the Neocon playbook, and surely you caught Trump's speech to AIPAC right? Should I remind you of it by publishing the transcript? I posted both Clinton's speech to AIPAC, and Trump's speech to AIPAC. As far as Neocon aggressive rhetoric, I would say that Trump beat Clinton by a few hairs even with Clinton's additional comment berating BDS.

So the Neocons must have just hated the fact that for months and months and months Trump was saying he was the guy to beat ISIS, and that he was going to engage in a big military buildup. If there is one thing that Neocons just hate – and I mean they just hate it I tell you – is throwing more money at the MIC for expanding global hegemony. They just hate it!!!!!

The Neocons must have hated when Trump chose Holy Warriors and MIC promoting Flynn , Mad Dog Mattis, John Kelly, Mike Pompeo, along with his other appointments that drive Neocon policy driving resource wars including Take The Oil Tillerson, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Rick Perry, and the Neocon scorned Nicki Haley.

The Neocons must have really hated when Trump took on super Neocon former CIA director Woolsey as foreign policy advisor back in September. Did you notice that? Think John Pilger and others missed it. Maybe Parry noticed. Who knows.

And you know how Neocons and Wall Street are just constantly are at odds right? Trump's choices of Wilbur Ross, Betsy DeVos, Tom Price, Steven Mnuchin, et al.

Did I just make a defense of Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, or any other corporate servicing post DLC Democrat that make up the corporate servicing power center of the Democratic Party? NO! Am I apologizing for their collusion with launching the Neocon driven wars of choice in the ME, or their complicity or direct engagement in War Crimes? NO I am not making such a defense, nor have I ever made such a defense.

I'm pushing back against this mythology that Trump EVER represented ANY resistance to the ends of the Neocons or Wall Street, or "the establishment", or even "the Deep State". As if some faction of "the Deep State" wouldn't support a fascist jerk like Trump taking the helm.

Isn't it amazing with "the Deep State" control of MSM (think John Pilger) that the same MSM willingly gave Trump more unopposed airtime BY FAR than any other candidate! They suck at their own game apparently.

I'm getting the impression here that you thought Trump was great, but has just been compromised. Was the jerk compromised before he started his hate stoking, MIC buildup promoting, State of Israel sucking up to, corporate governance through tax cuts stoking, campaign?

Were you impressed with his fake populism? You know, the anti-globalist that has had for decades business interests spanning the globe. How about his Trump Store chock full of gaudy garbage made with outsourced labor. How about populist Trump having worked to bust union organizing at all of his construction sites.

Oh yes, that Trump was just such a wonderful counter to the Neocons, the Establishment, "the Deep State", the MIC, Wall Street, and the rest.

And to burnish those lovely and obvious credentials during the campaign, he went about the country wearing fascism as fashion, as he stoked the hate of women, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, and promoted the code language of authoritarianism of "law and order" (of course not saying a peep about white collar crime but hinting at something about draining the swamp).

But he was against the TPP. okay, that makes up for it.

Oh, and he wants to make nice with Russia. God how gullible can people be? I haven't jumped on the Neocon anti-Russia bandwagon at all, as I have opposed the Neocon driven policies of containment and even regime change against Russia in the expansion of NATO to Russia's borders, the US led coup in Ukraine, etc.

That said, it is quite obvious that Trump's decades long business ties in Russia might have something to do with the game playing out in D.C. Is there evidence of collusion among Trump's campaign in regard to throwing the election? I haven't seen any. Is there evidence that Trump seems desperate for investigations to end? Seems so.

My whole point here is, this assertion that Trump ever represented a clear lesser evil is pure fiction that was pushed by who I have deemed the "alt-left".

Who promoted fictions about Trump that were actually countered by anyone simply reading his policy proposals on his website, or of course listening to his campaign speeches.

The alt-left couldn't even bring itself to criticize Trump for having campaigned to cheering crowds to kill the families of suspected terrorists, and to have worse torture, more torture, and to make it legal.

Did I just apologize for all of the decades of the same policies of war crimes, Empire, globalism, torture, et al?


The point is, the alt-left championed Trump as something he wasn't to begin with, some bulwark against ME wars, or Neocon driven policies of expanding NATO, et al. Catch Trump's call for NATO members to simply increase their military spending so NATO will have a bigger arsenal? NATO expansion and the military exercises confronting Russia have continued.

But that's not Trump's fault of course.



Well, this opinion will be about as popular as the proverbial turd in a punchbowl...but here goes. I have numerous problems with the Right. I also have some with the Left, mainly false and selective outrage. I am sorry and hate the fact that civilians are being killed by American airstrikes, I have called for all American forces to be withdrawn from the Syrian Civil war numerous times on these pages.

That said, there have been over 300,000 civilians killed in Syria in the past 3 years. American bombing is responsible for less than 2 tenths of 1 percent of that total. Where is the outrage over the other 99.8% killed by government forces and jihadi opposition including Al Quada and Issis ? Where is the outrage when Amnesty International and Doctors without Borders document numerous, deliberate attacks on hospitals and schools by the Russians? I'll tell you, no where. It doesn't fit the narrative of the uniquely evil americans...so it doesn't exist. Crickets.

More Palestinian civilians have been killed by Assad than all the deaths caused by Israel in the First and Second Infantata . Yawn. Wrong perps, who cares?

It seems to turn out that the victims are not really victims worth mentioning unless they are attacked by the approved perpentrators . Hypocrisy you could drive a semi through. How about thinking what it would take to end the damn war for a change? Just my opinion ...peace.


I have no idea what Abedi's sister told reporters but drop the Syria reference its propaganda. Abedi was Libyan.

Catch up.

Please note the picture of John McCain and Lindsey Graham shaking hands with and giving awards to Libya's number one terrorist. From war on terror because of 9/11 to funding, supporting and handing out awards by our own leaders. This is your country embracing terrorism and cruel death for millions. The man they honor probably gave instruction to Abedi.


There is reason to be particularly outraged by the actions of ones own government. I agree though that commenters here tend to see only America's offenses. A suggestion that the Assad regime, Russia, Hezbollah have been mass killers is met with not merely a lack of outrage, but a passionate defense of those parties. The view seems in part to be a belief that such a recognition is a justification for Americas actions.


Informationclearinghouse is propaganda. Originating from the far right but home to a Leftist dupe or two.


Liberals made him do it. He's really the nicest guy, everybody says so. But those liberals!


And you would be a very poor internet gate keeper. The internet is nothing but sites to visit all with a POV and agenda. Who the hell are you to comment about anything? You want to be the judge of everything. Lay out your credentials or STFU.


Thanks. My sentiments exactly....


So true.

But amazingly enough informationaclearinghouse seemed to have been a fairly good site back in the Bush/Afghanistan/Iraq days. It was one of my favorite sites regarding news and commentary on US war atrocities back 16 years ago. Did it change or did I change?

One thing for sure, back in those (to young poeple) "old days" of the run-up to the Iraq war, we were able to vigorously oppose the Bush invasion without becoming defenders of the late hung-from-a-rope thug Saddam Hussein. But now, the "left" opposition of US militarism requires that we become defenders of the savage fucking bastards Assad and Putin.

WTF? WTF????