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Intensifying Outrage Aimed at Harvey Weinstein, New Report Includes Rape Allegations by Three Women


Intensifying Outrage Aimed at Harvey Weinstein, New Report Includes Rape Allegations by Three Women

Jon Queally, staff writer

"The only way to change anything is to make sure there is nowhere for the Weinsteins to hide."


Industries don’t matter. Fame and wealth don’t matter. The only value of this story or any of the others is to empower women to resist sexual predation of all kinds.

I was interrupted reading this article by MSNBC playing NYPD audio of him trying to get a woman into his hotel room for a second day, after he’d touched her breast. Though I’ve never dealt with any of these famous predators, my blood ran cold as I recognized his pleading, threatening (his voice rising in very recognizable anger), promising “I won’t do anything,” and putting the onus on her not to embarrass him in a place where he’s known.

Rape culture runs throughout our society. We women need to just. (feel free to) say. no.


Feeling free to say, “no” is fine.

However, if the situation calls for it, I believe, “Hell No!” might be a bit more appropriate.


You have to know how we’re brought up to be sweet, polite, and submissive. And how predators make us think it’s our fault.


" liberalism’s many pathetic flaws ". Our last couple of Democratic Presidents displayed why this word " liberal " should be dispatched to the dustbin of history and replaced with the word progressive in discussing political matters.
Liberalism and libertine behavior are now so mixed up and both so morally wrong they need to be done away with. So, in fact, does Mr. Weinstein it seems.


Weinstein, like his pal, DJT legitimized their debauchery and predation with threats and checks. In the end, neither will have a “come to Jesu” moment because their lechery and narcissism prevent it…they’ll just throw out another line of BS laced with excuses, mea culpas and pleas for mercy. Hopefully both will wear deep ditches in their jail cell floors caused by pacing like caged animals that they are.


I would like to think that it was the energy of the Women’s March On Washington and around the world that empowered women to begin to find and raise their voices. The energy changed and the dominos are beginning to fall.


Open secret for decades how this scumbag prayed on women. Now the stars he helped make famous are all singing the same song… " We had no idea!". Best acting of their careers, some of them. :confused:


The term “liberalism” goes back to John Locke and Adam Smith and refers to the philosophy of freedom of expression individual freedom, notably in economic matters - i.e. a belief in free markets and unrestricted pursuit of individual wealth.

Only in the strange USA does it have these peculiar “Hollywood” connotations. And the wishy-washy word
“progressive” is not an improvement.

I prefer the word “leftist” or “socialist” - who have always opposed economic liberalism.


We may have been brought up to be sweet, polite and submissive, but many of us saw the light decades ago with the advent of the feminist movement, and wouldn’t react that way these days. Personally, I’d have NO problem with saying Hell No!, and my anger at such treatment might very likely result in a knee to the groin of the offensive jerk. The consequences of that act might well be unpleasant (assault charges?), but I’d sure feel good while doing it to such a deserving scumbag.


I applaud your bravado, and hope you never have occasion to test it, but until you’ve been there, it’s hard to be sure what you’d do. I was in that wave of feminism myself, but on the way out of the country on my first big adventure of my own, I politely allowed a guy to escort me into my dorm and shelter me from the rain. When he followed me into my room, I politely asked him to leave and mentioned my fiancee. It wasn’t until he closed the door and pushed me down on the bed that I saw that particular light. Fortunately, he was drunk and I was wearing button-fly jeans, and enough of my friends had returned to a downstairs room to hear my elbow slamming the wall.

But I did not require the president of the institution to “come hold [my] hand,” and I did not allow the other feminists to call the police, and the guy got away with a scolding, not sent home to Mexico (as we’d been warned we would be sent home if we committed a crime in our host countries) because his father was an ambassador. I hope he didn’t get drunk and carried away with someone in his host family later in the summer.

And I never told my parents, because I didn’t want to let them spoil my adventure.


Thanks for your reply and the recounting of your experience. I’ve never had experience with sexual harrassment/ aggression, but my reaction in another dangerous situation I was in with a man tells me my likely reaction–anger. But, as you say, one never knows until one is put in that situation. We all do what seems best and warranted at the time.


Progressive is not really wishy-washy terminology.
Its platforms ushered in much of the New Deal’s best results.
VP Wallace was a progressive. And, he was ubruptly dumped by the consummate liberal, FDR.
The world desperately needs more progressives like Mr. Wallace.