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Intensifying Protest Against 'Sham' Confirmation, Democrats Release Kavanaugh Documents GOP Didn't Want Public to See


Intensifying Protest Against 'Sham' Confirmation, Democrats Release Kavanaugh Documents GOP Didn't Want Public to See

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Moving closer to the kind of full-scale revolt progressives have been urgently demanding from Democrats throughout Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, Sens.


Nicely done Mr. Whitehouse


Please forgive me for being pessimistic, having seen Ds repeatedly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and having seen Dark Money spread like manure on both sides of the aisle.




Thank you Senators Booker and Hirono. As predatory capitalism scrambles to scratch out eyes and gobble everything in sight like Steven King’s Langoliers we have to be able to both laugh and cry as the illusions shred and we come face to face with local reality - and GET ORGANIZED!


That is a big like.


Based on the experience with Dims my enthusiasm is rather limited…


Replace confidential with embarrassing.


It is all legalese. Designed to confuse. As you know.


And that changed the votes of Manchin, Tester, Heitkamp, McCaskill, Feinstein and Donnelly?

Yeah, I’m doubting that.


Not sure. If you are suggesting moral over money , my bet is down.


I’m not a fan of Cory Booker, though this looks like a positive move. I was in the camp for wanting the Democrats to just pull out (though I knew that wasn’t going to happen), but I’m starting to see @KC2669 's point on this - it’s possible for the Democrats to do more while staying in the game (they still need to do more).

On the topic of racial profiling, has anybody read a key section of the emails yet that show a big problem? The only part I saw showed he was against racial profiling but wanted to be careful on how additional rules were laid down so as to not compromise security. I’m not sure many voters are going to disagree with that. Is there something more incendiary?


Yep. Liz Warren should do more than stand with Hirono and Booker: She must release the rest of the “committee confidential” documents!


For Nixon to win he had to go behind the backs of government and ask Vietnam to not sign peace talk agreements until after election. Reagan before he was elected went to Iran regime to hold hostages until after the election. Bush’s brother Jeb and supremes gave election win to Bush and Trump has Russians and gerrymandering and voter suppression at work during 2016.

The whole of republican party is a corrupt organization.


Stop!! Your are bickering. Why more going on.


Elizabeth Warren

  • Washington DC: 202-224-4543
  • Boston: 617-565-3170
  • Springfield: 413-788-2690


sorry. None of the links works. Still ready


The Republicans stopped playing by the rules of democracy long ago. It is frustrating to the Democrats who are still playing by the rules. Democracy depends on truth and openness. The Republicans are backed by a media machine that has been been cranking out lies for decades. I would guess Republicans consider transparency a weakness and like Trump, following the rules is for losers. On the right it is now all about winning and playing by the rules of democracy risks losing.


Anyone on the committee with integrity:
Don’t play political games. Document dump. Release ALL the Kavanaugh documents that the Senate has access to.


Anyone who thinks that this all means Cory Booker is a good guy and you should vote for him in 2020 is falling for a scam.

Booker knows the GOP are going to vote this piece of crap on to the SCOTUS no matter what. He (and Kamala Harris) are doing all this just to look good to those naive enough to think that they are on the side of the average person.

They are not.

If either one of them are elected in 2020 they will get busy giving more wealth to the Wall Street elites and creating more chaos around the world.

But this sure gives them the press they want right now, doesn’t it?

I wish we all could have the power of Curdie in the George MacDonald book, “The Princess and Curdie,” where Curdie, the miner boy, has the power to feel the true nature of anyone when he shakes their hand. If the person is a slimy snake in the grass it may look like a human hand he is shaking, but he feels that he’s touching a slimy snake.

Then I wish we all could shake the hands of Cory Book and Kamala Harris.