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Intensifying 'Relentless Attack' on Immigrants, Trump DOJ Sues California Over Sanctuary Laws


Intensifying 'Relentless Attack' on Immigrants, Trump DOJ Sues California Over Sanctuary Laws

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to arrest immigrants and rip apart families in California over the fierce objections of lawmakers, Trump's Justice Department announced on Tuesday that it is suing the state over its policies designed to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.


Remember how the Republican Party used to be all about states’ rights? (And fiscal responsibility, and anti-slavery, anti-racism, etc…)

Talk about a hard 180 degree about-face. I wonder what old-school Republicans today think about the transformation of their Party into its current revolting, unrecognizable form. Or if most of them just shrug and say “oh well, it’s my team, I have to stick with them, because.”


Type in a search for ‘the art of breaking the deal’ and take a gander at the results. Trump IS NOT about making deals - he is about BREAKING deals - whether of his making or by others. In other words the permeation and seeding of a thousand cuts by ‘coup’ actions wherever possible. This includes legislation established according to Constitutional process. Look at the record.

Very telling from a day ago was Trump’s response to media reports of “chaos” in the WH. Note: Trump never once referenced service to the American people, but instead stated that everyone “wants a piece of” the Oval Office, the WH etc.


To Trump and his mouth breathing hangers on I say get to know some immigrants and you will learn about family values. In the 80s I participated in development work on the south bank of the Rio Grande in between border crossings. Migrant workers sent their pay home to support their families. They certainly didn’t have much, but what they had was for the family–not cheap gold-digging porn star arm candy.


How much more will the pacific states of north america take from the rotten cores of D.C, D.F. and Ottawa?


So Jeffie happens to be in Sacramento (as I type) and he has the gall to show his face to announce this lawsuit at a meeting of peace officers in town. Should be interesting.


When it suits their classist, racist and misogynist agenda, yes, but they toggle to the opposite stance with impressive ease on some issues.


C’mon folks! Attorneys need billable hours and this spat could go on for years! This is an example of assuring work for our “officers of the court”. A casual look at Donald Trump’s career shows that he was (is!) one of the most lawsuit happy captains of industry there ever was.


Indeed they do!


One has to wonder, once Trump is done with the immigrant communities, who’s next…progressive communities!


Gosh, sounds like you might have similar thoughts about the the happy valley, New England and New York.


Don’t ya know? More Mexicans have been moving south into Mexico than north into the US.

The wall is mainly to keep low wage northerners in. Passports are expensive. You’ll be able to fly out if you have the do re mi.


Only one sherif in all of California offered to help Ice. Police chiefs of California also know whats what.


MY QUEEN! I CAN’T STAND HRC! Please do not be so impetuous to assume what you do not know.


These trolls, sometimes they can be pretty laughable, like the one(s) going on today. Thanks for the entertainment.


If you’d like to see where this might go, watch the old movie Casablanca, where people sold themselves, stole, robbed and murdered to get a rare exit visa, the only way to get out of the country.
*I remember a number of years ago when people critical of the government, or insistent on the Bill of Rights were forbidden to leave the country. One of the columnists (I think it was Herb Caen) wrote, upon hearing this, "America, you’ve got to love it to leave it?"


I was thinking the same thing, boats and planes leave the US every day.