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'Intentional Cruelty': House Investigation Finds Deadly Medical Neglect in Immigrant Detention Facilities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/intentional-cruelty-house-investigation-finds-deadly-medical-neglect-immigrant


Thank you for writing this. We need to remember the atrocities being done in our name and with our tax money.


This alone should be enough as to why the dictator-wannabe has got to go.

History is not going to be kind to us about the last decades, and this last 4 years will go down as infamy pure and simple.

This is evil. ICE needs to be abolished, no ifs ands or buts.


So “interesting” how none of DT’s authorized depradations (as here) are impeachable, or otherwise grounds for removal from office.


Christian on christian crime. America under conservative rule is morally bankrupt.


Torturing impoverished, desperate people, especially the most innocent children, on purpose…is not “neglect.” It’s a form of deliberate warfare.
The USA has many methods of waging war. It uses unlawful detention, torture, child murder, family separation, unsafe confinement, medical abuse, sexual abuse, violent abuse and extrajudicial punishment to enforce the border wars.
It is asymmetrical warfare at its most vicious: a huge country, against a flood of desperate migrants.


This report of the HOUSE INVESTIGATION needs coverage in international news as human rights abuse. A country where a citizen is not safe in their bed at night and the killers who are on the government payroll and not held accountable needs to be held up to the world not as a leader but as a criminal and bully to the world and its own citizens.
There…I’ve used the vernacular ordinary language to say that the ooosa is a terrorist nation with the biggest weapons and military and kills defenseless people with impunity.


If Biden had any balls, if elected, he should immediately join the International court. Then watch the parade of U.S. criminals facing charges.


Three Massachusetts officials are indicted for the over 75 deaths inside a veterans home in the western part of the state due to C19 patients placed with dementia and other patients.

In Georgia, do not expect any further actions.

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“Deadly medical neglect” is the rule, not the exception in the US medical industrial complex. The GOP simply allows more information to “leak” from ICE facilities because suffering immigrants are prime cuts of raw meat for the GOP cult to chew on.


The crimes committed by the trump/GOP regime with much less than robust opposition are Crimes Against Humanity. trumps for-profit crony operated prisons and “detention centers” are atrocities. Separating families a crime of vast proportions. The de facto kidnapping of children beyond the pale, and will have serious emotional consequences their entire lives - of course their lives are not worth much according to the trump regime and its resident supreme racist, steven miller, the evil scum that MUST face criminal charges.

I forget the exact quote about failure to hold evil or criminals or politicians accountable for their misdeeds but this is a near paraphrase - If accountability is “off the table” or not applied, the stage is set for more of the same in the future!

We do need to look into the near past and hold accountable all transgressors, NOT just “look forward” like obama chose to do - and here we are again!


And just what are the consequences for this deadly behavior?? More contracts , perhaps the “private contractors “should be made to trade places with the “detainees”


Prime example of the descent into neo-feudal structuring of society. The “governing” “institutions” that should be governed by the Constitution, which in turn is supposed to be “a living Constitution” that is supposed to subject to ongoing amendment to strengthen ethics and the non-material life blood of human society and the planet on which life depends is now being reduced to ineducable fracturing. The unarticulated terrors of those who have - all of their lives, and for generations - “externalized” (denied) the consequences of their pettiness and greed boomerang into violence in every sphere and convinces them that they must have THE most deadly killing machine. And everything is measured according to that metric.

Sounds to me like the definition of the walking dead. And in true narcissistic form, death imposed on others is the perfect counterpart to a wall. There is a circular reasoning of the narcissist that operates like a bungie cord. Being aware of that characteristic, start thinking in terms of physics. When they stretch it the farthest, hold it still for just a moment, and release it back to its origin. Angle of incidence equals angle of reflection. There is no degree of variation in any direction if the jujitsu applied to abuse is to work.

And it is no accident that these insanities of late-stage empire result in an entire continent subjecting indivisible society to mortal disease, both literally and figuratively.

It boggles the mind to consider what could be achieved if Wall Street and the Pentagon actually turned their attention to the nation on this planet. Even more bizarre is to realize that HISTORY verifies all choices having been generated a thousand years ago and followed to this day and there is no way for these institutions to change. They are penultimate toilet designs. Especially when insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

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Maybe Trump will decide to use all the unnecessarily filled coffins produced by the medical negligence throughout your country to build his damn wall, only it should be to wall him into a notoriously vile prison where his buddy Epstein met his demise.

Then again, I think it may be more cathartic to simply string him up with Barr, just like the Italians did to a certain fascist dictator.

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Y’all have heard about our mad Doctor Uterus Collector working for ICE down in Georgia, right?

Not long after defenders of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration agenda pilloried U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) prisons “concentration camps on our southern border,” an ICE detainee in Georgia is alleging cruel and horrific medical neglect, including forced sterilizations performed by a gynecologist dubbed “the uterus collector.”

“When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp,” the detainee is quoted as saying in a whistleblower complaint, noting that between October and December 2019, she met five different women at the prison who had been given non-consensual hysterectomies. “It was like they’re experimenting with our bodies.”



We saw how all this ended in the 40’s.
I’d advise any sane person to move but there really is nowhere left to run.
Fight or flight, we are all running out of time to prepare.

Thank you for the information. Democracy now has had a few programs with the same information. A new film is coming out soon called No Mas Bebes specific to California.
another ishttps://www.democracynow.org/2016/3/17/buck_v_bell_inside_the_scotus?autostart=true

The United States needs its own Nuremburg Trial where the politicians, company executives and prison employees perpetrating this are brought up for charges and, if convicted, should face severe punishments.

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I have the perfect punishment for Trump. Put him the middle of the Arizona desert where he will spend the rest of his life building his wall. He will be alone - the only one working on this wall and that will be for the rest of his natural life. Not too much will get accomplished but we can get rid of this abomination. Twilight Zone justice is frequently some of the best.