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'Intentionally Placing Children in Harm's Way': Report Details How Trump Policy Put 13,000 Kids in Tent Cities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/11/intentionally-placing-children-harms-way-report-details-how-trump-policy-put-13000

These monsters must be stopped! We are not 1930’s Germany ! We will follow the lead of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to stop these fascists in their tracks. We all must stand up to the lies and propaganda spewed from the mouths of these inept politicians. Donate to these progressive candidates, engage in town halls, make phone calls, send emails, talk to neighbors, talk to family members, and most importantly VOTE 'EM OUT! Peace


I’m not so sure that what we’re becoming isn’t worse.


I’m not so sure either, but I hope you are wrong. Peace

We need sustainable practices on both sides of the border:


“The news outlet decided to dig into the data after the administration refused to answer questions on how the protocols, which send asylum seekers to Mexico while they await hearings, are affecting migrants.”

Reuters is actually doing their job!!! hallelujah, allah akbar

The fact is that this regime is acting like the Fourth Reich and we must not remain SILENT


Hello Eoin Higgins and Everyone, The unofficial, informal motto of this FASCIST GOVERNMENT is: No matter how horrible and evil we can always make it worse and we will! That is why I hope that they get what’s coming to them, their friends, family, acquaintances business supporters as well as their lemming followers. May anything bad happen to the people trying to immigrate to the US be passed on to all those supporters of anti-immigration get everything that those attempting to immigrate an infinite number of times worse. It ain’t pretty and it is forever!

Hello Senior, We actually are 1930’s Nazi Germany. There is no way to mask this off or pretend that we are not what you fear. The rest of the world sees us butt naked not even wearing a FIG LEAF!

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