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'Intentionally Unconstitutional': Part of National Ploy to Outlaw Abortion, Iowa GOP Approves Extreme Anti-Choice Bill


'Intentionally Unconstitutional': Part of National Ploy to Outlaw Abortion, Iowa GOP Approves Extreme Anti-Choice Bill

Julia Conley, staff writer

Reproductive rights advocates on Wednesday condemned the most restrictive abortion bill in the nation, passed by the Iowa State Senate early in the morning by lawmakers hoping to eventually overturn Roe vs. Wade.


5% of GOP in Congress are women. The Grand Old Plantation is white male supremacy at its most powerful. Women have the ability now to not have children regardless of the US corrupt health care system because outside the US there are pills and help. Time to be very careful about bringing babies into states where money and power are more important than people, education, health care, environment or basic quality of life.


The Archdiocese of Sioux City and legislators from that region are the architects of this junk science and retrograde religious overreach. Congressman Steve King represents this vast area of big farms, small towns and provincial minds. Bob Vander Platts is also a state Republican kingpin from there and, with the importance of the Presidential Caucuses in Iowa, a heavyweight on who advanes to N. Hampshire, and beyond.
This region has seen a large exit of younger and more progressive thinking people for 50 years. That will continue with this type of religious intrusion into the personal choices and private lives of the majority of women in the United States.
The Catholic Church is increasingly propped up by old rich and judgmental white people. They’re insular and bigoted; just read the rascist remarks of Congressman King, and understand why The Big Empty starts in his backyard.
Let them all eat GMO and chemically drenched cake, figuratively speaking. They’re the past and not the future.


When I drove through Sioux City in 2004 the whole city smelled like concentrated livestock excrement. Our minds would probably also be turned to mush if we lived there.

Although “they’re the past” from the perspective of those of us looking into their fishbowl, they are the future of Iowa and the other red states. Those whose minds are not gone and can afford to leave red states are part of the reason real estate prices continue to climb so fast in blue states.


I’m not convinced R leadership would want Roe v. Wade overturned. If a case ever reaches the Supreme Court, they’d prefer the justices toss the matter to the states. Keep those fires stoked. Like the wealthy and NRA hardcores, abortion is a single-issue, reliable voting block for conservatives. Overturning abortion would not only take the steam out of their cause, but motivate the pro-choice side.

Ask Gingrich and his fellow R hypocrites - who’ve paid for or green-lighted an abortion - if they believe it’s murder. If so, they’re accessories and belong in jail. The conservative elite don’t give a flip about abortion, nor gay issues either. Money and power are their gods and they’ll cynically use any person or group to help them acquire and keep it.


Good post Glacierworm.


The dreaded King Amendment, deceptively called the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act,” which would destroy states’ abilities to regulate both animal welfare and environmental protection in their states, passed a House Agricultural Committee vote last week. Proposed by Rep. Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, the amendment which is part of the Farm Bill takes specific aim at California’s ban on the sale of eggs from hens trapped in battery cages. (Iowa wants to sell its eggs in California.) The King amendment could also overturn states’ regulation of puppy mills, bans on the sale of dog and cat “meat,” San Francisco’s ban on the sale of fur, and other protections.

The Catholic Church’s expiration date has long since expired.


I’m surprised it took so long. I’ve been expecting this since the rigging of the un-supreme court. Hopefully Glacierworm is right.


Yes, Congressman King is a real piece of work. 40 miles of bad farm-to market roads, really. His propsed legislation sounds like an old joke: Republican farmer, " Steve King is a good man, a good egg if you will ". Progressive environmentalist, " Well, that may be true but he still got his start coming out of chicken’s dirty asshole ".


The women of America can turn this around if they gather together and sign statements by the millions declaring that they refuse, from this moment forward, to have sex willingly with any males until these abusive anti-women laws are repealed. If the only way women can SAFELY have sex is with other women, rather than with men… well, many have already made that switch, and I’m sure many more will be likely to join them in the future, due to realities forced upon them by their legislators. Such a boycott would be very difficult for many of us men, but eventually we all would overcome this current dictatorial government-of-the-few, and regain our country.


Women of America can turn this around by voting Republicans out. We are close to a lawless presidency. I’m disheartened too many progressives are behaving like Communists in Germany too busy fighting socialists while people like William Shirer watched the right gather unchecked power.