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Inter-Korea Summit: How One Japanese Views The Japanese Mainstream Attitudes toward the North-South Detente on the Peninsula


Inter-Korea Summit: How One Japanese Views The Japanese Mainstream Attitudes toward the North-South Detente on the Peninsula

Satoko Oka Norimatsu

After 70 years of division, leaders Moon Jae-In of the Republic of Korea (“the ROK” below) and Kim Jong-Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (“the DPRK” below), crossed the DMZ in unison for the first time. This was a historic moment that moved many people, myself included, to tears, but as a Japanese citizen, I felt an unbearable sense of shame, for the Japanese government is doing nothing apparently to contribute to this movement, and worse still, seems to be inhibiting it.


Past history can not be changed.

The Future can.


What a wonderful and refreshing piece! Rather than the usual bitching and moaning about Trump and the (non-existent) nuke threat of North Korea, Norimatsu - a Japanese woman writer living in Canada - in a very few words - gives meaning and historical context to the Japanese (and then U.S.) subjugation of Korea and South Korea.

Her voice is calm, but very clear, and she attaches a key document (the Panmunjum Agreement between the Korean governments) that calls for an end to the infinite armistice, a true peace agreement based on the needs of the peoples of Korea, and even eventual disarmament. Hopefully the U.S. will not be able to foul up their efforts.

Thank You, Ms. Norimatsu


Thanks to the writer for telling the true story which our MSM never mentioned before. We have learnt a real history.


Sadly everything you wrote is true but Japan govt. will do what Amerika wants to do.


I do not think that most people understand the true history of how Korea became divided into North and South.

Yes the Soviets occupied the North but in the South there was a very strong Socialist party. These people were very moderate and wanted to develop a State much like would evolve in the Scandinavian States. The CIA determined this faction would likely win the election which would make it yet more likely North and South Korea would merge into a single entity with a Socialist Government.

That is when they flew in a leader then living in the USA. Allied with those that collaborated with the Japanese that Government began a ruthless purge of the left. Tens of thousands were arrested and murdered and protests were ruthlessly crushed. Many fled to the sanctuary of North Korea. If it all sounds familiar it the same sequence of events that happened in Vietnam.

There was a Korean war only because the USA wanted it so as to ensure that Korea remained a Client State and open to Capitalism.